Volume CCXX: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; New Verses for the Last Chapter

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, and the two hundred and twentieth Edition (week) of the Good News Journal, it is a wonderful Pleasure to have Your Royal, moral Highness in My House. I had Planned to Author a Post yesterday in Honour of My name day Celebrate Sean, though despite having a plethora of Good News to share with You, it was also a beautifully sunny Sun-Day, so I was enjoying the weather and did not feel much like Writing. The Sun sets late, so it seems to get late early these days. However, there are no shortage of new Magical Spellings of Verses I am war King on for the Last Chapter of My Story.

This is early this Magical Monday, and what I Will be war King on later tonight and into the wee hours of this Terrific Tuesday morning (We already know it Will be a Terrific Tuesday because We Manifest Our Reality here at the Good News Journal). I’m sharing these photos to let People know that although it may often seem like it, I very rarely just sit down and Write an important letter without seriously thing King about what I Wish to accomplish with My Letter – it’s all Part of Casting a Good Spell.

I know it probably doesn’t seem like much, but I did say that this year I Will be Casting some of the most Powerful Magical Spells I have Manifest so far. Just like a Shaman Will have ritualistic dances and chants for particular Spells she Wishes to Cast, so too are all the preliminary details I am war King on a Part of My Magical ritual. This may (and often does) include research and investigation into a Matter. In this particular case, I am specifically reviewing the Letter received by the Ministry of Community and Social Services earlier this year, which includes a [True Copy] of My Trust Declaration. The reason this is of [major] Significance, is because I Wished to Show that the Trust Declaration (and Instrument) is on file, so I had requested a pdf [copy] of this Letter to Show it had been received, and to ensure they had followed My instruct-Sean’s by making a copy and adding it to Sean von Dehn’s case file. I shared this document roughly a week before My name day and You Will Notice that the pdf is black and white. But the above pdf not only demonstrates that they do have the documents on file, but also that they followed My instruct-Sean’s to the Letter. Roughly two weeks after I had sent the package to them, explaining that I require the [Genuine Article] Hand Writ documents to be returned to Me after making copies for their records, they were returned to Me in as pristinely perfect condition as they had been when they were originally Cast. You Will Notice they look just as Immaculate today as the day of their Concept-Sean.

The other reason this is momentously powerful Magic, is because it is also related to the ‘Big’ International Public Notice I’m going to be Posting for State Actors very soon. It is also immensely important to My Estate Matter with My father because these Issues pre-date My father’s death, as does the Creation of the Trust designed with the Intent-Ion of protecting the Interests of My House (family name). I was going to be drafting My Claim against My Sister and her criminal cabal on My name day, but that is another Magical Spell that I am war King on in much the same Way. This additional ‘Issue’ came up in the week leading up to My name day, so I am going to be dealing with both at roughly the same time.

The Letter I am war King on tonight is actually work – there is nothing I Will enjoy about Writing it because the [State Actors of] government have had five years to figure this out and seem to be getting nowhere fast. It becomes hard to find new Ways to say the same thing over and over when there seems to be very little information actually computing with the registry without sounding condescending. At the same time, I’m not really worried about condescending any One at this point, I’ll be telling these People how the Public Trust actually works, and how they can Keep Me happy enough to avoid another law suit so the city of Ottawa doesn’t have to bribe any more Court Justices on this International [Court of] Record. Yeah, that’s right – if You read the letter, I mention the city of Ottawa bribing two Court justices so far and as King how many more they can afford – I figure eventually it has to be cost effective to deal with Me directly…

At any rate, this Magical Monday’s Motivate-Sean is to let You know I am still war King on all the Magic I’ve Promised You previously. I’m also going to be tall King about some things I don’t usually like to be tall King about – like why I’m so Valuable. People find it hard to believe that I really don’t care for money at all but it’s because money’s Value is relative while My Value is consistent. Generally, People are thing King that I say I don’t care much for money because I don’t have a lot of it now. The reality is that I’ve always known My Value, and I know one day My Value Will be recognized, so I have always known wealth would find its Way to Me, I just never knew how. Now We are beginning to see many potentialities with respect to how that Value may be real eyes’d.

So many other Wonder-Full things I Wish to share with You but I really do need to get war King on this Letter. I Imagine it Will take Me into the wee hours of Two’s day morning and perhaps part of Two’s day’s afternoon, too. Either Way, I Will be sharing the contents of that Letter with You when it is Writ, and it is the first of the most Magical Verses that Will be Cast into the Last Chapter of My Story.

Also Wish to let You know that there has been an addition to the von Dehn House Hold. His name is Kingston and I’ll be introducing You to him shortly, too, so please stay Tuned into this Universal Product-Sean. More to come soon.

Love and Blessings,

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