Volume CCXIX: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; The Prince of Peppers is Thing King Big

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You or Queen You for joining Me, whichever One prefers, it is always a Wonder-Full Pleasure to have You in My House. A Friend on Facebook was as King of Me to help her Majesty with an Explain a Sean of the Magical Power of Our Words, especially Words that are Writ-Ten. I’ll be tall King about some of these Magical (Mage-I-Call) Words today, and what I Posted on Facebook to Articulate the Power of Our thoughts to become things, and how that Alchemy can be war King for Us all the time. Are You under My Spell? I am so Great full You have let Me into Your House. Let’s get right into it, Shall We?

First, let’s start with what I Posted on Facebook.

“Thoughts = Reality. So if We perceive the occult to be evil, We are manifesting that reality. This is especially important because thoughts take a LONG time to manifest into physical things, but collective consciousness is like having billions of People manifesting the same outcome. The Bible is their #1 story and they Wish for everyone to believe that the end times Will be dismal and that the apocalypse is ‘the end’. Apocalypse actually means to reveal, the unveiling of mis-perceptions.”

The Hand of King Sean, Stephen, House von Dehn,

Do You see how the Will connects the Land to the House? The middle name is the the middle path in Eastern philosophy, it is programmed subconsciously into the Mind of every Man because there is certain inform a Sean in Our DNA connected to Words and Letters and how they affect Our Mind and E (energy) mote-Ions, or Emotions. Consider that We could not be thing King of any thing without language, whatever language it is We speak is irrelevant, these Words represent Ideas in Our Mind that are shared collectively. What I mean is, the Words fear and Love have the same concept-Ion in Our psyche, whatever language We speak there is a Word to describe those feelings. Words have the Power to make some One feel bad or Good depending on how We use them. Their Magic of their Casting is relative to the effect the Words have on the individual. The more the individual knows their True Self, the less Power the Magic of the Caster’s Words Will be on the individual. Is it wrong to say a person is fat? It’s insulting, right? But is it? What’s wrong with being fat? Why should it be insulting? People might call Me skinny or lanky. Should I be insulted if People perceive Me to be weak?

I digress, that was purely to demonstrate how Power-Full Our Words can be, I sincerely hope I haven’t offended any One. The Truth is, any One who Loves their Self should never really be offended by the opinion of any One else. That is sometimes a hard Truth to hear in a world where cancel culture is becoming popular. People Wish to shut down free speech because the opinions of others might offend someone. Have We never heard of ‘sticks and stones’? Yes, Words have Power, they Give the breath of Life to new Ideas. For My Friend, the first explain a Sean was not quite enough, so I offered a little more on how thoughts become things.

Apparently, that One got the job done. Believe Me, this is also relative to today’s Title and the Motive a Sean for My Monday, it Will be One of the most Magical Monday’s of My Life. In fact, I’m reasonably sure it Will be the most Magical Monday of My Life so far – though it is only the beginning of the climax of the Show as far as this Universal Product Sean is concerned.

I’ll be Posting a few more Public Notices later today, that is My Motive a Sean for this Monday, but the importance of it is Significant to My Story and Magic as far as the Power of Our Thoughts, Words and Deeds are concerned. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is a Living thing – in Truth, every Idea is. Every Idea is the beginning of a Create-Ion. And an Ion is a unit of Energy. You are the source of all Energy, every Idea You have is an Express-Ion of Energy. A Writ Word is even more Magical because a Written Word is also an Act of Will, a Deed. It Lives because it physically exists as far as Our under Standing is concerned, whether it be digitally, or in the pages of a physical book makes no difference to Man’s Mind. And do Keep in Mind that Man refers to both kinds of Man equally without distinction, so please don’t be sexist or accuse Me of same for mis-percept-Sean’s just because We may have a different Idea about that Word… 😉

Today I’m sharing with You some Magic I set in Motion at the start of this year. Legally and lawfully, Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent or Agency, and Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Effectively, and most simply, it means that Giving Notice to one State Actor, is the same as Giving Notice to all State Actors. When I serve documents upon the City of Ottawa (for example), it is service upon all the State Actors, too. Most People Will likely know this to be True, certainly any One in a profession which involves serving documents. What makes it deceptive is that everything have been depart-mental-eyes (departmentalized), and it was done for precisely that reason, to depart One’s Mental (Third) Eye. See how Magical Words are? The pdf I’m sharing with You here today Will literally be downloaded several times within seconds after I Publish this Post and before the Post itself is even viewed.

