Volume CCXXXIX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; My Naughty Little Sister and Belligerent Bogod

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank Your Moral Highness for being here, it is an Honour to have You in My House. I know that things are pretty crazy in Man’s Macrocosm right now, but I Hope and Trust that every One is finding something Good in it because there really are Thrilling things taking place in My Microcosm right now. The Rule of Law says that the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, so I Trust You are all weathering the storm with enthusiasm and vigor.

I mentioned yesterday that there is a Judicial Conference taking place on the 8th of November so Our Motion date was rescheduled. Several dates were made available, but only two before the New Year and both were within a week of the 8th sooner than the previous date – November 1st or 3rd. I also mentioned that I was rather indifferent about the date and waiting for the moving party to provide their availability first (which is always customary anyway). At the same time, I was Secretly hoping for either of the dates in November because sooner is always better (so long as One has enough time to prepare). I’ve had My Reply Factum ready since the 22nd of September (22.09.22), so I’m not sweating to get anything prepared for the date, though I was still hesitant to commit.

I also mentioned ‘a glitch’ in My Twitter stats that only showed views and not visitors.

This seemingly random event took place sometime in the afternoon on a Friday exactly one week after I had served My Reply Factum on the moving party and co-defendants. Probably just a coincidence, right? Wrong! We know there are no coincidences, but I wasn’t really sure what to make of this auspicious synchronicity so I didn’t really pay it too much Mind, I was more curious to see how long My stats would be squirrely. I only Noticed it was a week after I’d served My Reply Factum because I briefly wondered if maybe it was the Universe’s Way of getting My attention and reminding Me the work is not done yet – I had served the Reply Factum on the other parties but I hadn’t filed any of My documents with the Court yet.

Because I have never used the online portal to file documents before this, I was a little nervous and anxious about whether or not I would have any problems using the online portal. I decided to do a ‘test run’ with the fee waiver form so that it would be on the Record for the rest of the documents that follow. No joke, soon after receiving the confirmation through the online portal (which is just confirmation the Court HAS the documents, not confirmation they have been received yet – that comes up to five or seven days later), My stats stopped being squirrely!

Although I absolutely concede that all of this could very well be an amazing coincidence, the Trick to being a Mystic is really in knowing that there are no coincidences. I thought it might be a warning or reminder that I still need to file My documents with the Court, and it just so happens that when I upload My first document to the Court, the anomaly in My stats, stops? That is not a coincidence, that is Confirm a Sean of an Idea taking root.

Filing the fee waiver was rather quick, painless and straightforward, so I decided to file the rest of My materials shortly thereafter. Magical Monday of this week I received confirm a Sean of the fee waiver being accepted, then a few moments later, another email from the Court telling Me the rest of My documents could NOT be accepted by the Court for the following reasons…

I won’t bore You with what those reasons were because none of them made any sense anyway, none were actually applicable. You might be thing King, ‘well, they must have been or the documents would have been accepted’, and You would be correct (which is why I was so concerned). It was stupid stuff like the Affidavit not having a back sheet – even though it IS required and the Court Will not accept without one, I knew for sure that I had included a back sheet, and the rest of the instructions were equally confusing.

So I reviewed the actual pdf’s I’d sent to see if I could figure out what they were tall King about, and as it turns out, somehow I managed to change the name of My proof of service document to the same name as the Reply Factum?! Yeah, don’t even be as King Me how I managed to do that, they were all Good when I was at the print shop and uploaded from the same USB! But I did breathe a sigh of relief because it really just meant that I’d uploaded the wrong document and the fix was very easy. So I uploaded again late Monday night, I’ve been waiting for confirm a Sean since.

Jenny Bogod sends out an email this morning as King if every One is okay with the 3rd of November. I also get an email from Neil as King of Me not to email My sister, to direct any Quest-Ions I have to him. I told him I wondered why she was messaging Me in the first place and was as King of him to be as King of My sister to do the same. That’s a converse a Sean that Neil should have been having with My sister before she messaged Me with news regarding the Estate application when she was certainly never concerned about keeping Me up to date before the Claim was filed!

Neil and Christopher both confirm they are Good for the 3rd of November, I respond to Jenny Bogod as King why the Certificate has no CV number on it and which of the two applications it is referencing. I assert that it is not a legal document, but a document of fraud not Issued by the Court, just Issued by a Man who sometimes works as a Registrar for the Court but decided to step out of the office for a moment to Endorse My sister’s Certificate. There is still nothing regarding this Estate filing ‘in the system’ – no Court of Record for this Estate except this one!

Of course, belligerent Bogod responds with ‘Mr. von Dehn…’. Really?! So I was as King of her just how many times Will I have to tell her I am deeply offended by ‘Mr. von Dehn’? Does she like to antagonize, or is she just feeling especially generous and Wishes to make a handsome donate Sean to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean? She continues with the same rhetoric, stating that she Will not be providing any answers to My Quest-Ions until the Motion, can I please confirm the date of November 3rd.

Again, I tell Jenny that the Certificate is clearly for a small Estate Application under Rule 74, the Application served upon Me that was already allegedly Endorsed was for a large Estate under Rule 75. It really is just further evidence of the fraud. I can’t help but wonder if they don’t even know what was in the Application served upon Me anymore, perhaps the only application they have is the first one, maybe the Application I received was Specially made for Me, ‘de jure’ and there are no other copies!

But of course, Jenny Bogod doesn’t Wish to clear her client’s name by providing the documents necessary to prove her case because she doesn’t have them, there is no defense. Presumably, she is hoping that I Will not even get a chance to speak, or perhaps she believes that I am only competent on paper – or perhaps she perceives Me to be completely incompetent in every regard and has foolishly let her guard down? Your guess is as Good as mine.

Instead, she ‘threatens’ to tell the Court that I am refusing to provide My availability, though I have been responding to emails all morning. I told her to go ahead, so long as she cc’s Me on the email to the Court so I can explain why I’m ‘refusing’ to provide My availability. I am as King a simple Quest-Ion, the answer of which would eliminate the necessity for a Motion altogether. But that’s exactly why she doesn’t Wish to answer because the whole purpose of the motion was just to stall for time to continue withholding Discovery of facts regarding My father’s Estate, which is essentially the nature of this Claim in the first place. Jenny Bogod is every bit as belligerent and Willfully antagonistic as Hala Tabl. Here’s her email to the Court, and here’s My reply.

I was legitimately hoping to receive confirm a Sean of My documents from the Court before committing to the date just in case there was still some Issue with My documents being accepted. Literally moments before Jenny Bogod sent her email to the Court, I received confirmation that My documents have been accepted along with My proof of Service on the moving party and co-defendants!!!

Well, I’m over Word budget for the day, so I Will Sign off shortly. Before I do, I Wish to let You know that the most Thrilling part of My Thursday was that I received a phone call from My father’s best Friend!!! I’m going to have to keep You in suspense until tomorrow, but when I tell You what I have learned, You Will be in shock, I assure You. George believes My brother is the coldest, most heartless Man he has ever met, and insists that My father was furious with Michael. I’ll Give You a teaser, though. Does any One remember when I was tall King about My brother telling Me My father’s house had been broken into and ransacked? I was wondering why he didn’t call the police the second he found out, he told Me ‘I didn’t even think of it’. He was the vandal, apparently!!!

Yes, more to come soon!

Love and Blessings,

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