The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; The Prince of Peppers is Thing King Big, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the second install-Ment (ment=Mind, Words are Programs for Man’s main frame operating system) of the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You so much for being here, I appreciate Your Time and Energy. This Will be a short Post just to follow up on the Post I Writ in the wee hours earlier this Monday morning, which I was suggesting Will be one of My most Magical Posts ever. Why? Because I Published ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ Express Trust Declare-a-Sean. I suggested that the document Will be so important and long anticipated, that it Will be downloaded several times before any One even visits the Post. Did My Words Magically Manifest? You tell Me – and Keep in Mind, I could download the document a hundred times but it won’t Show in My stats because it doesn’t count My activity (or I could just set up some bot to visit My site millions of times an hour to make it look like I get a lot of traffic – although I’m sure it would be possible for a talented hacker, they [generally] have controls in place to protect against that kind of stuff).

It had been downloaded four times by the time I refreshed the statistics page seconds after the Post was Officially (office-I-ally) Published! This is roughly five minutes later, still no views or visitors to the page, but they can download the document? Hmmm… Who can see without being seen?

I also Wish to let You know that I’m Postponing the second Part of the Magic I was initially going to Cast upon some State Actors today; I have decided that My name day Will be much more Magical an Okay-Sean. Every name day marks the beginning of a new chapter in My Story, so I figure that’s the most potent time to release the Spelling of My Magic. It also Gifts Me with a little more time to perfect its Alchemy.

However, I did Keep My Word with respect to Publishing the Notice of Civil Lie-Ability for Breach of Trust and Trespass upon My Fiduciary Obligations that was recently legally and lawfully served upon My Sister, Brother, and My Sister’s legal representative, Hala Tabl. That Will be more than enough Magic to Keep a few People busy till My name day. 😉

Before I Sign off like the Gemini (the Gem-in-I is [knowledge of] God) I am, let Me please share with You today’s feature photo once again. Front and center is a banana ‘pup’ harvested from the mother plant in the spring. The two, left most tiny clay pots are bonsai pepper plants, an experiment to see how big I can grow a pepper plant in a tiny pot. I don’t see any reason they can’t be made into a Bonsai like any other plant, soon We Will see. For now I am thing King they are looking fabulous. The other five succulents You see are to be saved to either Give away to sick kids or sold to raise funds to donate to sick kids – I’m having concerns with the ‘toxicity’ level of some succulents enough to reconsider it being a Good Idea to Give them to sick children. But there is potential for something there because the Intent-Ion is Good, and where there is a Will there is a Way. I mean, really, how beautiful do they look?!

Love and Blessings,

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