Volume CCXXVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; A Universal Promote Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome in My House. For Fabulous Friday’s Free Lance Edition, I typically use the day to wield My Words even more fearlessly than usual, which often translates to mean My day to rant. Today there is too much Good News to be tall King about in My Microcosm that is also Significant to Man’s Macrocosm – I am the Virus in Man’s Matrix. Today’s Edition is a Special Celebrate-Sean of all the things I have been waiting so long to be tall King with You about.

First, let’s look at today’s feature photo because it is also a reflect-Sean of My Microcosm and the little Ways God communicates with Me. This specimen I was as King of God specifically to ensure that at least one survives to produce fruit. I was specifically as King because this is one of the more unusual, semi-rare varieties I purchased for the Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company’s starting inventory. It was also the only variety that was struggling somewhat compared to the rest. Now, it appears at least three of this variety have survived in total, another in a larger pot indoors, and one outside in the community garden. The one pictured happens to be in a three inch clay pot. It already has four peppers growing, and the six flowers You see here today, Will be the beginning of six new peppers tomorrow – and there are countless more flowers on the Way!!!

I’m hoping You can tell why I was hoping [at least] one of this variety would survive. It’s a Bolivian Rainbow, typically grown in warmer climates where they grow as perennials and are generally used more for decoration. The peppers start out purple, then ripen through every colour of the rainbow until they are red. So very soon I Will have peppers of virtually every colour of the rainbow as I wait for the first pepper to fully ripen. If One is hoping to save seeds from their plants, it is important to point out that One should pick a fruit that is as ripe as it can be or the seeds inside may not be fully developed. But so far, despite the size of the pot, it appears the peppers are going to grow to their full size because they don’t get much bigger than the one in the photo already is. When it starts to turn colour, I Will know it is fully grown (or so I presume, anyway). The leaves on the plant are also really pretty because they darken to a deep purplish-red as they age, though new leaves are a bright, light green. Okay, enough about the plant, on with the Universal Promote-Sean.

Every once in a while I like to ‘Google’ My name just to see what comes up. It was something I honestly would not even have considered doing until My best Friend was as King of Me what comes up when I ‘Google’ My name. He thought it was strange I’d never thought of doing it, like it’s something every One does. But it was very interesting what came up the very first time I checked. It showed a picture of the cover of My book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, along with a mini-descript-Sean something like a short ‘wiki’ that said, ‘Canadian, Author’, and the Title of My book.

So I became interested in Googling My name more when I started actually doing things in My Microcosm. One of the first things I remember doing (that may or may not have actually had any direct effect) was Writing someone who had emailed Me from some government office, as King about My Book and telling Me that I am required to provide said government office with two copies of My Book, one for Canada’s archive of authors, and one for Canada’s national library or something. I basically told them it’s My intellectual property, not Canada’s, and if they Wish for a couple of copies they can order it themselves or read and download the pdf version for free from My Blog. Never heard from them again, but sometime later when I checked Google, it just said, ‘Sean von Dehn’, ‘Author’. No mention of Me being Canadian whatsoever. I am not suggesting the two are directly related, either, I am thing King it is more likely they are not – at the same time, it was the only thing I can think of that I had done that might have had some effect on what comes up in Google.

But the reason I was checking today (no coincidences), was to find out how far down the list I would have to go to find the official ‘announcement’ of House von Dehn to the People of Ottawa and Canada published on the [Canada’s/Ottawa’s] public record. There is a back story to the article and interview, which You can find by clicking on this sentence.

The back story, is that Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick, and Nina, House of Garacci, were as King of Me to accompany them for this interview. Several People had participated in the project but I was one of the only People to make use of the notepad provided, and I used it for journaling. It was really My Story and My paintings they enjoyed most, and they Wished for the rest of Ottawa to hear about it, so they invited Me to the interview.

When I say that they liked My Story, I mean that very specifically. I told the ladies that as much as they like the ‘King thing’, if I tell the interviewer that I am King Sean, House von Dehn, it is more likely they Will exclude My portion of the interview, or not print the interview at all. They were thing King that sounded a little extreme and insisted that I let them know I am King Sean, House von Dehn.

Why is this part of the Universal Promote-Sean? Because I was correct. When the interviewer was as King of Me for My name, ‘for the Record’ and I told her, ‘King Sean, House von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God – exactly as I just said it’, I swear she looked shocked. Now, I don’t remember if she said she would have to check that, but I do remember telling the two ladies that she would. I also told the ladies that the problem is, they Will find out it is True, and the moment they do, they Will not Wish to print the interview.

The interview was supposed to be published no later than the following morning. A week later one of the interviewees contacted Me on Facebook and told Me they were getting angry because the Ottawa Citizen’s Editor kept pushing back the publishing date, and they didn’t believe they were going to print the article they had promised. They were wondering if it might make a difference if I were to contact them – so I did.

I don’t even recall what I said and I’m not even going to attempt to paraphrase, I can only tell You that within an hour, Olivia Blackmore (the interviewer) was messaging Me on Facebook telling Me she had a few more Quest-Ions for Me before publishing. She was as King of Me why I chose to come to Ottawa. I told her that a King’s duty is to protect the inherent rights of God’s People, and that means to Hold Canada’s State Actors accountable to their Charter and Treaty obligations to Canada’s People – the nation’s capital seemed like a Good place to start. She was as King Me a little bit more about whether or not I had considered starting with ‘My’ local Member of Parliament in Guelph, and I told her that I had but that Lloyd Longfield is dis-Honourable and does not represent the People of Guelph in the House of Commons as he has promised to do. So I was thing King I could should try his Ottawa office.

Of course, none of that got published, but if You read the article again, You can see how all of that was reduced to a single sentence that says virtually nothing. The main point is, a newspaper has a legal and lawful obligation to fact check before publishing (although You’d never know it now in the days of propagandist Trudeau’s treason). I could not tell Olivia Blackmore that I am ‘Doctor’ Sean von Dehn, for example, that would be false and misleading information, they would need to check My credentials first. King and ‘House’ von Dehn are similar lawful Titles – one cannot publish the Honour of it if One does not have it, the paper Will have a duty to fact check. ‘House’ von Dehn essentially means I ‘own’ My family name, the ‘House’ von Dehn. One cannot have a House if One does not have Land. So even though they don’t publish ‘King’ or ‘Lord’ Sean, House von Dehn, it is implied, and makes no difference legally or lawfully. Basically, King Sean, House von Dehn was officially announced as a legal and lawful entity pictured to be the Man in the photo – it’s basically My first photo identifica-Sean on the public record.

What’s most interesting about it today, is that until this year, ‘My Story‘ was the number one search result in Google, and My interview with the Ottawa Citizen was just before or after Facebook. Now it’s number one!? And since when?

This is only part one of this ‘Explain-a-Sean’ and Universal Promote Sean. It caught Me a little off guard because I had intended to be tall King about this article today, but I had also expected it was still somewhere around half way down the page, not the number one search result. Again, one of those ‘Voice of the Universe’ kind of moments, telling Me that this is something I should be tall King about. The reason this is significant is because the last thing the City of Ottawa wants is for People to know My Title is real, so it’s kind of strange that this ranks at the top of the list, but not entirely out of the Quest-Ion by Way of a Mystic’s Interpret-a-Sean.

I believe this is potentially a new ‘Gift’ from God as a Celebrate-Sean of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first lawsuit!!! Speaking of which, check today’s top five!!! No coincidences…

Love and Blessings,

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