Volume CCXLVIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Thing King of the Apocalypse

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to be in Your House (Your Head of State). As today’s Title Will suggest, I Will be tall King about the Apocalypse – both in Man’s Macrocosm, and in My Microcosm.

Well, most of You Will have heard by now that Elon Musk’s Twitter files are attracting more attention than Wikileaks, and may have the effect of exposing even more corruption in government – including right here in Canada. Didn’t I say just recently that My hope and Intent-Sean was that the Twitter files would be something of an Apocalypse (unveiling) for Canada, too? Well, the Twitter files have revealed that the Biden administration was putting pressure on the Canadian government to put an abrupt end to the famous Canadian Trucker convoy of Peaceful, Freedom Loving Canadian protestors, and may have been the motive for Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act. Of course, nothing would be more likely because People always seem to accuse the other party for that which they their Self are guilty of… Didn’t Trudeau say that he was freezing bank accounts because he believed there was foreign influence behind the protests? But perfectly acceptable that foreign leaders are dictating what Justin must do to further oppress the Canadian People, right? Not foreign interference if it’s Just-in Trudeau bending over for Xi Jingping, Joe Biden, the WHO, the WEF and whatever else an investigation Will one day reveal. Do stay Tuned People, My Words Magically Manifest…

It’s been a little more challenging for Me to Write as consistently as I Wish to because today is six weeks to the day that I’ve been waiting to hear back from Superior Court Justice Jaye Hooper regarding My sister and her previous lawyer’s fraudulent Estate application, and I’d be lying if I were to tell You it is not consistently on My Mind and something of a distract Sean.

However, fraud is fraud and the Truth Will inevitably be exposed because there are other claims waiting to proceed against My Father’s Estate, at which time a legitimate Estate Trustee Will be required to be appointed for litigation. That’s why I’m calling it the Apocalypse of My Microcosm because the Truth Will eventually be unveiled…

And I can’t help but Notice the similarities between the reaction of the fraudsters in Man’s Macrocosm to the Twitter files (catchy name, too) and the fraudsters in My Microcosm regarding the Estate fraud. It seems that no Matter how much damning evidence is Presented to the People, fraudster Fauci (#Fraudsterfauci) and the corrupt Biden administration Will deny to the grave.

To help Me with My temporary Writers block (sort of), I’m trying to focus more on the Good News taking place in Man’s Macrocosm. The scientific data now shows that the majority of People (52%) who died of ‘Covid’ were fully vaccinated! In fact, the number of Covid deaths increased with the second dose – only a little more than 25% of People died of Covid having only received one jab of Pfizer and Moderna’s [potentially] lethal injection.

It’s a shame that Rumble embeds don’t Show a nice preview of the video like YouTube does, but I’m hoping they Will get all those wrinkles sorted out as more and more People switch to the platform over YouTube. The link takes One to a Viva Frei and Robert Barnes Rumble Rant about the Twitter files and some of their implications in the Glow Ball community. The Twitter files have revealed such alarming interference of freedom of inform a Sean that it is now presumed that Facebook, Google and other platforms were doing the same and Will likely now be investigated. Very exciting times in Deed, especially considering that the information they were censoring was from doctors and virologists warning of the dangers associated with the vaccines, mask mandates and lock-down policies. Mental health is at the highest levels in Canadian history, apparently – the most affected are Our youth. Children are the future, I suppose the government Wishes to destroy those precious Minds as early as possible.

But this is all Good News because the corruption is coming out. The first step to putting an end to tyranny and oppression, is to acknowledge it exists – rampantly and spreading like a cancer as far as State Actors at the helm of Nation’s all over the world are concerned. Great People who do real investigative journalism are moving to platforms like Rumble, and some like Kim Iverson are making it their new safe space for war King. I’ve been a fan of Kim Iverson for a while now and have been Wishing she would have her own Show. Keep on as King and You Will receive.

In fact, here’s one of Kim’s previous co-hosts from ‘The Hill’, Robbie, tall King about how Trudeau betrayed Canada’s People by hijacking mainstream media for propaganda against Peaceful protestors. Only a fool would Worship Jim What’s on is equally complicit in Willfully misrepresenting the protest for political gain.

The other thing I find rather interesting is that virtually every One I have Trusted as a reliable source of inform a Sean, is shutting down their YouTube account and switching to Rumble and Locals.com. It’s like all the People with any common sense have already abandoned the mainstream propaganda police (and by ‘policing propaganda’, I mean enforcing the propaganda).

