Volume CCXXXIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Hunter’s Moon Magic Traps Tripped!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It has been a very Lucky Wednesday for Me in Deeds, and I’m sure the Luck Will spill over into Man’s Macrocosm in some Mystical, Mage I Call, Way. The Good News is so crazy, let’s get right into it!

It’s difficult to say what the most obscure and obtuse event is since My last Post Monday evening!!! The moment I finished Writing My Blog Post for the night which was tall King about the City of Ottawa making Way for their own Public Spectacle, I receive an email from My sister!

Pay attention to a professional narcissist war King very hard to maintain the illusion of innocence.

I wanted to ensure I was keeping you both up to date on the status of dad’s estate… I Will ensure to send regular updates to ensure we are all kept up to date.

Tanja Johnson, random email

Wanted to ensure she was keeping us both up to date on the status of My father’s Estate, but she won’t share any of the information with Me about her court filing, or tell Me why another endorsement by Casullo was even necessary if the Endorsement served upon Me March 24th was binding upon the ‘Second Application’ (as it is now Called on the Court of Record), or share any details to identify which application a Certificate was provided for!!! I still haven’t seen this alleged ‘Second Application’ that was filed with the Court!

But it’s even crazier than that because the Bracebridge Courthouse was placed on Notice of fraud regarding this application. I was also Promised that a copy of the Court of Record Will be available for Me as soon as a Certificate is awarded regarding this Matter. It seems strange that the Court would just randomly decide to Issue the Certificate now when My sister has had six months to claim it if the Application was endorsed May 6th? Why did she wait so long? Rather convenient that she claims it now when there is a claim against the Estate…

The craziest thing about it all, is that the Claim was made because they haven’t been telling Me anything except that an Application was made to the Court and already Endorsed by Justice Woodley on March 24th. They were telling Me that My sister’s Application had already been approved on March 24th and that My sister was free to receive the Certificate at any time. If any of that is True, why make a new letter to the Court, request a meeting with another Justice on April 7th, and require for Justice Casullo to make another Endorsement for the Certificate? Why would they not just claim the Certificate? None of it makes any sense, though I do have a theory.

But before I get into My theory, I was hit with another Lucky surprise today. I couldn’t help but wonder why I was receiving the message from My sister – where is her lawyer and why is she discussing anything with Me when there is a claim against her for exactly the Certificate she just received? So long as there is a Claim against her regarding the Estate, she should really be communicating with Me through her legal counsel. I’m not even sure who that is. Is Hala Tabl still her lawyer of Record for the Estate matter, or does she not have one for that Matter anymore? But the most interesting thing about it, is that it destroys the only other potential defense Jenny Bogod had for Hala Tabl, which was Issue Estoppel and Res Judicata, claiming that there was already a proceeding regarding this Matter. Well, not anymore there isn’t! And that’s exactly why I filed the Claim because I was reasonably sure that they were just going to insist that the Application and Endorsement served upon Me March 24th was legally binding and filed with the Court, and that I wouldn’t hear another Word about it until a Certificate is Issued unless I filed a Claim. Well, that just proved to be True!!!

The only difference, is that because I filed the Claim, I now know about another Endorsement, another Affidavit, another Letter to the Court that I previously had no knowledge of at all! I couldn’t help but be thing King what Jenny Bogod must be thing King because none of this is Good for her! Does she know that a Certificate has now Issued and that there is no longer any conflict of interest for her Motion? Well, turns out she does because I received her Motion Factum and Book of Authorities today. And this is why it’s such a Lucky Wednesday.

I’ve already served My Reply Factum on the moving party and I knew the Reply Factum was forthcoming. I was already confident that regardless what the moving party Presents now, the Motion Will be dismissed and the Judge Will hear the Claim. The Factum is only to support the Motion Record, so I knew there would be no new arguments to respond to. But the Real Luck, is that I left some traps for Jenny in My Reply Factum, and those Traps have been Tripped.

The fraud is obvious, I don’t believe for One moment than any Honourable Judge Will not immediately identify the serious nature of this Claim. Even if the Judge didn’t immediately jump to fraud, there is no Quest-Ion that I have been deceived, and that due process has not been had regarding this Estate. It’s very clear that something is going on here.

