Volume CCXLII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Crooks in Contempt of Court

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. I have a Super Sensei-Sean all Saturday for You this week because now that The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean has finally found the Crooks in Contempt of Court for their fraudulent Estate Application antics, I can now start tall King about why this is so important – not only for Me, but for the Rule of Law and the public (the Common Man and People of the world).

Today I Will be tall King about the Significance of today’s feature photo which is the only piece of evidence necessary to prove the fraud, and it’s something any One can do. This is what shows up for a Court Case search where One can see what’s going on with any Public hearing unless there is a publication ban, which Will also be indicated in the search results. This is what comes up for ‘vondehn’. I am only showing ‘vondehn’ because for the same search with CV-20-59 ‘von Dehn’, nothing comes up at all!

So what is the Issue here? Well, if a Certificate has been Issued to My sister by the Court in an Estate application, then Joachim von Dehn would now have representation! But he doesn’t… There are a few other People waiting in line for some One to be appointed by the Court.

It appears as though there are another $3 million in Claims waiting to proceed against My father. They are assigned ‘CV-20-59’ until some One is appointed to Act as Estate Trustee by the Court, it is a temporary number Given to Applications and Claims. The Ottawa Courthouse told Me this a LONG time ago (first application with Woodley Endorsement) when I was as King to check if the Application had been withdrawn (because I should also receive Notice from the Court that the Application was withdrawn, but it was never actually filed so it couldn’t be withdrawn!).

So none of these other Claims can proceed until some One is legitimately appointed by the Court to Act as Estate Trustee! That’s how serious fraud is and why it hurts People. Presumably, some One got hurt in a car accident and the injured party Wishes to Claim against My father for damages. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Will Love to Honour that obligation – but I can’t do that if the People don’t file their paperwork with the Court Registrar.

When the Certificate is Issued, the Court Will Give Notice to all of these parties Wishing to proceed. That’s why it’s Called the Registrar – it Will pull up any other accounts on the Registry. A marriage Will change some One’s status in the Registry (for example). So they perpetrated fraud to keep these claims from proceeding against My father, while helping their Self to what they Wished to take, taking advantage of My sister’s ignorance. They are basically trying to cheat two other claimants out of three million dollars in addition to deceiving Me!!!

This is a very big problem for My sister, and My sister has no Idea, she really doesn’t. She has Trusted that her lawyer knows what she’s doing, and that she’s filing her application with the Registrar of the Court. The lawyers were doing this because they Wished to get their money first, rather than compete for a share with the rest of the Claimant’s against My Father’s Estate who’s Claims are substantially greater – there might not have been anything left for the National Bank of Canada, so the National Bank of Canada decided instead to hire Hala Tabl to solicit My sister, and promised to pay her from whatever the bank can secure from the power of sale. My sister hasn’t paid a dime for any lawyer, I can virtually guarantee that based exclusively on her hatred for My Father, these crooks are currently paying their Self from the Estate without any legal Certificate to do so, and they are doing it to get around Me, as well as ‘hide’ Estate assets from two other claimants of $3 million dollars collectively. This is NOT a small fraud, this is deadly serious!!! Every single lawyer involved may lose their license, I have no Idea what to expect now.

The Good News is, I can still Honour all My Father’s creditors because as I have stated here many times previously, the sale of My Father’s house is entirely illegal and unlawful if no One has been appointed to ‘represent’ My Father’s interests in Court. There is still due process and documents that the bank Will need to produce to the Court to Show Notice of Default and Service of the applicable Notices on My Father before they can legally move forward with power of sale – and they can’t very well have proof of due process if no One is authorized by the Court to accept documents for My Father, right?

My Trust Instrument is Registered with the Court (Minister of Justice and Attorney General), so the Court Will require for Me to be Given Notice of any Claims against My Father, including Estate Applications for Appointment of Estate Trustee because I already have that position by default in the Registry!!! Any Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, is [technically] a Claim against Me (in the Registry) because I already have that position by default. Again, the Court can’t do its job if People don’t file their documents.

The only thing that would have potentially removed Me from My default position of Estate Trustee, is if there WAS a Will! That would at least Give the legal fiction a Claim, and it would be a very strong one if it is a proper Will – I would not have tried to contest any legitimate Will, and I made that clear to My brother from the beginning (ab initio).

So this Sensei Sean all Saturday is a bit of a Celebrate Sean because all of the Respondents to My Claim have remained silent since they were placed on Notice of Contempt last Lucky Wednesday.

It’s really only an added bonus that the Notice of Contempt is in an email thread requesting a Motion for summary judgment because it makes it very unbelievable to suggest they Will not have read My Notice of Contempt of Court in reply to their request because they Will be expecting one!

And the Principle of silence is consent and tacit agreement is very much legally and lawfully binding on a Court of Record, and all of these email correspondences are an Official Court of Record. So far, they are as King to fulfill the Claim in lieu of criminal charges, though the Trust is not offering to extend any immunity to any of the lawyers representing My siblings, only My brother and sister are immune from criminal prosecute-Sean, and only if they agree to fulfill the Claim. If Michael and Tanja prefer the criminal charges in stead, I cannot compel them to accept the Benefits offered by the Trust Instrument.

So that’s My Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition because I am feeling fabulous. Really, unless the Judge is entirely corrupt, I see no reason why Justice Will not prevail because some One is going to need to be awarded a Certificate of Estate Trustee before these other Claims against My father can proceed, and if My sister were to try to Claim the land Deed to the house with the Certificate she has, she Will likely find her Self in prison because the Land Registry Office Will absolutely know it is a fake and a fraud. The Courts (as an impartial, anonymous body) know the Certificate is a fake, so it Will be very interesting to see what the Court does with these Criminals for their contempt of Court.

I Will list the firms perpetrating the fraud sometime in the near future, just to Gift them all with some additional publicity. I may even Create an entirely new Page dedicated exclusively to law firms that support Court fraud if they believe they can get away with it.

Love and Blessings,

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