Volume CCXXXVIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV Resurrections, Part XII

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is an Honour to have You in My House. I am excited to be getting back to Our Matrix Interpret a Sean and how it relates to events in both My Microcosm and Man’s Macrocosm right now. When We left off in the last Edition, Mr. Anderson had just met Morpheus for the first time while the company he is war King for is in a ‘Code Red’ state of emergency. Already starting to sound all too similar to what’s going on in the world today, no? And We’re just getting started! Let’s get right back into it!

Mr. Anderson is not as keen on taking the Red Pill the second time around, as We can see by the Express-Ion on his face in today’s feature photo.

Morpheus could as easily be offering Mr. Anderson a juicy maggot and the Express-Ion would be equally fitting. How much memory does Our DNA contain? Is Mr. Anderson scared to take the Red Pill this time because he believes he’s hallucinating and Morpheus is just a Character from a Game he coded, or is it because Part of him remembers that he’s done this before? Is it just a loop, do We just repeat the same Story on a new Set with different props every time?

We don’t get to know why Mr. Anderson doesn’t take the Red Pill this time, We only know that he runs from it like the plague – and I’m not using that Word without Intent-Sean. Wasn’t the Code Red Emergency for Our Glow Ball economy caused by fear of a plague, a lethal and deadly covid virus? Notice any subliminal messages for the masses as an explosion behind Mr. Anderson sends him sprawling to the floor?

The Word ‘China’ remains on the Red Wall behind Mr. Anderson – I took the liberty of highlighting if One needs to take a closer look. The reflection of images on the floor is not arbitrary either, as it represents the upside down world, the hell fires of Babylon.

And if the Word ‘China’ did not leave an Impress-Ion on One’s Mind’s Eye, there is a Red Star to nurture the seed of Intent-Ion. How does a Red Star relate to China?

Red Star Over China

Red Star Over China is a 1937 book by Edgar Snow. It is an account of the Chinese Communist Party that was written when it was a guerrilla army and still obscure to Westerners. Along with Pearl S.Wikipedia

Author:Edgar Snow


Google, ‘Red Star China’

Now, it could just be a coincidence that it was Writ in 1937 and that 37 is My Magic number, but We don’t believe in coincidences here. The Red Star also appears to be sitting on a shelf Over some Books. Where did the pandemic start? Is the Matrix trying to tell Us that China is a major Player on the world Stage? Did I not say that one day the world Will learn that Trudeau was war King with China to ensure the pandemic takes hold in Canada? Maybe I didn’t articulate it in quite so many Words, but I have now – let’s watch how they Will Magically Manifest. You’re thing King ‘no, why would he do such a thing?’. My guess is that the Trudeau Foundation has shares in Pfizer and many other companies that profit from the plandemic, but I guess We Will have to wait and see. Let’s get back to Our film…

Although I’m stating the obvious here, Mr. Anderson hasn’t awakened enough yet – he’s still trying to convince him Self that he is insane, and that his disconnect with society is some kind of psychological disorder. In fact, he still prefers that belief over the alternative. He Wishes for the Truth, but he’s not ready for the consequences or response-ability yet.

As he makes his Way across the room trying to avoid the chaos of bullets, his boss calls out, “Mr. Anderson!!!“.

The film flashes back to Our first Matrix Interpret a Sean as Mr. Anderson re-Calls Agent Smith yelling out the same name, clearly traumatized by the memory. Our Hero really doesn’t like Mr. Anderson. It’s almost as if ‘Mr. Anderson’ is more offensive than anything else any One could Call him. Sound familiar? I can quite honestly tell You, there are few things I find more offensive than ‘Mr. von Dehn’!!! That’s not something I ever planned, it’s not something that ever was, it was an inevitable biproduct of what I have become, which is nothing more or less than what I always was.

It is My belief that every One would find the Word offensive if they Truly comprehend what it means. A prefix before a last name is a Title, and a Title defines the position of [public] Office an individual is holding. ‘House’ is not a Title, it’s a thing. The point of relevance here for Me, is that I would have no reason to loathe ‘Mr. von Dehn’ so much if People just stopped using it when I was as King of them to! I only grew to hate it so much because People insist on using it, even after I tell them how offensive I find it, and why. In My Microcosm, those individuals are the Agents of My Matrix, and ‘Mr.’ is how I identify them (pun intended because it’s all about ID-entifying People). But it’s not a coincidence that Mr. Anderson is the Kryptonite to Neo’s Super-Man Character – the Powers that Be knew it would also be mine.

As Mr. Anderson attempts to escape his boss, a black cat crosses his path. For Me, I find the use of a black cat interesting because it would be My first choice of pet. I like cats of all kinds, but pure black are My favourite. I’m quite certain I can communicate telepathically with My cats – that, or they understand English perfectly. We’ve discussed the symbolism of yellow or Gold before. Yellow is the suit of Air in the Tarot, which represents the Mind, which is always the House One is Living in. People worry about going out of their Mind, but it is One of the few Houses One can never leave. Now You know why Mind = House.

In the Matrix, it represents ‘deja-vu’, a glitch in the program. The best thing that I can perhaps relate this to in My Microcosm, is the number 37. The cat is trying to remind Mr. Anderson of something he already knows. When I’m not sure if I am listening to the Voice of Ego or God, 37 is always a Sign of God’s approval. To simplify, I am going to suggest it represents Trusting One’s Self.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Anderson, the cat reminds him that he has a mental disorder and invents ultra-realistic fantasy scenarios to escape his mundane job and the completion of another Game he really doesn’t Wish to make. He abandons hope and cowers before his boss, trying to convince him Self it is all an illusion.

He’s not really going to die, it’s just an Illusion, right? We do know that if One dies in the Matrix, they die in real Life, too. Why? Because no body can Live without a Mind. If Mind = House and most People have lost their House, does that also mean that most People have lost their Mind?

I’ll have a lot more Fun to share with You in this most recent Matrix Interpret a Sean because there are other Gems about the Powers that Be and Mr. Anderson’s relay-Sean-ship with them.

Before I go, I’m going to share the last piece of Magic from My Microcosm, and I Will let You know why it’s so Magical tomorrow in the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition. For now, I’m just adding it to prove that it doesn’t Matter what I Title a Post, new documents always get downloaded three times within seconds after they are Posted.

Love and Blessings,

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