Volume CCXLVI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Sea King Justice is My Magical Motive a Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for inviting Me into Your House, I am Honoured to be here. It is a Magical Monday because I am always Sea King Justice in Man’s commercial admiralty waters, and today’s Post relates to some of the Good News taking place in Man’s Macrocosm. In My Microcosm I am nearing the climax of a Significant event, and because the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, it means the same must be True for every One (the Macrocosm). So today I’m going to be Showing You what the Apocalypse looks like for Man’s Macrocosm.

First, I am thing King this might be the best Good News I’m sharing today, despite acknowledging that it may well be because it is local Good News for the People of Ottawa. Today’s first Good Story from Man’s Macrocosm is brought to You courtesy of Instagram where I have not yet been blacklisted for Life (I really have to get on Writing a Letter to Elon about My Twitter account and getting that reinstated).

Now, sometimes the Instagram Image doesn’t load with the link embed, so if You can’t see the Image and don’t Wish to check out the link, a Carlton University Motion to mandate masks for students (and presumably teachers, too) failed! That is such Good News. We’re still somewhat Living in a new ‘book burning’ era, or perhaps even an era of Willful ignorance. There’s plenty of Real scientific evidence to prove that masks are entirely ineffective in slowing or stopping the transmission of the virus – it is nothing more than social posturing or Willful ignorance at this point.

And for My second Good News Story of the day, the same is proving to be True about the lethal injections mandated by Canada’s treasonous True dough-boy, Man child, wanna be dictator’s liberal government and clueless leader, Just-in True-dough. The official scientific data now Shows that the majority of People who died of covid, were People that were vaccinated. And just in case You are thing King this is conspiracy theory nonsense, these statistics are Published by the Washington Post from data released by the CDC (Center for Disease Control in the U.S.).

Yeah. And believe Me, this is just the beginning of what’s going to come out with respect to how dangerous and harmful all of these new vaccines are! COVID = Certificate of Vaccination Identification. All just part of a plan to mandate Certificates of Vaccination status to include with a new digital identification (included in the MRNa nanotechnology that comes free (like it or not) with vaccination), making Way for the new ‘social credit’ system some People have been tall King about. You know, the ‘Great Reset’? Yeah, the new economy Will require COV-ID to participate as a precursor to other social customs. If One does not comply with social order, their access to Goods and services Will be revoked. Oh yeah, the ’19’ behind the COV-ID is to identify the year it was Created (or launched). It’s to control and regulate global populations. Check out a video tall King about it for Your Self.

Consider that right now, the vaccinated now account for 52% of Coronavirus deaths. 52%. Well, that now proves that it does not reduce symptoms or decrease One’s risk of mortality, right? That’s now a bold faced lie perpetrated by virtually every mainstream media network on the planet – well, except Russia maybe, where Putin doesn’t allow for western capitalist propaganda. That officially makes the Act of mandating vaccines an Act of genocide on the part of the Trudeau government. Well done, Just-in!!!

Did I even mention that not only did Viva Frei wake up in front of the world since the start of his ‘Vlawg’ (Video Law Blog), he was so shaken by what he saw taking place in Montreal that he moved his entire family to Florida, at least until Trudeau is tried for treason (or at the very least removed from government). I’m not sure when he moved and I’m not sure what the final straw was that broke the proverbial camel’s back, but I am thing King it was when Justin Trudeau illegally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally invoked the emergencies Act, or perhaps the freezing of assets of bank accounts of People Justin Trudeau perceives to be holding ‘unacceptable views’. Not something One Wishes to risk when broad Casting their Magic for a Living. But here’s Viva ranting about some of the Good News that’s coming out in the world, the criminal cabal is beginning to crumble.

And Robert Barnes joins Viva which always keeps the Show interesting. Barnes knows a lot more that what he lets on, and that’s saying a lot if One has any Idea how much knowledge he does share. One thing that sets Barnes apart from most legitimate, licensed lawyers (who still practice Law), is that he is not at all afraid to tell People when a Judge is incompetent, out of line, violating the Rules of the Court, whatever. Most lawyers still practicing Law would never risk criticizing any Judge just in case they end up in front of that Judge. In Canada, a paralegal Friend of mine said that she had to Sign an agreement stating that she Will never publicly criticize a Judge or Justice of the Superior Court – it’s a requirement for the license! (My Friend Signed ‘without prejudice’.)

That’s also how I’m going to tie the Good News of Man’s Macrocosm with the Good News in My Microcosm, because like Barnes, I am not afraid to tell People when a Judge isn’t doing their job. I’m not afraid to tell You that Judge Hooper is ‘gaslighting’ by threatening Me with contempt when she knows it’s a Trust Claim. She should also know that under no circumstance should she be threatening a Man who has come to the Court Sea King Justice.

“Keep on as King, and You Will receive, Keep on see King, and You Will find, Keep on Know King, and it Will be Opened to You.

Matthew 7:7, Paraphrasing slightly…

Now, the interesting thing about this, is that this is long after Michelle L. Murphy first told Me the Estate was not open to the public, and the first time I had a name from the Bracebridge Courthouse to hold accountable.

The reason the last email is so critical, is because this email is included in My Reply Factum. The fraud could not be more plain or obvious. There are also ‘copy fees’ of $1.00 per page and a deposit is allegedly required on a large file to obtain the ‘Court of Record’. Interesting that after I place her on Notice of Breach of Trust and Court fraud, I am able to acquire the full Court of Record for free?! I guess it is one of the many advantages of not filing applications and documents with the Court. Just check out the ‘Official [fraudulent] Court of Record’ to see how much of a joke this whole thing really is. If there were an actual Court of Record, Michelle would be printing documents from the Court of Record, not scanning documents she has sitting in front of her. How do We know when they were received, how do We know she’s not Writing whatever date she Wishes on documents if there is no Record of any of these documents filed with the Registrar? How can due process be had if public access is integral and indispensable to Canada’s Charter and Courts? This is all the proof the Judge needs to take Action, and if she doesn’t, she’s involved in the conspiracy.

What’s Judge Hooper going to say? Yeah, Hala Tabl has been war King as a licensed member of the BAR for so long, she has special VIP status which allows her to omit any party of her choosing from a proceeding, and eliminates all Court costs for filing by eliminating the need to file documents. Hala Tabl also gains exemption from Rule 1.09 and can obtain meetings with Court officials free of charge at any time, and doesn’t even have to tell opposing counsel about Endorsements made against them, otherwise they may object – and that would be silly because there’s no legitimate Estate proceeding before the Court to begin with!

So that’s My Magical Motive a Sean Edition, and I’m waiting to see if Judge Hooper Will apprehend these criminals, of if Canada’s Courts are being used as a cloak for fraud to steal from Self Presented, Sui Juris litigants to deprive them of their right of Self determine a Sean.

Either Way, I Will be Painting Honourable Judge Sally A. Gomery and Jaye Hooper next. Sally sans bull horns, Hooper remains to be Scene by her Act-Ion and determine a Sean.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Although unrelated, today’s feature photo is My first attempt at oil painting after a girlfriend bought be a set of oils for My name day one year. I don’t have the patience for oils now, so I work with acrylics until I have an official studio (dust accumulates on oils and Will dry on them if One doesn’t have a dust free work space – they can take weeks or even months to dry). Noticed it in My collection of media uploads and Posted for the nostalgia of it.

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