The Prince of Peppers ‘Thing King Big’ Truly is all about My Pepper Product-Sean Company. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is no joke, it is a real thing; an Express Trust. The Magic of it, is that an Express Trust is considered a ‘Natural Person’ in Law, both legally and Lawfully. What does that mean? It means that a Trust can sue and be sued in a Court of Law just like any other person, corporation, Found a Sean, or Trust Company. It also means it can Hold and control Real E-State property and assets privately – just like a corporation. Why would and how could a corporation ever have more Power or rights than a Man in Law anyway? The Man is the Creator of the corporation, the God of the corporation, and everything in the Universe is subject to God. I Will own nothing and be very happy in Deed because everything I own has been placed in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust. I don’t own anything, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean does.

The Significance of all of this Will be more apparent later today when I Publish My new Public Notices, but this is a Good start because they already know what’s coming. The ‘Powers that be’, whoever they are, they know every single thing I’m going to do before I would ever have reason to be thing King of it. And You Will see more of that later, too. These Will not be Public Notices like any One has ever seen before, but I assure You they Will be as brilliant as the Son it Self.

Okay, so a little more about The Prince of Peppers Product Sean Company. Clever name, no? It’s really the first other asset on the Trust Ledger, items Registered to the Treasury of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean. I have to start improving the Land of the Earth somewhere, right? So why not start with some Earth in pots until I have a Plot of My own – I can always transport them later, they are portable land, which is considered to have ‘real’ value in commerce (legally). I haven’t been tall King about it in a little bit, but each sprouted seed in a two inch pot has a Value equal to one tenth an ounce of Silver, which translates to about $2.50CA. The difference is, they Will always be worth a tenth of an ounce of Silver, but the cost of an ounce of Silver is likely to go up because Canada’s fiat has no ‘real’ Value, so this Keeps My property secure because it Will always be relative to the Value of the dollar. I also have exactly one hundred on the Way in total (though I Will not be Keeping them all) which makes for 10 ounces of Silver in assets, so it adds up quickly. I only Plan to Keep one or a maximum of two plants from any one variety, and I believe I have fifteen variations currently on the Way (Give or take one or two, doing a full inventory for the end of the month very soon). So today I’m going to Show You how the Product Sean Company is coming along with some photos just to let You know I haven’t abandoned the Idea just because I haven’t been tall King about it.

Some of the plants You see here are actually property of ‘The Good Green Thumb Nursery’, which is another Product-Sean Company Held by House von Dehn in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust. I also have a Title Holding Company where My name, and the name of all My Product-Sean Companies are listed as assets of the Trust, including the name of the Holding Company it Self, which is ‘House von Dehn Product Sean’s’ a Titles Holding Company. The Registered owner of the Title is also the absolute authority (Author Writ-‘E’ – and ‘E’ always equals Energy, the Will of the Author) of any property that Title Holds or Creates. The Executive Director of Operate-Sean’s. 😉

And that’s just a taste of some of the Magic that is coming later today, including the most recent Notices sent to My Sister that Will be Published to the International Public Record later this Magical Monday. It really is My Motivate Sean today.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Didn’t I say it would be downloaded several times within seconds after I Post and before the Post itself is even viewed? They are watching Me like a hawk, and I don’t Mind at all… I have Good Friends in very High places.

And… Just a little while later:

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