Volume CCXL: Fabulous Free Lance Friday for Fraudsters, Part III

This is the most Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition ever, and not by any small margin. As always, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is Fantastic to have You this Friday and every Friday! The Good News I have to share with You today is absolutely BREAKING!!! There is absolutely no Way to hide the fraud whatsoever, and every One is now committed to the Motion (and some may be committed at the Motion their antics are so crazy!!!). Yeah, it is only that much more Fabulous that it is all happening on one of My Favourite days for Writing whatever I Wish. Let’s get right into it.

So much Good News, it’s hard to know where to start. I got the full Fraudulent Court of Record added as a Page to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s International Court of Record today, I set up My CaseLines account and uploaded all of My documents (Magical Value of 10.28.22), gave Michelle L. Murphy of the Bracebridge Courthouse one last time to prove she is not complicit in My sister’s lawyer’s (Hala Tabl) fraud, and received a ‘Bill of Costs‘ from Jenny Bogod. Pretty big day for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Trustee in Deed.

And it’s hard to say which Part of this day is most Fabulous, really! First, Notice the top right corner of the Page. Notice the Style of the name, ‘Sean von Dehn’. The entire CaseLines system is set up Proper. More importantly, what is My ‘Role’ in CaseLines? Trustee. It is considered discourteous to address any One by anything other than their Proper name or Title. I have said before, this is how One’s name should be expressed all the time if One is Acting (Role One is Playing in Court) as the Trustee for the person’s Benefit. Even better? In the dropdown menu for Title, King is an option. I’m officially King Sean, House von Dehn in CaseLines! CaseLines is essentially a digital, virtual Court of Record – only documents filed with the Registrar can be uploaded. That doesn’t bode well for Jenny Bogod (or any of My adversaries, really).

But this might be one of the Greatest Gifts of the day because this Shows what happened the last time Hala Tabl tried to file an Application without My consent or knowledge. When I said that ‘the Court wasn’t having it…’ in My Reply Factum… Well, the Fraudulent Court of Record Shows I was correct! They never bothered to get the requirements the Court is Requiring, they just tried to get around them by not placing any more documents on the Record so that the Court couldn’t reject the Application. They arranged a private meeting with Justice Woodley in violation of Rule 1.09, Woodley knew what they were trying to do!!! That’s why she Ordered for the Endorsement to be served upon Me, so that I would know the Courts are not allowing the Application to proceed without My knowledge or consent!

No Application was ever filed with the Court after the first Application was rejected, everything else was done ‘off the Record’ so they could continue deceiving Me despite the Honourable Justice’s Order! They used the Endorsement to support the second Application only after I had said that Justice Woodley’s Endorsement was not binding on the Application and an attempt to misrepresent the Justice. So they misrepresent the Justice again by Presenting the Endorsement without the Application it pertains to, the insane requests My sister was as King for from the Judge, and the Affidavit sworn against Me to defame My Character. Clear as day obvious to any Honourable Justice not the kind of qualities One should Trust. An Honourable Judge would never Endorse an Application to an individuals so obviously vexatious unless there were absolutely no other options! It’s not brain surgery, it’s Common Sense.

Didn’t I say that I was thing King it’s entirely possible that My sister’s lawyer can’t file her documents with the Court without My consent because the Courts legitimately have Notice that I Will Act as Trustee if there are any Claims against My Father? They didn’t respond to say ‘no You can’t do that’, so I presume it is Done. That was long before all of this and quite possible even before the first application, just in case My brother and sister were negligent with what they were doing. And that’s really just supporting the Cestui Que Vie on Record with the Ministry of the Attorney General already.

But if that isn’t enough proof of the fraud, Our criminals got careless again yesterday. Jenny Bogod Claims her client sent a Letter to the Court and was smart enough to remember to back date the Letter to the 24th of October to allow enough time for the Court in Bracebridge to receive the Letter. Unfortunately, she forgets to allow for enough time for the new and improved Certificate to be returned to her. Michelle L. Murphy indicates that she returned the Certificate to them ‘today’ on the 27th of October, two hours after Jenny Bogod Shows Me that the new and improved Certificate has already arrived with enough time for Jenny Bogod to send Me a copy. I also pointed out that the numbers on the copy of the Certificate and the original are not the same, it’s not a copy of the original Certificate. The spaces between the numbers are different, and one of the zero’s is open, both are closed in the other. The original also has ink smudges, the copy is clean. Ooops. So I was as King of Michelle L. Murphy to send Me a copy of the Waybill and tracking number that was allegedly enclosed to return the document to Hala Tabl.

They are done like last year’s Christ Mass dinner. And the other two parties to this Matter do not appear to be joining the Motion! No other factums were served upon Me and each party to a Motion 21 Rule is required to file a factum on every other party to the Motion at least seven days before the Motion date. So it Will just be Me and Jenny Bogod! That doesn’t look Good for My brother and sister by the Way – the Judge Will wonder why they are not there supporting the Motion if they have nothing to hide and feel this is a frivolous and vexatious claim as stated in their SoD. It Will appear as if they have nothing to say in response to My Reply Factum (which may well be My most Valuable Writ yet).

So Michelle L. Murphy claims to have returned the Certificate to My sister’s lawyer on the same day it is received by Jenny Bogod in the early afternoon? Can’t wait to see the Waybill!!! That Will be one popular purolater company to deliver so fast, especially considering how far away the Bracebridge Courthouse is from Ottawa! Remarkable, really.

And I’m so glad they were as King for costs today, because a Bill of Costs and a clean Draft Order is all I need to do now. The Bill of Costs Will be easy because I am as King for the same as they are as King of Me for. I’m One Man defending against three firms with multiple professional lawyers and legal assistants war King against Me. My brother, My sister, and their lawyers spared no expense to defend against this Self Presented litigant. I do everything My Self and have zero assistance, I’m entitled to every penny they are as King of Me for and that’s what I Will be as King for. Equity delights in Equality, Maxim in Equity.

Love and Blessings, Happy Fabulous Friday,

Post Scrip- I’ll explain the Magic of the CaseLines upload another time, 10.28.22. 😉

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