Volume CCXLII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Crooks in Contempt of Court, Part II

Hello every One, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is always an Honoured Gift to My House. Today is a Celebrate-Sean for Me because the crooks perpetrating fraud on the Court have been charged with contempt of Court, noted in default for their contempt of Court, and the unopposed Motion for Contempt has been filed with the Court with a requisition for default Judgment against the Defendants in accordance with Rule 37.13. Because I’ve already included the full update of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim yesterday, today I am going to be tall King about some of the Magic of the Significant numbers in the Claim beginning with Rule 37.13.

On this Blog I am always tall King about the Power of One’s Word to make Magic Manifest in Man’s Macrocosm, and I have also provided Interpret-a-Sean’s of the Magical meaning of numbers, especially those from 0 through 9. Before We recap some of the Magic of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first claim, let’s take a look at the Rule (of Civil Procedure) that allows Me to convert the Rule 21 Motion to dismiss into a Motion for default Judgment against the defendants.

Disposition of Motion

37.13 (1) On the hearing of a motion, the presiding judge or officer may grant the relief sought or dismiss or adjourn the motion, in whole or in part and with or without terms, and may,

(a)  where the proceeding is an action, order that it be placed forthwith, or within a specified time, on a list of cases requiring speedy trial; or

(b)  where the proceeding is an application, order that it be heard at such time and place as are just.  R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 194, r. 37.13 (1).

(2) A judge who hears a motion may,

(a)  in proper case, order that the motion be converted into a motion for judgment; or

(b)  order the trial of an issue, with such directions as are just, and adjourn the motion to be disposed of by the trial judge.  R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 194, r. 37.13 (2).

So, more specifically, it’s 37.13(1) and 37.13(2)(a). Any One reading this Blog for any length of time Will know that My Magic number Given Me by God after Publishing My Book, A Prophecy for Peace, is 37. Doesn’t Matter which Way the numbers Show up either, so 73 is the same. Individually, 7 is Heaven in Magic and 3 is the Trinity, the whole E (E=MC2) Temple of Mind, Body and Soul. Together they are 10, and 10 is a New Age or Aeon. So Rule 37 is a [very] Good Omen to start with. But then it’s followed with 13. Most People consider 13 to be unlucky. I’m not superstitious, I believe We make Our Luck, so I’ve never considered 13 to be unlucky and Posted once before that numerology stated that 13 is unlucky for all Signs except Gemini and Pisces! (I am a Gemini, and the Gem in I is the Spirit of God.)

So I decided to see what Google has to say about the number 13 to see what Man’s Macrocosm has to say on the Matter. According to the Angelic Readings,

“The Angelic readings believe that the number 13 is not unlucky. It instead means that Stars and Angels are watching over You.”

  • It means that the higher beings are insistent that You be Blessed with positivity
  • It also means that guardian Angels are healing Your problems and whatever else is disrupting Peace in Your Life

Number 13 in Astrology

Thirteen is also 1+3, which is always True with any Magical Value. Any set of numbers also has a single Magical message which is the product of all numbers in the set until the product of the product of numbers is reduced to a single message/number. So 13 is also 4 in disguise, which is another reason why the Order of numbers in a sequence is irrelevant and why 37 is the same message as 73, only reversed. Magic is about understanding the Law of duality.

4 in Magic is Found a Sean (foundation), and Foundation is about the Establishment of an Idea. The foundation for a House is the beginning of the Established Idea set out in the blue print, for example. All material Manifest a Sean’s begin with an Idea. The Idea is put to paper or Given the breath of Life with One’s spoken Word, then the Deed is done to complete the Magical operate Sean. Thought, Word, Deed is the Found a Sean for the entire Manifest Macrocosm (and Microcosm for that Matter).

So what’s the Significance in relation to Rule 37.13? Well, what is the Court form required to bring a Motion for Contempt? Form 31. What did I just say about the Magical meaning of the number being the same whether expressed forward or backward? 3+1=4, and 4 is Found a Sean. Hmmm. Interesting connect-Sean, no?

A criminal Act would certainly be ‘proper case’ to have a Motion converted to a Motion for Judgment, right? The other critical detail for any One Wishing to Master Magic, is to fully embrace the Idea that there are no coincidences. It is Truly the most critical component of Magic to comprehend or the Universe cannot be One’s teacher for One Will ignore the Signs and Write them off as chance or coincidence. God really does have a Perfect plan. In fact, they Call it an Immaculate Concept, Sean!!! Or is that a coincidence? See how believing in coincidences can stand in One’s Way?

But this really is the Found a Sean for something Truly positive. The criminals attempting to perpetrate fraud on the Court and defame My Character by stating that the Claim is ‘a colossal attack’ on an Endorsement every single one of the defendants knows full well I had no knowledge of whatsoever at the time I drafted the Claim, have now been Noted in Default for their contempt of Court. So far, there has been no opposition to the Notice of Motion for Contempt of Court sent to them Lucky Wednesday morning. That’s kind of ‘Lucky’, too, because that was the 9th and is now the ‘last Word’ on the Matter.

Six and nine are numbers I am tall King about a lot here because 9 is the trick, six upside down. An identical symbol cannot have a different meaning, yet We have assigned different [Magical] Values to these numbers in Our current world. That’s why 9 is Babylon because is responsible for the confuse Sean and distort Sean of Magic. So We Note (like in a musical symphony) the Respondents in default on a 9 to put an end to their babble on bullshit. Every Word Suzy Sack said in Court at the Motion, was a known testimony of perjury with criminal intent to defeat Justice and pervert the Rule of Law. She’s more belligerent than Bogod, perpetrating perjury on a Court of Record!!!

Wow, okay, We’re already over Word budget for the day, but I Will touch on more of the Magic of the Motion and some of the Significant numbers related to the Claim in general when We revisit My Matrix Interpret a Sean on Tuesday. For now, this is the Motion currently before the Court, still unopposed by all parties. My Friend is thing King We Will hear something on Lucky Wednesday. As great as that sounds, I am hoping it won’t take that long because I’m pretty sure My brother and sister received the money months ago and only faked the Certificate because they are scrambling to get money in a bank account and need to explain how they were able to do that without a Certificate being appointed to any One…

Good start for a Monday Motive a Sean Edition, no?

Love and Blessings!!! May Justice prevail!!!

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