Volume CCXXVI: The Super Natural Son Day Review; The Gifts God Gives Me

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Re-View, Special emphasis on the ‘Son’ today! It has been a momentous week for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and for Me, the Trusted Executor of God’s Will (for Me and Man’s kind). As always, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always an Honour to have You in My House.

So much Good News to share today that I wasn’t sure where to start. So I figured I Will start with what I am most excited to share with You this Son day because the emphasis on ‘Son’ day is a Tribute to My Father in Heaven, for He is the One who Presents Me with these Wonder-Full Gifts. Above is a Bolivian Rainbow pepper plant and one of the few peppers I was as King of God to make sure survives. I have six somewhat exotic, unusual pepper plants started for the Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company, and this was the one I was most excited to bring to fruit-Sean. Not only did God make sure [at least one] of this cultivar survives, God made sure it would thrive. What makes this plant in particular feel like an even greater Gift from God, is that it is the most abundant and prolific of all My pepper plants so far, and it is also in the smallest pot! In the above photo, the Bolivian Rainbow specimen shown is in a 3″ clay pot. Almost every single branch on the plant is now producing flowers, and one flower has already been pollinated (My Hand) and is now producing it’s first fruit!

Alright, alright, I know not every One gets as excited about plant life as I do, but I am going to share with You the most Miraculous Gift from My community garden which has every One with a garden tall King about. My absolutely monstrous tomato plants (plural now). Actually, I’m not sure God Will like the Word ‘monstrous’ so much, so let’s go with Magnificent! Either Way, it doesn’t really Matter what Word I use because the Truth is, God knows My Heart – He Art (Heart) in Heaven. God learns English by associating the Words I use with the electro magnetic vibrational frequency emitted by My Heart when I am thing King or speaking them – and of course, the same is True of You. Below is the most Magnificent of what are now three giant tomato trees in making…

The smaller one to the left doesn’t even look that big next to the green giant beside, but the stake is roughly five feet tall (six feet with approximately a foot submerged in the soil). I have no doubt it Will extend well beyond the top of the stake, and I may need to use a second as I did for it’s neighbour. I am thing King the larger one Will exceed ten feet by the end of the season!!!

So again, this is why this is the ‘Son’ day review because I really have very little to do with the success of My garden. In fact, at the beginning of the season, My garden was truly the saddest of the lot because I started everything from seed, while most every One else was planting foot tall specimens from a garden center, some already had flowers!!! One thing I can say, is that I might have less weeds in My garden than any One else – I pluck out any I see every day, and it astounds Me just how many Will sprout overnight. Only in the last week or so have weeds stopped randomly sprouting. And below We have the tomato trifecta.

I’m sure the heat wave helps, but seriously, I have no other explanation but God! This plant was only two feet tall about a week ago! Every time I come out to visit My garden, something seems to have exploded into growth. Even My pepper plants went from being an inch tall (not exaggerating) to twelve to eighteen inches, loaded with new growth and the beginning of flower product-Sean. Somewhat exciting for Me because I wasn’t really counting on any of My pepper plants doing well outdoors because I started so late and didn’t harden them off. However, I am learning a lot about growing peppers in My first season, and from what I can tell, I am thing King that peppers like to have crowded roots. Even indoors, it seems the larger the pot I transplanted a pepper into, the longer it Will do nothing at all! So, with this philosophy in Mind, I transplanted all of My pepper plants that were still stunted in their growth into the smallest clay pot that Will accommodate. If We believed in coincidences here, We might presume it is by coincidence that they suddenly began to grow like they are on steriods…

Alright, I’m going to include a slideshow of all My Magnificent plants because that’s probably the best example of One of the Ways God Blesses Me. A Friend who visit My apartment just recently told Me that My tropical plants look so healthy and perfect, they hardly look real!!!

