Volume CCXLV: The Sensei Sean all Saturn Day Edition; Thing King about a Conspiracy Theory in Canada’s Courts, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition and the second Part of My Conspiracy Theory in Canada’s Courts. As always, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I am so Honoured and humbled when You invite Me into Your House. The Title should probably be ‘before’ Canada’s Courts, rather than ‘in’ Canada’s Courts, because I don’t have any reason to believe the Justice system it Self is corrupt, only individuals within that system have the capacity for corrupt Sean. But a very compelling conspiracy theory is before the Court right now, a lot of corruption has been exposed, it now involves a number of powerful law firms (four in total), a law clerk on the desk at the Bracebridge Courthouse, Michelle L. Murphy, and the National Bank of Canada, the sixth largest commercial bank in Canada. And all exposed by Yours Truly, and all by Way of My determine a Sean to Honour My Father ‘on earth as in Heaven’. Honestly, what other Public a Sean in the world would ever let Me Publish Exposit Sean’s like this?

The Saturn day is symbolic for this Sensei Sean all Part II of the Conspiracy Theory before Canada’s Courts because Saturn is the planet for Satan, governing evil deeds. That seems appropriate for legal professionals attempting to perpetrate a fraudulent Estate application on the same Court they are hoping to defraud by Presenting it to the Court as proof of a legitimate Estate Application, knowing not a single document they are Presenting has ever been filed with the Court. It’s like handing over the murder weapon with One’s fingerprints all over the trigger, suggesting it somehow proves One’s innocence – at least, that’s how clear and obvious it should be to an Judge reviewing the Matter, because all they have to do is type in the CV number to know the Issued Certificate does not relate to any Estate Application on the Court of Record. What’s the point to having a Certificate that doesn’t relate to any Estate in the system? And what Will happen to My sister when the other legitimate Claimants eventually request to have an Estate Trustee during litigation appointed to settle their claims?

See, this is stuff I’m not sure every One understands. I knew My sister would not be on the Registry as a Beneficiary of the Estate because of her marriage. It literally changes the person’s legal status, and all these lawyers Will know this, too. If My sister Truly does try to file taxes for My Father, she could get into a lot of trouble because Revenue Canada Will know My Father is dead (because the Registry Will Notice them). They Will also know if the Certificate My sister has is legitimate because it Will be on the Registry. Revenue Canada Will probably also know about the claims the insurance companies have and Will wonder why My sister didn’t deal with that. It won’t look Good if she’s Showing Revenue Canada that she sold the house and took money before dealing with the claims against the Estate. My sister and brother Truly do not understand these things, but every single one of these lawyers should!

The National Bank of Canada is the original conspirator. Now, I can’t say how it went down because I really don’t know, but My theory is that My sister received a Notice, contacted the bank, and told the bank they were just going to let the house be sold under power of sale (as opposed to paying the $200/month until some One is appointed by the Court). Well, that’s the ideal situation for the bank because then they get to bill legal fees and all kinds of other goodies – it Gives the lawyers soliciting My sister something to profit from; her ignorance.

The problem is, My sister doesn’t have any legal right to do anything on My Father’s behalf until she’s awarded a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, which includes allowing the property to go into default. Not taking Action is also an Action, an Act of negligence.

However, the exact same Rules are True for the National Bank. They need to serve My Father or his legal or lawful representative (Trustee) with all of the Notices of Default to prove due process before proceeding with power of sale. One cannot provide proof of service on a dead Man, it must be his or her legal or lawful representative. So the moment the National Bank found out My Father was dead, they had a duty and an obligation to ensure some One is appointed by the Court. None of the Notices they served mean anything until My Father has representation in the Court, or his legal and lawful rights have been violated, and his Trust has been breached.

Now, some of this inform a Sean I do know to be fact from My relay Sean’s with other Friends. One such Friend was an insurance adjuster who told Me that when a client dies, the first thing she does is call the Registrar’s Office to find out who the Beneficiaries are. And yes, marriage affects the Registry if the marriage was Registered with Canada’s government, and My sister’s is. So naturally, I presume the Courts Will do precisely the same thing when looking to appoint an Estate Trustee during litigation. That’s why both the bank’s law firm, Merovitz Potechin LLP, and Milton’s Estate Law for My sister, are both firms in Ottawa, more than four hours away from the probate court, and more than five hours from My brother and sister!

