Volume CCXXXV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; A Request to Dismiss Denied!!!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal, Moral Highness Honours My House. And what a Lucky Wednesday in Deed!!!

A Deed is an Act, and an Act was Played. It was My little brother’s attorney, Christopher Crisman-Cox who violated Rule 1.09 and 2.01(6) of the Rules of Civil Procedure – or the Registrar with whom he filed the Motion. Christopher Crisman-Cox Wishes for Me to believe that he didn’t break the Rules, that the requirement to Give Notice as described by the summary procedure are up to the Judge hearing the Matter. That is not True and I already know this for a fact because it was the Court that informed on the City of Ottawa for attempting to do the same thing last time. It also just happened to be Justice Sally A. Gomery that the city of Ottawa managed to get a private meeting with despite the Court informing on them to Me!!! I’m telling You, the express Sean’s on the faces of the People war King on the Registrar’s desk that day was not something I Will forget anytime soon. I happened to be there when the Endorsement for a hearing that neither I nor the Court knew anything about happened to come in – in fact, I was Noting the City of Ottawa in default at the time.

“Uh, so how does that happen without Me having any Idea and no requisition for any Motion on the Record?”

And they all just look at Me like deer in the headlights, shaking their head. Does every One remember that? And the Court sending Me an email the next day, telling Me that I can still file a Motion if I Wish? So I filed an ex-parte motion to vacate Sally A. Gomery’s Order for violating the Rules of the Court and receiving an audience in violation of Rule 1.09 and without Notice to Me, and to suspend the Justice from any further oversight regarding the Matter.

I also placed Justice Sally A. Gomery on Notice for Breach of Public Trust and Abdication of her Oath to the Court. Of course, the only Way I could serve the Notice was to send the Notice directly to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General – Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent. It is probably fair to say I’m not Justice Sally A. Gomery’s favourite Man, but I am thing King it is also reasonably safe to assume that she Will have remembered Me when the requisition from Christopher Crisman-Cox showed up.

Yes, would You believe the requisition to dismiss was heard by Justice Sally A. Gomery? And even better, the result was in My favour, request to dismiss was denied, and of all the Justice’s of Ontario’s Superior Courts, I’m pretty sure Honourable Justice Gomery likes Me the least. Yet today, she Honoured her Oath and Canada’s Courts, and although the Endorsement may not sound ‘flattering’, I’m very, very, pleased with it. There is a lot of code in the Endorsement that Christopher Crisman-Cox Will not be able to decipher. Thank You very kindly, Honourable Justice Gomery. I do not hold grudges, and I’m very pleased to see that You don’t either. All I am as King for is for People to Honour their Oath to the Courts and the Crown.

Here’s the Endorsement.

And I’m very pleased with how the Justice Styled the Title of the Document, everything is proper, and this is what all mail addressed to Me should look like from the Defendants or they are not really Playing by the Rules their Self, they are being belligerent. They have no reason to not Honour the address and Title of the Claim, including how the parties to it are Styled except to be arrogant, and to antagonize – I’ve got Jenny Bogod on three counts of ‘Mr. von Dehn’ now, after being advised I Will be charging her $100,000.00 per instance by the Powers invested in the Courts to deter against further trespasses upon My Sacred calling under the Provisions afforded under Remedies 24.1 by the Department of Justice. November 8th may prove to be a fortuitous day in Deed!

The other beautiful thing about this, is that We know at least one of the reasons Christopher was hoping to dismiss was the name of the Claim, stating that it is not a legal entity, and Hala’s lawyer was complaining they don’t like ‘Claimant’ and ‘Respondent’. Well, Rule 2.01 would allow the Honourable Justice to dismiss if the Claim were frivolous and vexatious ‘on its face’. On its face would be something glaringly obvious, like the Claimant or it’s representative not being a legal entity and not having legal or lawful capacity. If it’s not frivolous and vexatious ‘on its face’, then there is nothing wrong with the Title of the Claim or how the parties to it were Styled. And that’s the strongest argument My adversaries had.

The Justice also points out that there is a distinguishable and clear ’cause of action’, despite it not being clearly articulated in the Claim. The Claimant is concerned that his brother and sister have caused harm to his equal share of Estate assets and breached his Trust! BAM!!!

This is such a Good Endorsement, Lucky Wednesday Will not be feeling so Lucky for My brother.

Now… Just an Idea and something to be thing King about. The Justice mentions that there is a Motion to dismiss on November 8th and Christopher and Neil can join the party if they Wish. Is One thing King that is an invitation or a trap? If Christopher can’t produce a receipt for his request to Motion the Court to dismiss, Sally already knows I’ll bring it up in Court and call him out for violating the Rules. If he did make a request with the Registrar and I still didn’t receive Notice, I’ll be as King for the Registrar to be found in contempt and to pay a fine. They are thing King they can ‘gaslight’ Me on the Rules and tell Me ‘it’s up to the Judge hearing the motion?’. Biggest load of bs I’ve ever heard. Chris is suggesting One can get private meetings with the judge and that’s not unfair or prejudice so long as the Justice gets to determine what is fair and unprejudiced based exclusively on arguments One never has an opportunity to defend against? Maybe they just Wish to emphasize how convoluted Christopher’s concepts of Canada’s legal system is.

We have just Established some legal precedence for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean!!!

Love, Luck, and Blessings,

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