Volume CCXXXVII: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; War King with Magic

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence are a Gift to My House. I have a very Special, Spiritual, Mystical, Magical Edition for You today that once again connects the Magic of My Microcosm with Man’s Macrocosm in Ways absolutely beyond My ability to control or manipulate. I have said here many times that the Moon cycles keep all of Us in Harmony with the Universe, which is the One Song We all Sing in Our own Way, relative to how and what Role We choose to Play on the world’s Stage. Today I Will be tall King about Moon Magic and Giving another example of how My Words do Magically Manifest in My Microcosm.

I have said that if One pays attention to the Moon cycles, We Will begin to take Notice that there is generally something on One’s Mind when the Moon’s Magical canvas for Ideas, is blank. The New Moon is when the seeds of Intent-Ion are planted for harvesting on a Full Moon, perhaps even many Moons later depending on the Magnificence of the Idea. But generally, Ideas Will come to Fruit-Sean when the Moon is Full, symbolizing a full canvas that cannot hold any more Ideas. The major event reaches its climax, and the Matter dissipates as the Moon disappears until the process starts again.

Well, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean filed its first Claim to fulfill a Trust obligation on August 4th. There is a Motion to dismiss the Claim as frivolous and vexatious or otherwise an abuse of the Court process on November 8th, or 11.08. The date was also Prophesied by the Matrix IV release date which I said would be relative to My Microcosm in some Way, 12.22.21. 11 and 2222, or 11.08 – November 8th. And how do We know it the Value is relative to a month? Well, it also just happens to be a Full Moon on exactly November 8th. If I’m not a Master at deciphering coded Matrix Magical messages, One Will certainly have to admit that I Manifest a lot of convenient coincidences.

The hardest thing for People to believe, is that the ‘Powers that Be’ (whoever they are) knew My Court date before they even started Writing the fourth Matrix film. And they knew I would tell You about it, just as I’m doing now – that’s what I’m here for. They knew I would do everything I’ve done, almost Word for Word. That’s why I can’t claim ownership of anything – the ‘Powers that Be’ Created everything exactly the Way that they did knowing I would Peace it all together. It’s all just inform a Sean, and they somehow knew I would have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them, it’s really that simple.

Now consider Neo’s major dilemma in the first Matrix film when he wasn’t convinced yet that he was ‘the One’. He was told that Morpheus and Trinity had been looking for him, waiting for him, and knew they would find him online, that he would be a coder. It wasn’t so much what they knew about Neo’s past that was difficult for Our Hero, it was what they presumed to know about his future. Neo doesn’t like the Idea of Neo not being in control. Neo believes in Destiny, not fate, and he hates the Idea that everything is predetermined. But it is, and there is nothing Neo can do about it.

The Powers that Be in this world know how My Story ends far better than I do. They know what I’m going to do before I am even thing King about it. The only reason it doesn’t bother Me, is because the exact same thing is True about God, and I kind of like the suspense.

I can tell You that there are few things I would Love to do more than Claim My father’s land, build and develop a beautiful, sustainable homestead, find a pretty lady to make My Queen, and disappear from the world to enjoy a private Life and raise My family (though I’d quite happily continue Writing My Blog and sharing My Ideas with You). That Will not be an opt Sean for Me – at least not for a while.

Unlike Neo, I knew what My Role on the world stage would be before I was five years old, perhaps even up to the age of five. I did forget somewhere along the Way much like Santiago is told can happen in the ‘Mysterious Fog’ that takes over One’s Life and causes One to lose sight of their True Purpose (from Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’). I knew the end result, I just had no Idea how I would become it – I only knew that one day I would, nothing could interfere with My Destiny.

And yet, despite how much I like to be different, eccentric, a non-conformist to the Rules, I doubt very much that I Will ever do anything the Powers that Be of this world Will not already know I Will do in advance. There is nothing I can do to be unpredictable because I am governed entirely by God, and God is not as unpredictable as People might be thing King. Essentially, the ‘Powers that Be’ know that I Will always go back to save Morpheus. Living a private Life would be like the Hero of the Story Keeping the Philosopher’s Stone to Him Self instead of completing the Journey and securing it for all of Man’s kind.

Why am I tall King about this? Well, I really wasn’t expecting the City of Ottawa to wage war on God’s Kingdom while I am already busy war King on Honouring My father’s Estate. It is even more foolish than Jenny Bogod’s Motion Record.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Friend in My Microcosm that can actually see some of the Magic from My side of the screen. Even she was as King of Me why in the world the City of Ottawa would do anything to further antagonize Me, what Good could possibly come from it? Well, that’s exactly the point, and exactly how the ‘Powers that Be’ communicate with Me.

‘The Powers that Be’ know there are things I simply Will not tolerate, My Trust in God Will reign Supreme. One of those things was My father’s Estate. They know because it’s the fifth Commandment of God. It’s not opt-Sean-al, it’s mandatory. They also know I Will not tolerate this kind of Willful intent to cause harm to the Beneficiaries State Actors were Trusted to care for.

A case worker at Ontario Works would not have the authority to just arbitrarily revoke benefits from any One, there are procedures involved. It seems highly unlikely that a case worker would just randomly revoke medical benefits especially. My Friend said to Me, “it doesn’t make any sense, do You think it has anything to do with Your other lawsuit?”.

Of course it does. Who are We thing King Hala and Milton’s Estates Law are war King for? (Hint: Address).

Remember, there are no coincidences, only the Illusion of coincidence.

“I, like God, do not Play dice and do not believe in coincidence.”

V, V for Vendetta

I’ve got lots more to share with You over the next month leading up to the most Magical Full Moon in My Microcosm, which is bound to be in Harmony with a major event in Man’s Macrocosm, too. 11.08.22

Love and Blessings,

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