Volume CCXLVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Milton’s Estate Law Public Opinion – A Hat Trick of Reviews

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to be Gifted with Your Presence. Today Will be four weeks to the day since The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Motion Hearing on November 3rd, and still no Word from Judge Hooper of Ontario’s Superior Court. Opposing counsel at the Motion Hearing represent a lawyer guilty of faking an Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee over My late Father’s Estate, (I do not say deceased because I am the continuation of My Father, his Living Will; he continues to exist so long as I am Trusted to Mind Our House and Keep it in Order.) and I was more than cautiously optimistic that the fraudsters would be apprehended once this Matter was Presented to the Court – it is somewhat unusual the decision is taking so long.

The entire charade is so outrageous, all opposing counsel demonstrate such preposterous contempt of Court and professional misconduct (some One Playing out of Key in the Universal Symphony – the Universal Conductor always shudders) that it is difficult to point to any one example as the most outrageous.

For example, consider that the very nature of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim is that the primary Beneficiary, Sean von Dehn, was denied his right to Honour his Father as he had Promised and excluded from any Judicial Estate process entirely. Any detail that was shared with Me proved to be a lie, many of which were only made known to Me for the first time by their Statements of Defense. It’s adding insult to injury and another cause of Action because Canada’s Courts are also generally opposed to ambush litigation, and now I know the Claim was not only Justified but absolutely necessary! So the first crazy Part of this Story is that they Present Me with proof that they have been bold face lying to Me for the last two years and Present it to Me shamelessly like it’s no big deal.

The second example of how crazy this whole thing is, is that shortly after learning all of this I discover that My sister’s lawyer was able to get away with all of this because she has a friend war King with her at the Bracebridge Courthouse allowing Hala to obtain meetings with officials of the Court off the Record, in violation of Rule 1.09, and without Me having the ability to participate in any Way. So now We have proof from a Court Registrar that Sean von Dehn was denied his right to a public hearing in the Estate Application, as well as his right to participate in any proceeding! To fully comprehend the magnitude of the ‘crazy’ regarding this Claim, consider that all of this information is also included in My Reply Factum so that Judge Hooper would know exactly what is going on the day of the Motion Hearing.

But the Story still gets crazier!!! After I complete My Reply Factum and file it with the Court, My sister is Magically awarded a Certificate to an Application that doesn’t even exist!!! Either Way it doesn’t make any sense as a strategy because if it were a legitimate Certificate, it would only prove due process was not had and My sister would become legally and lawfully liable for any harm done to the Estate or its Beneficiaries from the time of My Father’s death until the time the Certificate is awarded. She’s accepting the condition of the Estate as is, so she also accepts accountability and liability for any economic harm done to the Value of the Estate since the time of My Father’s death. The same property is estimated to be $1.2 million today and climbing steadily against rising inflate Sean.

And in typical, narcissist fashion, My sister is only too happy to communicate with Me now to gloat about the new fraudulent Certificate that’s been Issued to her, despite the fact that she has not contacted Me once regarding the Estate prior to this outside of as King of My consent to her application. Best Part about that is when she Showed it to Me for the first time I had to tell her to take it back to her lawyer because the fraudsters forgot to Write a CV number on the Certificate. More incredible still? Yeah, they actually ‘fixed’ that, too – by Writing their own fraudulent CV number on it, and telling Me it had been returned to the Bracebridge Courthouse by courier for review and assignment of a CV number.

But no surprise, Neil (My sister’s lawyer) gets upset when I Notice the fraudulent Certificate has no CV number and is as King of Me not to contact My sister again. But last Tuesday, My sister had no problem telling Me she’d now set up a bank account and is preparing the tax forms. Liar. I am as King for receipt of the transfer of funds because I’m reasonably sure they got them a long time ago and have been doing all of this running around hoping to fool Me and the Courts into believing there’s nothing to see here, and that they had every intention of paying Me My share – NOT!!!

I couldn’t help but start thing King that there is no possible Way I can be the first Man that Milton’s Estate Law has tried to cheat in the Courts. So I decided to see if there were any reviews. Now do be Mindful that finding legitimate reviews can be difficult and I’ll Show You why very shortly. But for now, I’m only pointing this out because it is especially difficult to find bad reviews of lawyers because they Will usually pay to have them removed and can generally afford to do so, and most that offer reviews are doing it for the purpose of promoting lawyers and selling their review system as a product, so they filter out any bad reviews to make it appear as though it has a very high, consistent rating.

I Wish for You to know that if the first review had not said, ‘Someone needs to report him’, I’m not sure that I would have shared this. But seriously, this is one week later, the very nature of My Claim is My sister lying about the Estate and the assets, now they are alleging she has been awarded a legitimate Certificate, so there should be no reason whatsoever that she cannot provide the inform a Sean I am as King for. The only reason they don’t is because they don’t have it, the entire thing is a fraud, and all because Hala Tabl and Milton’s Estate Law have some kind of ‘special’ relationship with the Bracebridge Courthouse that does not require for them to file documents or Give opposing counsel any Notice of what is taking place whatsoever. They are con Artists posing as lawyers. Some One was as King for Me to report Neil and We know I don’t believe in coincidences, so consider Neil now reported, I could agree with the individual more by suggesting he should spend some time in jail.

Notice how if a lawyer adds this to their website:

“Only ratings with at least 4 out of 5 in every category Will be displayed.”


At any rate, as belligerent and Neil’s behaviour is, do NOT presume this is appropriate conduct for a lawyer – failing to answer the questions in My letter to My sister is a form of contempt of Court (though minor) and absolutely an example of professional misconduct, like singing out of Key.

If You have an Estate Matter make sure to avoid Neil Milton and his firm of fraudsters at all costs, pun intended…

On One hand, the Good News about the lengthy decision, is it usually means that there is more information to be thing King about. Deciding what to do with three law firms attempting to perpetrate fraud on the Court is something I am thing King Qualifies further consider a Sean. 😉

Love and Blessings,


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