Volume CCXX: Saturn Day, Lucifer, and War King on a Son Day?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition – God’s Sun in the Sky is the Giver of all Life on Earth, after all. On Sunday’s We usually re-View some of the major scenes taking place on the world stage (what I call Man’s Macrocosm) or major Scenes I am required to Play in My Story, (what I call the Microcosm of individual experience), which is the Part My Character is Destined to Play in this Universal Product-Sean. Required is in italics because I’m the only One requiring Me to do anything (unless People Wish to take God into account and most People don’t). This week was a big week worthy of review, and I’ll also have some more Word Magic to share with You regarding Saturn day, the war Ship of Lucifer, and war King on a ‘Son’ day as today’s Title Promises. As always, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is a Great Honour to have You in My House.

Who’s House are You in, and why are You in My House? Well, You are in the Kingdom of Heaven. I know this because everything God Creates is Heavenly. We are Heavenly bodies revolving around the earth, much like that Sun We were previously tall King about on this Sun Day, which is in fact a day dedicated to the war Ship of the Sun. Each day of the week is also Archetypically represented by a Character reflecting the ‘God’ of that day. In Our current [Greatest] Story [ever told] and Anno Domini timeline, the God of Sun day is Christ, God’s Son.

Heaven and hell are both Ideas, so they can only exist in the Mind of Man. These Words can only come from My Mind, an Ex-Press-Ion of Will, the Spirit of Life which animates the Hand of the King (Stephen) on the I land of Sean. The Kingdom is the King’s Dome, the nation’s Capital, Head of State, and the Seat of the Crown which Lords over a body of People.

But if God Created all things, then did God not Create hell and Satan, too? In fact, was Lucifer not once God’s favourite Son? Did God not make Lucifer ‘Lord’ of the underworld? Isn’t that where We are now, ‘Babylon’, the underworld? What if that’s the Role I’m meant to Play? Are You thing King I’m kidding? I know I’m not Playing that other guy’s Role, I could never be perfect, I don’t even try. That’s My sister’s Role to Play on the world stage, to try to convince every One she’s perfect and I’m some kind of lawless criminal. That was an unintended purge but relevant. I’ve been keeping a Secret I’m not so eager to share but can’t keep from You.

I officially… Cut ties with My family – or at least that is the intent-Sean. See, probably not what You were expecting from One who considers him Self to be a Spiritual Man, or a Man of God. I have to sue My brother and sister to find out what happened with My father’s estate and what is going on now. In fact, it’s part of the reason I’ve been procrastinating because I am thing King I was in denial of the fact that I Will have to sue them!!! Really, I figured if I just gave them a deadline and let them know how much I Will sue them for if they don’t just stop lying to Me already, they would respond with something. Nope. And Truth be told, I let them know I Wish to have nothing to do with them once the estate Matter is settled roughly two weeks before this.

The Lucifer thing is a tongue in cheek, joke – Lucifer has been lord of the underworld for at least two thousand years and I just got here, relatively speaking. Lucifer is the Lord of this realm, though, and he is still in charge. I also happen to be thing King he’s probably not as bad as every One is thing King he is. I don’t feel guilty about cutting off My family, I feel guilty that I don’t feel guilty. Why am I tell You this? Because it’s probably going to be one of the most important details in My Story, especially coming so close to the climax!

The Truth is, I’ve been ‘protecting’ My family for over twelve years. I don’t tell You they are materialistic narcissists who are nothing like Me but very nice People if You are interested in nothing more than meaningless conversation about the weather and what the neighbour down the street did with their last garden gnome. They don’t care about anything meaningful, but they’ll turn their electricity off for an hour on earth day to show they are Good People, then have every light in the house on, as well as two televisions in empty rooms while every One stands around the kitchen making dinner. This was after telling Me how irresponsible and inconsiderate I was for not knowing it was earth hour and opening My laptop for five minutes in during the sacred hour. I confess, I am the reason earth day fails every year because I don’t believe it Will accomplish a damn thing.

The Truth is, I’ve never felt better with the exception of feeling a little bit guilty about feeling Good. I’m not ashamed to tell You I cut My family off, I’m surprised it took Me so long. The reality is, they cut Me off twelve years ago – that was the last time I was invited to any kind of family event or birthday. Conveniently synchronized chronologically with My unlawful arrest in Toronto. I was innocent but perceived to be guilty in the eyes of My family. They perceive their Self to be innocent now, but are guilty of many civil, moral, and ethical wrongdoings, and I’m not protecting them from the world any longer.

The Spell was Cast last Friday and says it will arrive on Tuesday!!! So I Will have lots more Magic coming for You soon. Must publish now or I’ll be late!!!

Love and Blessings,

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