Volume CCXL: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Michelle Murphy’s Law is Lawlessness

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It was not the kind of Lucky Wednesday One would typically expect when One is waiting on critical Court documents necessary to validate a Certificate of Appointment for Estate Trustee that has already been awarded, but it is Lucky in other Ways, and the perfect catalyst for Casting more Magical Spells!

It’s hard for Me to know what might be going through the Mind of someone like Michelle L. Murphy, client services representative for the Bracebridge [Superior] Court. Yesterday, Michelle tried to explain that she had been unable to respond to My emails because she was away on vacation. I didn’t really say too much about it, except that I thought I might be able to share some Good News with respect to Canada’s Courts.

It is always possible that My sister’s lawyer cannot make an application to the Court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee because of the Notices I have already filed with the Court regarding the Matter. In any case, Michelle L. Murphy is the Man who has been responding to all of My email requisitions regarding this Matter, and previously indicated to Me that this Estate is ‘not open to the public’. Very interesting in Deed…

Chapter Two: The open court principle and the Charter


“Open court is a venerated ideal of justice in common law systems, and a principle that is regarded as indispensable. Generally, the principle requires that court proceedings be open to the public, and that publicity as to those proceedings be uninhibited. No less than the legitimacy of criminal justices depends on it; the fairness of criminal process and public confidence in the system are at stake. Of signal importance as well, a free flow of information encourages feedback and debate among members of the public, thereby promoting the accountability of institutions which exercise coercive powers against individuals.”

Government of Canada – Victim Privacy and the Open Court Principles

It is worthy to Note that when One is speaking of ‘The Rule of Law’, they are tall King about Principles of Justice in a free and democratic society. Open Court is a critical element (Principle) of the Judicial system because it holds Court officials accountable to their duties to the Court and the Public. That is why the lawyer’s duty is always to the Court and the public, then to their client.

“The attorney’s first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter.”

Corpus Juris Secundum, Volume 7, Section 4

It’s also why having One’s own Public a Sean is so powerful. Here, I am able to hold public officials to account because I am free to publish whatever I Wish, so long as I do not lie (libel/lie-able).

Yesterday in her email to Me, Michelle said she had been unable to reply because she had been away on vacation. I didn’t mention anything about it yesterday because she was Promising to deliver on what I was as King of her for today, no later than 5:00 P.M. But she didn’t!

Now, why would she not follow through with what she was Promising to do? Is One thing King it might be because I mentioned that Michelle would be providing Me with information damning to the Moving party’s Motion here on My Blog? Is it possible that Jenny Bogod and Hala Tabl read My Blog Post and quickly contacted the Bracebridge Courthouse to advise them that they can’t do that until at least the 3rd of November or they Will lose their Motion and perhaps even end up in jail? Well, Truth be told, I am thing King there is nothing more likely. If something seems almost ‘too Good to be True’, what does Murphy’s Law have to say on the Matter?.. It probably is.

I mean, if they’ve commit all this fraud to keep this Matter of the Record this long, what’s a few more days, right? Well, frankly, it’s MORE interference with Justice. Although Jenny Bogod Wishes to suggest that My Claim against the Estate is a conflict of interest because of the Estate application, technically, there is no Estate application if it is not on the Record!!! And, while they try to suggest that everything is legit and now a Certificate has been Issued, if that’s True, and they have nothing to hide, then there is absolutely no reason why I should not be entitled to copies of the Application that the Certificate pertains to. Again, if the Certificate is not assigned to an Application, it is NOT a legitimate application, it Truly is just another document of FRAUD not on the Court of Record, which they are claiming IS on the Court of Record. It is going to be One shit Show for Jenny Bogod and Hala Tabl a week tomorrow!!!

But what else is SUPER suspicious? Is One really thing King that while Michelle L. Murphy was away on vacation that there was no One at the Bracebridge Courthouse receiving emails for the Court in her stead? Of course not, it’s not even reasonable to suggest such a thing. So why is One thing King that the Court would wait for Michelle to return from vacation before responding to Me? Because no One else at the Court has any Idea what’s going on because there is nothing on the Court of Record, and Will have insisted that Michelle respond to Me directly. Any One else at that Courthouse Will be Wishing to wash their Hands clean of this fraud!!! The Court supervisor Will have insisted that Michelle respond to Me and accept full accountability for her actions.

So today was Lucky for other reasons because I was compelled to Cast another Spelling of Magic into the Universe, and place Michelle L. Murphy on Notice for Breach of Trust (she Promised Me 5:00 today, and a Promise is a legally binding obligation, especially when Writ), and for conspiring to interfere with Justice with intent to trespass upon My right to fairly participate in the legal process, and conspiring to deprive Me of My rightful share of My father’s inheritance. I’m telling You, People, this is deadly serious!!!

Here’s the new Notice of Default that was served upon Michelle today for Breach of Trust and conspiring with Hala Tabl to keep this Matter off the Court of Record. There is absolutely no excuse for Me (or any One) not having full disclosure of all Estate details before even consenting to an Application, never Mind not having any disclosure whatsoever while the entire Estate proceeding runs its course. The fact is, it hasn’t run its course, there has been no judicial oversight of this Estate Matter whatsoever. If documents are not filed with the Court, they have not been ‘processed’, and therefor, no ‘due process’ has been had. The entire Estate application is fraud, yet they perpetuate the lie hoping they can gaslight their Way through a Rule 21 Motion to dismiss… Because, You know it’s frivolous and vexatious to complain about being excluded from the Judicial process, right?

Like I said, not the ‘typical’ Lucky Wednesday One might expect, but it is a perfect time for Casting more Spells of Magic into Man’s Macrocosm, and something tells Me Murphy’s Law Will be war King against Michelle on November 3rd. Default Judgment Will be awarded against her if I do not receive the inform a Sean Promised by 5:00 PM tomorrow, and I Will be as King of the Judge to Honour the Default Judgment awarded against her at the Motion on November 3rd.

In other [Good] News, it appears as though Christopher Crisman-Cox Will not be joining Us for the Motion (maybe he doesn’t Wish to associate with these criminals anymore and is now trying to distance him Self and allow Michael to plead ignorance), and the same may be True for Neil of Milton’s Estate Law for My sister. Factums are required for a Rule 21 Motion, and their deadline to serve Me with one and file it with the Court expires tomorrow (or maybe even midnight today, the Rule is seven days before the Motion). I’m pretty sure they have till 5:00 PM tomorrow and I Will not be surprised if they wait until the last moment to Give Me as little time as possible to respond (but it doesn’t make any difference to Me at all because I don’t intend to file any more documents either Way, I’m confident with what I’m bringing to the table)!

Today’s feature photo is just to demonstrate how many countries around the world are reading this Blog (132 I am thing King so far this year) and Public a Sean. The world is watching Michelle, and the People are very curious to know why these documents have not been filed with the Court yet…

Love and Blessings,

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