Volume CCXL: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Breaking [Good] News from the Bracebridge Courthouse!!!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition and a Two’s Day True to its name. I’ve already Posted the latest Install-Ment (install Mind) of My Matrix IV Resurrections De-Coded series, and have some very exciting inform a Sean for You that I received from the Bracebridge Courthouse late this afternoon. As always, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, You are My Purpose for Writing, I appreciate You immensely.

The first exciting event of the day was an email from the Moving party confirming Our date for November 3rd. The confirm a Sean form is nothing special or exciting because We knew it was coming, but the Participant Form is very exciting in Deed! Why is the Participant Form so exciting? Well, look at the name of the ‘person’ opposing the Motion. The Moving party has just identified the person as ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’ in their own materials on a Court of Record that is now filed with the Court! Now every instance of ‘Mr.’ used in correspondence with Me is in fact a diminution of status, and they cannot claim that they did not know what My True title is, nor can they deny that title or position at the Motion hearing without claiming that they themselves commit fraud and perjury in their own documents when ‘identifying’ the parties to the Motion! But that’s just the beginning of the Good News for today!!!

The really Good News, is the email I received from the Bracebridge Courthouse!

Yes, I didn’t even bother to tell You that I Noticed that the One who Signed the Certificate Issued to My sister is the same individual who has been responding to all My emails from the Bracebridge Courthouse, Michelle L. Murphy, client services representative. Is a client services representative the same as a Court Registrar? To be honest, I have no Idea.

However, if One reads My email to the Court, One Will Notice that Michelle does not dispute any of My allegations. She has responded and is complying with My demand for a copy of the Court of Record, and she is no longer suggesting she Will require a deposit for the inform a Sean, or charge Me a fee in Order to receive it. I Will receive the full Court of Record in digital format by pdf on or before 5:00 PM tomorrow.

What makes this extra Special, is that it seems to Me a rather convenient coincidence that the inform a Sean all three defendants Wish to Keep from Me until after the Motion Michelle confirms Will be forwarded to Me only two hours after the defendants confirm the Motion. Why is that Significant?

Because if the inform a Sean had been provided to Me before confirm a Sean of the Motion, the Moving party would have a much easier time backing out of the Motion. Now that the Motion is confirmed, the Moving party Will have to pay costs if they Wish to cancel, and backing out at this Stage Will seem very suspect to the Court. In short, I don’t believe it is a coincidence that I am going to receive full disclosure of My father’s Estate against the Wishes of the moving party within hours after confirm a Sean of the Motion.

My guess, is that soon after receiving My approval of the documents confirming the Motion, the Moving party filed them with the Court through the online portal. The moment the Motion was confirmed, the Court Director Notified the Bracebridge Courthouse and advised them they can now send Me the Court of Record. I Will now have all the inform a Sean I require to prove the fraud beyond any shadow of a doubt, and I can tell You that I sincerely believe the Courts were actually Honouring My Wishes and protecting My interests throughout this entire process. But I’ll leave that as a teaser for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, because We already know it Will be a Lucky Wednesday in Deeds!!!

Love and Blessings,

9 Days till Judgment Day…

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