Volume CCXLIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded, Part XV

Hello every One, and welcome the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. I am excited to get back to Our most recent Matrix Interpret a Sean of Resurrections De-Coded, as well as what it might mean for Man’s Macrocosm, My Microcosm, and ultimate Resurrect-Sean. Also Keep in Mind for this Mystical Interpret a Sean that there are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence. Let’s get right back into it!

Today’s feature photo is ‘Deja-Vu’ because I’m revisiting some previous Scenes to Establish a Found a Sean for some of My theories and overall Interpret a Sean.

“But You made the Matrix, even I’ve heard of that.” – Tiffany

“Yeah, We kept some kids entertained.” – Mr. Anderson

Matrix IV Resurrections

I Love this film so much, I always start the film long before where We left off the previous week, today I was watching right from the beginning. The above quote is from Mr. Anderson’s coffee date with Tiffany (and Tiffany ‘just happens’ to be the name of a stripper who was competing for a share of My Father’s Estate). I’m sharing it again to emphasize a couple of strong points relating to Our theme. Mr. Anderson made the Matrix. The relevance of that line is critically important to fully comprehending the film, especially when One considers that the Matrix is a metaphor for Man’s current Macrocosm.

The second line can only Truly be appreciated by fully comprehending the concept (con/trick,cept/to take=trick taken) preceding it.

“We kept some kids entertained.”

Mr. Anderson, Matrix IV, Resurrections

Of course, We are thing King of children, yet it is a metaphor for Man’s Macrocosm, more specifically meaning that the world is still in its Spiritual infancy. It is also why We are in Babylon, or Babble-on, because when We grow up Spiritually, We Will find it difficult to believe We ever Lived as We do now. And what is the other meaning of kids? Remember, to fully comprehend and Master Magic, One must understand that for every idea there is an equal idea of opposition. A kid is also a baby goat, and a goat is the symbol for Baphomet, or Satan. A world born into sin? Satan’s spawn are the kids? Trust Me, Your children Will not learn to Spell Magic like this in school – welcome to Universe city. This is another subtle reference to Man’s Macrocosm as ‘Babylon’, or the underworld.

So worth it!”

Tiffany, Matrix IV, Resurrections

Yes, it Will be worth it. Despite what most People are thing King, the program running Man’s Matrix was designed specifically to evolve Man’s kind and keep the kids entertained while they violate God’s Law and the Tenth Commandment (thou Shall not Covet). While the sinful, Spiritual kids compete with each other to build the [United] Kingdom of God, the Crown’s job is to keep the People of the world busy as bees building the United Kingdom of God. When We grow up Spiritually, the Golden Dawn of Man Will be ready for Us to enjoy.

The same Idea I was just tall King about is echoed again when Mr. Anderson first meets Morpheus.

“Not every day You meet Your maker” – Morpheus

“No!!! You can’t be a Character I coded!!!” – Mr. Anderson

Matrix IV, Resurrections

Now, consider what We were just tall King about. Mr. Anderson Created the Matrix. Mr. Anderson is God of Man’s Matrix, in the Matrix. Morpheus is a Character Mr. Anderson Created. Mr. Anderson is effectively all Characters in the Matrix, including him Self. I know this is something of a hard concept to grasp philosophically but the Idea is further supported at the end of Our previous Scene with Tiffany.

“Did You base the main Character on Your Self?”

Tiffany, Matrix IV, Resurrections

Now, to take the concept even one step further, One must also consider that Morpheus represents God in Mr. Anderson’s Matrix (which represents Man’s Macrocosm). Again, a bit of a difficult concept to fully comprehend, but if Mr. Anderson is in fact ‘the One‘ (and the only One) who is able to free Man’s kind from the Matrix, then how did Morpheus and Trinity manage to escape the Matrix and save a few others that became the crew for Our first Matrix film? Trinity mentions (in Matrix I) that Morpheus was the first to be freed from the Matrix, and that his entire [Life] Purpose is to find ‘the One’ – Mr. Anderson.

Translate-Sean? Well, Mr. Anderson Created the Matrix. So he also Created the Agents and Morpheus. What do these things represent in Man’s Macrocosm? Well, the Matrix is the commercial world, the legal fiction, Babylon. The ‘Agents’ are every One else, the People of the world. Any One (the People) can become an Agent if they are in close enough proximity to Neo – every One has the potential to turn on Neo.

“The Matrix is a system, Neo – and that system is Our enemy. When You’re inside, You look around, what do You see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters – the very Minds of the People We are trying to save. But until We do, these People are still a part of that system, and that makes them Our enemy. You have to understand, most of these People are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they Will fight to protect it…”

“Were You listening to Me, Neo? Or were You paying attention to the woman in the Red dress?”

Morpheus, The Matrix (I)

“So inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they Will fight to protect it.”

Yes. Even One’s own family cannot be Trusted because they are not ready to be unplugged. We Will see the Significance of this later in the film.

Mr. Anderson Created Morpheus first so that Neo would be sure to find his Way. Morpheus and Neo are in fact the same Character because they are both Manifestations of Characters Mr. Anderson Created before he became Mr. Anderson. Essentially, Morpheus is Neo, Mr. Anderson has no Idea and that’s the critical difference. Morpheus was the only One to make the jump between the buildings on the first try, not even Neo was successful the first time. The purpose of Mr. Anderson was to Create a Character that could become like Morpheus without knowing he is Morpheus. Mr. Anderson was in fact an evolution in the program because he is able to not be Morpheus enough for the program to be convincing enough to believe it is Real. Morpheus knows it’s just a game, Mr. Anderson was able to forget – that is the glitch in the Matrix that allows for the system to evolve, and is exactly the same Idea as Adam (Atom/Energy) in the Garden of Eden. Morpheus is Satan.

Well, WordPress is updating its Editor again, so the info icon has temporarily disappeared. Today is the first day of the new Editor, so I’m hoping it is a feature that Will soon be restored. Otherwise, I really like the updates, but I have no Idea how long this Post is, and I’m thing King it is already time to Sign off.

We may not have made any progress in Our film this week, but We did Establish some critical themes that are important to Truly comprehend the next few Scenes and the overall film anyway, so it is a worthwhile Post for Found a Sean of future editions.

I hope You are enjoying these Matrix Interpret a Sean’s, I’ll be back with another next week, God Willing.



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