Every single One already knows I’m the next of kin on the Registry, with or without Notice of My Trust ever having been filed with Canada’s government and Attorney General, every One of these law firms has been ‘gaslighting’ to suggest otherwise. They hired law firms in Ottawa because I am the One they have to deal with regarding My Father’s Estate, and soliciting My sister is how they chose to get around Me. The bank never had any intention of having an Estate Trustee during litigation appointed because they knew I would discharge the debt from the equity of the land, and they would also have to compete with two insurance claims – if I know they are waiting to proceed, I can guarantee You the bank does, too. Their real motive was to get their money and leave the Beneficiaries with the aftermath by faking an application to the Court and hiring Hala Tabl (paying her from the Estate funds) to solicit My sister, Tanja Johnson. Hiding assets (especially $3 million worth) from creditors is a very serious offense, and this was the motive of the National Bank of Canada (or more appropriately, their lawyer) in faking an Application to the Court exclusively to deceive Me, and get around the insurance companies!

My sister’s ignorance allowed them to pull it off and take advantage of her, promising her a share of an estate they know she otherwise has no legitimate claim upon. They Love to be tall King about what is legal and it’s their legal fiction that makes it True. This form is proof, and further evidence of both Neil Milton and Hala Tabl perpetrating fraud on the Court by suggesting they don’t know My consent is required, and Tanja Johnson does not have an equal share according to the Registry, or Tanja and Michael would hold the majority interest in the Value of the Estate.

This is evidence of Hala Tabl’s breach of the Public Trust. Hala has a Duty and obligation under her Oath to the Court and the Law Society of Ontario, to file her documents with the Court, to follow the Rules of Civil Procedure, to be Honest in her communications with opposing counsel, and to follow the direction provided by the Court. I can guarantee that neither Justice Woodley or Justice Casullo saw the form below, which Hala is required to provide with the rest of her materials when refiling her application with the Court. Concealing this information from the Judges making these Endorsements, is also fraud by Way of Willful concealment of evidence and facts with intent to influence Justice. This is why Hala Tabl and her current law firm, Rosen Sack LLP are guilty of perpetrating this fraud on the Court. Jenny Bogod helped to facilitate the fraudulent Certificate, conspiring with her criminal client.

But they Present their Self to the Courts shamelessly, a Judge threatens and intimidates Me for publishing an audio recording of the Motion, Jenny Bogod is belligerent in her correspondences with Me intentionally, and My sister continues to antagonize Me with random emails about how well she’s making out with her fraudulent Certificate…

The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean
November 3rd, Rule 21 Motion Hearing, Judge Hooper

You know… I was thing King about changing the Title because it really wasn’t intended to ever be made Public, just something easy for Me to remember! But considering everything she’s done to Me, it really isn’t that bad. Truth is, I feel sorry for her, I really do. No idea what happened to her, I’m just going to blame it on too many vaccines and capitalism. Capitalism corrupts every One.

I have to say, I’m a little bit proud of My Self because You Will Notice that I received the Letter on Tuesday and I haven’t even mentioned it yet. But the above email should not even take place when there is a claim against My sister, she should be communicating with Me through her lawyer, and her lawyer, Neil Milton was as King of Me to do the same, and to refrain from replying to My sister. I was as King of Neil to make sure Tanja does the same, or I Will respond. So I had to reserve Judgment on what to do regarding My sister’s last email, and finally responded to Neil today.

So that’s pretty much the whole Court fraud story, and a big Part of My Story moving forward. But everything I am as King of My sister for in My email, is all inform a Sean I am Entitled to know. In theory, Tanja didn’t have any legal right to hold any documents, or do anything on behalf of My Father until October 7th. The Trust Quest-Ion is My favourite because she legitimately has no Idea – she doesn’t even know what a Trust is. But Tanja Johnson’s ignorance is bliss, at least for the National Bank of Canada.

Right now We’re waiting on Judge Hooper to hear back on a Rule 21 Motion and My Request to have the Motion converted to a Motion for Judgment in accordance with Rule 37.13, and to have the Respondents to the Claim prosecuted for their Willful contempt of Court. Now, if the Judge doesn’t do something about these criminals, it Will prove to be one of the most scandalous Court cases ever, and the Repute a Sean of Canada’s Courts could be particularly damaging. Having said all of that, I do have Faith in Justice, and it is taking some time which usually means things are at least being seriously reviewed.

That’s My Good News spin on this Sensei Sean all Saturn Day Edition. For the Record, the Courts do not appear to be allowing any Claims against My Father to proceed without Notice to Me, which means they are doing their job – this just happens to be what fraudsters Will do to get around due process.

Love and Blessings,

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