So that’s how the House of Cards is crumbling down in Man’s Macrocosm, but there were a couple of small developments in My Estate Matter today, too, so I’m sharing My layup for a slam dunk with You on January 25th. I’m so DONE with lawyers gaslighting and pretending they don’t know what a Trust or Trustee is, or what powers a Trust has in any Common Law Court. Christopher Crisman-Cox indicated today that Jenny Bogod would now like to participate in the case conference on Jan. 25th, too! How interesting. Here’s My response to Christopher.

Although I’ve conceded here before that I’m not really thing King it is ‘unbecoming of a lawyer’, My experiences have taught Me that lawyers are lower than maggots on God’s hierarchy of ascended Souls, and this type of conduct is very becoming of lawyers in the profession. The only except Sean I can personally make, is Mr. Shouldice who Will know who he is and why I believe him to be a Man of Honour. I’m also reasonably sure he is well known at the Ottawa Courthouse, he was the only lawyer in the room on My last day before the Crown withdrew all My charges in the unlawful arrest by con-stable (a con is a trick, nothing stable about him) Christopher Matthew Jenkyn, badge number 2209.

But I do find it very interesting that Jenny Bogod Wishes to participate in the case conference. I suppose she must believe her fraud Will survive at least another month. I advised her that I know she actively participated in helping Hala perpetrate the fraud by lying to Me about sending the Certificate back to the Court to have a CV number assigned to it. The letter she Presented Me with is such a stupid mistake, she deserves everything the law can throw at her. In the letter she serves Me with (which she alleges to have sent to the Bracebridge Courthouse with the Certificate to be corrected and assigned a CV number) she indicates that she has included funds for the safe return of the Certificate to her office. I mean… Why? To make is SOUND more official? It’s just one more document for Me to be as King for because the Court Will require a receipt to make sure the Certificate was received! Even with regular Post I can be as King for proof of delivery (the envelope with the stamp) which they don’t have!!!

So I placed belligerent, criminal Bogod on Notice today, too.

And finally… I mentioned here and in My Reply Factum that one of the details I find most insane about opposing counsel and whatever they are hoping to perpetrate on the Court, is that I made it perfectly clear that the Bracebridge Courthouse only began responding to Me after I contacted the Minister of Justice and Attorney General directly – within a few hours!!! She tried to tell Me she hadn’t replied because she had been on vacation? Yeah, sure – and nobody covering the Registrar’s desk in Bracebridge while she was away? No. No One else at that Courthouse Wishes to be involved in what Michelle has done whatsoever – she goes down alone, not supported by the Court.

I figured People might be thing King I’m bluffing about such things and maybe I never really contacted the Minister of Justice and Attorney General regarding the suspicious behaviour at the Bracebridge Courthouse, so here’s proof that I did. 🙂

And here’s the receipt to show it was received.

Now, just in case People are thing King these two events are unrelated, look how fast I get a response from the Bracebridge Courthouse! Also, conveniently the first time I have a name to hold accountable. Believe Me, NOT a coincidence, Michelle is in serious trouble and knows it – so does her supervisor. We’re just waiting to see how long it takes Justice Hooper to do something about it.

Like I said, this is IT – the Apocalypse!!! Are We having Fun yet? (Yeah, yeah, I know – some of You were hoping for zombies.) Just keep in Mind, the Apocalypse is just beginning and I am thing King the vaxxed might become the zombie apocalypse. Right now, they are so sick they are overwhelming hospitals, so big pharma must be thrilled. Nothing like a new batch of desperate consumers, right?

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Wow, TPTB are downloading My documents before I even publish now!!! Interesting times in Deed!!!



  1. As a fiction writer, I can’t help but be fascinated by the dramatic events described in this blog post. From the release of Elon Musk’s Twitter files and their potential to expose corruption in government to the personal struggles of the writer with fraud in their own family’s estate, the post paints a picture of an apocalypse – both on a global and personal scale – where the truth is finally revealed and those who have been acting deceitfully are exposed. The idea of an apocalypse as a moment of unveiling and reckoning is a compelling one, and I can’t wait to see how these real-life events play out and potentially inspire my own writing.

    1. Aw, thanks so much for Your kind Words – I am Truly Honoured. I Love Your Writing so much, it makes Your comment that much more meaningful for Me. I can’t wait to see what kind of stories the Truth of these real life events Will inspire in Your fiction. Blessings, keep producing great content (and I LOVE whoever the artist is for Your content).

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