There comes a point when the most Honourable thing One can do is admit defeat and accept some accountability – not Jenny Bogod. Jenny Bogod still believes she can have this Claim dismissed as frivolous and vexatious despite all of her strongest arguments having already been Ruled upon by the Court. Justice Sally Gomery has acknowledged that there is certainly a cause of action, and that Hala was negligent in her Fiduciary obligations [to the Court, not the Estate – big difference]. Gomery also refers to ‘the Plaintiff Trust’. The Trustee Act applies to all Trusts whenever Created, and all Trustees whenever appointed. The Notice of Breach of Trust served upon Hala includes a copy of the Trust Declaration, and the Trust Instrument is on the Public Record, so Jenny can’t claim that it is not constitutionally founded. When she states that it is not recognized constitutionally as a legal entity and should therefor be struck, she quotes My Reply Factum,

‘Sean doesn’t know if it’s a legal entity or not…’

Reply Factum

and uses this a Part of her grounds to strike. This is One of My Traps that I had considered removing because I anticipated this would be her argument and that she would attempt to use it against Me. The Word ‘legal’ is very specific. An entity can be lawful without being legal. Legal entities are recognized by constitutionality through parliament, lawful entities exist naturally. Lawful always Trumps legal, and an Express Trust was never intended to be a legal entity because legal is the undoing (at-turning/attorney/a torn eye) of God’s Law, so making an Express Trust ‘legally’ recognized would subject it to the commercial fiction. It is not a statutory Creation, it is a Natural Creation because it is natural for One to Express Trust. Murder is no illegal if One joins the army, but it is always unlawful to kill a Man. This is why when One joins the army they become property of the State, because offering to take One’s Life requires One to sacrifice a Life in exchange. Soldiers and People who join the war are the only People who legitimately have no legal right to refuse a vaccine because they have abandoned their right to Life (by vowing to take others in the name of a corporation).

So part of Me (being the optimist I am) couldn’t help but wonder if the Court decided to Issue the Certificate as a Gift for Me knowing that once My sister receives the Certificate, her and her lawyer are legally liable, and they lose their two strongest arguments to dismiss regarding the ongoing Estate application. Saying it is a conflict of interest now is a mute point because I’m not as King for the Certificate, it’s already been awarded, I’m already telling My sister what to do with it because I presumed it would be awarded to her anyway. In fact, I was going to wait until Tanja received the Certificate to file the Claim but she took too long and wasn’t responding to simple Quest-Ions. But that’s not what happened. Notice anything unusual about the Certificate? Just like the Application that was served upon Me, it doesn’t have a CV number assigned to it, not even on the back sheet! This is just another document of fraud to complete the fraud and attempt to convince the Court that the entire proceeding is finished, and due process was had!

Here’s what I believe to really be going on.

The Application served upon Me March 24th, 2022 was an obvious fraud, clearly not Endorsed by Justice Woodley in 2020. There was never any intent to file the Application!!! They just Wished to convince Me an Endorsement had been awarded so that I wouldn’t be suspicious when My sister begins dishing out the funds. If I’d been as King to see the Certificate, they would have just lied to Me and refused to Show Me like they did with the receipt of filing in the first place. When I cut them off for refusing to let Me know what was going on, they no longer needed the Certificate because My sister made a deal with the People who unlawfully sold the House that they would release the funds to her if she could prove she had made an application.

My guess is that My sister never required the Certificate, the second Endorsement was for the first Application that was refiled on April 7th and not because My sister requires a CAET, but because Hala needed to cover her ass because of an investigation by the Law Society! She let’s Justice Casullo believe that she’s Endorsing an old Application from 2020 that has been refiled and says whatever about Me, requests to have some Notice of Objection vacated that is supported by another Affidavit made by My sister against Me, and a Letter by Hala I’ve never seen. All kinds of things going on concerning My interests I knew nothing about! And she is thing King that the Court is going to be okay with all of this?

What’s perhaps the worst and most damaging Part of Jenny Bogod’s Factum, is that she sounds like a broken Record. She presents a ton of facts but no context relative to the Claim. She implies that I’m abusing the process of the Court by Questioning Casullo’s Order – an Order I had never even seen until her Motion Record! She’s just been make aware of a Court Order denying a request to dismiss as frivolous and vexatious, Jenny is in fact doing exactly what she’s accusing Me of doing by suggesting it is still frivolous and vexatious and that there is no cause of Action when another Judge has already Ruled against her in both of those regards.

Jenny Bogod is just going to look belligerent, antagonistic, and shameless. It’s a Lucky Wednesday in Deed. Don’t We Love when People fall for Traps? Hunter’s Moon, baby!!!

Oh, and the Court now has a ‘Convention’ on the day of My hearing, so they have cancelled for now! They have offered a number of new dates but We wait on the moving party to see what they like first. 😉

The beautiful thing about this, is that the longer they wait and the longer this takes, the more lie able their liability becomes. Here’s the current bill, calculated to November 8.

Love and Blessings,

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