Volume CCXLV: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded, Part XVI

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome in My House. Today We are getting back to Our Matrix Interpret a Sean, and last week We re-Viewed a Scene from Matrix I in support of My main thesis for Matrix IV and the franchise in general, which is that the Matrix is a perfect metaphor for Man’s Commercial Admiralty system of Law, which in turn represents Babylon, or the ‘babble on’ fiction of Man’s colour of law Created for a shade (hue) of Man, a hue-Man, or human being. The pure Light of the Son passes through a Pyramid’s Prism to Create a full Spectrum of distorted Truth, otherwise known as the Colour of Law.

In Matrix IV, this Theme of Commercial Admiralty and Citizen Ships is represented by the colour blue (water, collective consciousness) which makes up most of the background of Mr. Anderson’s Matrix. Perhaps the most difficult concept (con/trick, cept/to take, a concept is a trick taken) to grasp in Matrix IV, is that both Mr. Anderson and Neo represent the Christ Character. This is a very common theme for the Hero in any major film, novel or the like. Mr. Anderson is the Man, Neo is the knowledge of God (he’s mental, ment=mind, al=all, mind is all) in the body of a Man, or God as a Man in the Matrix (much like Christ is said to be God Living as a Man on earth).

In the Matrix, the Idea of the Omnipotent, Omni Present, God the Father, is Morpheus. So it’s important to understand that Neo is God’s Son. But if Neo is God in Man’s Matrix, then Neo is Morpheus, just the same as if Christ is God on Earth, then Christ must also be God (and why some People have a problem with this Part of that Story).

As confusing as it all sounds, this is actually the Purpose of Mr. Anderson and perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to fully comprehend from the Bible it Self.

If the Matrix represents Babylon, the underworld, the Commercial Admiralty fiction, a world for kids, the off Spring of Baphomet, Spiritual infants, then how could We all be deceived if We are inherently Good? (That’s one of those philosophical Quest-Ions that has never been conclusively answered, by the Way.)

Well, if We never had the Power to forget We are God, We would never have the Will to do anything bad – We would not know free Will and We would not know evil because God does not have the capacity for evil. God would never even consider evil, God needed Man to do that. The Matrix wouldn’t be much of a challenge for Mr. Anderson if he knew he was Morpheus, and that Morpheus is God. If Neo knew that, he would have made the jump between the building on the first try, just like Morpheus. Mr. Anderson’s Purpose was to forget he is Neo to evolve the Program. Essentially, there is nothing wrong with the Matrix for those who are still ‘plugged in’, right? They don’t even know they’re sleeping. The only Way the system Will crash is when one of the People is no longer stimulated by the program. The operating system Will always be Man’s Mind, and it Will eventually out smart any Program.

This theme also stresses the importance of Trinity. Mr. Anderson represents Adam (atom) in the Garden of Eden after taking the bite of the apple. He only does it for the Love of Eve, to support Eve in her defiance of God. God can’t understand because God doesn’t know any Love greater than God, so choosing Eve over God did not even seem like an option to God! Is the Illusion really that much better than the Reality?

See, most perceive the original sin to be choosing ego over God, the wants of Man’s Heart over what God Wishes for Man. It isn’t Love of Self that makes Man Wish to stick around, it is Love for Man’s kind, Adam’s Friend in the Garden of Eden was more important than Adam’s relationship with God. The Root of that evil, was Love – that’s the important ‘take away’ from Man’s ‘fall from Grace’. Without Trinity, without Love, Neo has no Purpose in the Matrix, and a Life without Purpose is not worth Living.

“A married woman named Tiffany became the Trinity of a doomed romance.”

Mr. Anderson’s psychiatrist, Matrix IV

“No One can tell You You’re in Love… You just know it – through and through, balls to bones.”

Oracle, Matrix I

The ‘Fall from Grace’ was a Gift from God. Evil allowed for Man to know Love. Free Will allows for Man to choose Good over evil, and Love over fear – the evolution of Man is the day that We do.

This is the same paradox Neo is dealing with in his determination to be True to him Self without surrendering free Will in the first Matrix film. Neo would be much more comfortable being ‘the One’ if every One was not already telling him that’s who he is! Fate doesn’t allow for Neo to believe in Destiny because it removes the accountability of free Will. What Glory is there in being a Hero if every One is already expecting You to be that anyway? All it leaves room for is disappointment (like not making the leap between the two buildings on the first jump).

The fact is, Neo does have free Will, no One Will ever make Neo be the One, the Oracle just knows that he Will choose Good over evil every time. In Reality, Trinity represents Christ’s Love and devote Sean to God – Trinity is the physical manifestation of Neo’s Love for God in the Matrix. Morpheus represents the Mind of God, Trinity represents the Love of God. Trinity also represents the Will and the Way, the Spirit of God. He Art in Heaven, Heart in Heaven. The entire Manifest Universe was inspired by Love, the Catalyst of all Create Sean. In the Matrix, Trinity is there to Keep Neo on course, to Show him the Way.

Morpheus is the Truth, Neo is the Life [Story], and Trinity is the Way – that’s the Truth, the Life and the Way in the Matrix films. Mr. Anderson is the Christ character of Man’s Macrocosm, Neo is the One.

I’m sharing this video flashback from Matrix I again this week because for these Matrix Interpret a Sean’s, I am also tall King about how the films are a metaphor for My Life and what I am tall King about here. I have had more People as King Me why I’m still alive than most People would believe, why have ‘the powers that be’ not taken Me out for sharing all these Secrets with You, or for placing Judges on Notice.

Well, I can honestly tell You that I don’t know who they are, ‘the powers that be’, I can only tell You that I don’t worry about them and never have. I believed they’d be waiting for Me. I have said that they speak to Me in code only I Will understand, and they do it primarily in movies. And don’t get Me wrong, they don’t do this exclusively for Me or anything (that would be crazy talk), these messages are in virtually every Hollywood (Holy wood, and holly is a wood with particularly Magical properties) film. At the same time, they know very few People Will be able to decipher their Code the Way that I do.

Now, with that out of the Way, We are ready to continue with the rest of Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded. With respect to how the message of the new film relates to Me in My Microcosm, consider that for Me and this Mystical Interpret a Sean, Morpheus is to Neo as ‘the Powers that be’ are to Me. Their Magic is in fact responsible for everything I Will do. Watch the entire Scene again, and Imagine these are Instruct Sean’s from the Powers that be.

We have now properly Set the Stage for the rest of this Mystical Matrix Interpret a Sean!!!

Love and Blessings,


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