But amazing plant growth isn’t the only thing God Gifts Me with. This week, while responding to a legal and lawful ‘Notice of Breach of Trust of Fiduciary Obligations‘ (which is the first due process of Law), Ontario Works breached the Trust of another Beneficiary by including a personal, private document from their file with Me. Yup, I’m telling You People, I really couldn’t make this stuff up – if My Story were fiction, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as Good because I would never have believed that People would be able to suspend their disbelief enough to make it believable. If this wasn’t actually happening in My Microcosm, I wouldn’t believe it My Self. And like watching a train wreck in slow motion, it only gets worse.

The very first thing Ontario Works did was request by Way of email that I destroy the entire email thread, and then delete the deleted email from My trash. That is called ‘Spoliation of Evidence of a Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Obligation’. I suggested that it was not just a civil wrong to delete the email, but that it is a criminal offense under both provincial and federal law in Canada. So the email itself was the first Gift God Gave Me, above is an even Grander Present! Why? Because the above Letter was Hand delivered to Me after I had advised Ontario Works that what they are as King of Me to do is a criminal offense! It’s True, ignorance is no excuse for the Law (or breaking it), but knowingly as King of One to violate the rule of Law after they have been advised that what they are as King of One to do is a criminal offense, is Willful intent to violate the law, more commonly known as ‘Mens Rae’, or ‘of guilty Mind’. But they (Ontario Works) legitimately have no conscience – or at the very least, I can earnestly and honestly tell You that has been My experience with every single individual war King for that Ministry in My experiences from case worker to the director of operations, and every position in between. They have absolutely no regard for the Rule of Law and continually demonstrate Willful contempt for the People they Promised (are bonded) to Act in the best interest of. So not only is Ontario Works as King of Me to commit a federal offense, they are as King of Me to do it in Writing!!! Lili can’t even claim that some One else stole her email password as King of Me to do this, she has now Signed her name to a Letter as King of Me to commit a federal offense. Way to go, Lili!!! (I Wonder if she Will get State Actor of the year in this Universal Present a Sean – what are You thing King?).

Once again, one of the most Powerful Gifts God Gave Me, is that My Words Magically Manifest. I didn’t really have any idea whether or not it was a criminal offense under Canada’s Criminal Code, but I figured it should be! I didn’t actually bother to look it up until yesterday. Here’s what Canada’s Criminal Code has to say on the Matter:

Spoliation occurring before or in the course of a civil proceeding could, in theory, result in a criminal penalty under either section 139 (2) (obstructing justice) or section 341 (fraudulent concealment) of the Criminal Code,

R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46.

Keep in Mind, the request is to destroy the response to a legally and lawfully served Notice of Liability for Breach of Trust of Fiduciary Obligations! It is evidence of their Breach of Trust to Fiduciary Obligations, supporting the Notice served upon them, and a further Breach of another person’s Trust! And We know that Ontario Works and the City of Ottawa like to do everything they can to avoid due process of Law and abdicate their Fiduciary obligations to the Beneficiaries of the [public] Trust, so I naturally presumed that they were as King of Me to destroy the email because they had no intention of telling the other offended party.

So this week We Will be watching the City of Ottawa dig their Self a proverbial grave. I have asserted and (because My Words Magically Manifest) believe that the evidence Will Show soon enough, that the other offended party has not yet been Given Notice. Perhaps they have been now that Ontario Works knows I Will not destroy the evidence, but they are so stupid and arrogant, I don’t believe they have. I don’t believe they Will until they are compelled by a Court Justice to do so. Not only do they need to let the other party know of the breach, they also need to let the party know who exactly their information was shared with – that means that Colleen has a right to know My name, how the information came into My possess-Sean, and exactly what inform a Sean I was Given. And guess what, Ontario Works? I didn’t need the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act to know that those were Your legal obligations because God Gifted Me with a moral compass that is always Headed True North.

Wow, okay – over 1,700 Words already, I’ll let You go. Before I do, please take a look at the other Gifts God Gives Me. Even though I haven’t been tall King about it in a while, ‘The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company’s first season is starting to shape up!!!

Love and Blessings,

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