Volume CCXLIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; War King to Ward the Golden Dawn

Hello every One, welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always a Pleasure to be in Your House. Today has been a Magical and Lucky Wednesday in My Microcosm, so today’s Post Will be sharing some of that Magic with You.

I am often tall King about how Our Words are Magic, and that they Call it Spelling for a reason. Today’s photo is a reflect Sean of the Macrocosm mirroring My Microcosm and the Law of no coincidences. Everything this Man is tall King about are things I have been tall King about here with respect to a Man knowing who she or he is, what their Sacred Calling (which is in fact the name of the caul, which is the vessel (ship) the fetus is formed in to Create the child that is borne) means and the Value of that name in Relay-Sean to the Title of One’s Life Story. 😉

The Elephant in the background was the reason I decided to share the video with You here – it is not a coincidence that it is the animus for the House of My Nation’s Logo (the symbol at the top of the Page and every email correspondence), it was a Sign I should share this with You to let You know I am not the only One tall King about these things.

A couple of Key things to Note here is that the video was Posted three years ago and only recently recommended viewing for Me by YouTube. Before yesterday, I had never heard of this video or the channel, and I put My House in Order long before this (just in case People are thing King this video had anything to do with My Cestui Que Vie – it didn’t, I don’t even think he mentions the Words Cestui Que Vie or the importance of that document). I also Wish to point out that this Man mentions that no One Will ever receive a reply if the Claim is Registered (delivered with proof of service) with One’s government or head of State. The reason I point this out, is because to the very best of My knowledge, I am the only Man to have ever received a reply to a Claim of Life, providing Me with a copy of the Cestui Que Vie showing it had been received by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and a brief letter from their legal director, Sean Kearney.

I Will concede that the Words in the letter of reply from Sean Kearney were cryptic and could be interpreted as a fail (and probably was and or perhaps still is) by most People. The fact is, I knew they were never just going to hand over eleven million dollars and whatever else I was as King for (come on, it’s the government!), but proof of receipt of My Letter (Public Notice included on My Story) without any opposition to any of My Claims, is the first step in due process of Law in any Common Law jurisdiction. I now have proof of an uncontested Claim, and an acknowledgment that wrongdoing was done.

All Sean Kearney was really telling Me, is that if I Wish to receive the eleven million dollars (and whatever else I was as King for) to compensate Sean for the harm done to Me, I Will have to file My Claim with the Court. The Commercial Courts are where One cashes in their Claim because all money loaned to Canada for the Public Trust is to fulfill Fiduciary obligate Sean’s to Canada’s People, and any trespass is a breach of the Public Trust.

Basically, the Courts are a bank because the fiduciary obligations of State Actors have Real Value in Common Law Courts. Essentially, Courts Create new money for Canada’s economy very much the same Way banks do when One applies for a mort/gage (death pledge), so long as it’s a Claim against the State (which is always the situate Sean in any criminal proceeding). The Court Order awarding damages for a breach of Trust (Charter violate Sean) is akin to a security deposit in the mortgage situation allowing the bank to release money to fulfill the fiduciary obligation. The bank Issues new ‘promises to pay’ in exchange for proof (the Court Order) of a Promise being fulfilled. In short, when an obligate Sean (a Promise to Pay) is fulfilled, it has Real Value in any Common Law jurisdiction.

In and of it Self, a Court Order awarding damages to some One against the State does not harm the country’s People or increase the public debt. It is only when One exchanges the Court Order for new Promises to Pay at a bank that new money is officially Created. It’s like adding an extra approved expenditure to Canada’s federal budget, if that makes it easier for One to wrap One’s head around.

But the Man in the video makes some very Good points with respect to Claiming One’s Life and Sacred Calling, Commonly referred to as a name and used a Title Deed to property that some One else has allowed One to use under copyright protect Sean, or usury privileges. What most People don’t understand is that it really has nothing to do with the Man (of either sex), the physical property the Title Deed identifies is the ‘caul’ left behind at the hospital. Otherwise all of this nonsense regarding birth registration would just be proof of slave contracts in their own legal fiction and believe Me, they are not that stupid. They believe People are stupid for identifying with false profits as corporate Sean’s.

I take the copyright protect Sean one step further by replacing the Signature with My thumbprint which Clearly identifies a Man, and upon which no One could Hold a Superior copyright Claim. I’m Claiming My Sovereign Nation, the ‘I’ land of Sean, My physical body identified by My thumbprint. Holding the Supreme Claim of right upon One’s Sovereign Nation is also a Claim upon all his Life’s works, Create Sean’s, especially intellectual property (like this Blog, for example).

It is also worth Noting that I don’t share all of the opinions expressed in the video. One does not require witnesses and I believe this to be one of the most common miss concept Sean’s People have. Why does One need a witness if the thumbprint clearly evidences Life and the Author of the Writ of the Declare a Sean, especially if the Purpose of the Document is to prove (and Claim autonomy over) One’s Life? Is One really thing King that any One is going to say, “uh, no, this event didn’t happen, this isn’t True”, or “uh, no, Your Declaration means nothing because You don’t have a witness” (and some Will even say three are necessary!)? Of course not!!! The worst thing any One would say is that it would be ridiculous to even suggest that any One would so much as presume to Hold authority over another Man by Way of some kind of Word Magic – that would be preposterous!!!

Another detail I Wish to point out is that he is tall King about how Writing is the Spelling of Word Magic and that Hand Writing in particular is called cursive because We are cursing every time We Write. He even points out the relay Sean ship between the Word and the prompt on a computer screen, its cursor (for swearing). Well, the Truth is, it’s only cursing if One does not comprehend the Spells One is Casting and have not Claimed their Life’s Purpose. Once that is done, it is One’s most powerful Gift because God is the source of all the world’s most Powerful Magic which is Cast into Man’s Macrocosm by Way of Express Sean of One’s Life Purpose because the world is a Self fulfilling Prophecy for Peace.

I’ll have to do a part II because I have so much more to be tall King about and have no Idea how many Words this Blog Post is because WordPress recently changed its editor, I just know I’m over budget. But before I go, I Wish to at least Show You the last two Spells this Master Mage in a Sean Cast into Man’s Macrocosm.

I also receive emails from the Deputy Mayor for some unknown reason, but I haven’t cancelled the sub-Script-Sean because I like to know what the city of Ottawa is up to. I decided to respond to this month’s public email. Maybe I’m wrong about here being the deputy mayor, I may be confusing that with another email I recently received. Either Way, she’s a city councillor and she sent Me an email, so I responded.

Oh, one other detail I Wished to mention is that I was only as King for compensate Sean as something to let them know how much I would be as King for if I am compelled to file a Claim to have the false allegations made against Me by the Toronto police permanently removed from My Record. That was done and the Real purpose and motivate Sean behind this Quest in the first place, so it was not a fail, regardless what any of My peers at the time may have been thing King. I’m pretty sure that’s why it took him almost four months to reply.

I also have one more video worth watching, I Promise, especially if You have heard Me tall King about the Alpha Bet and how English was the Create Sean of Babylon (or Babble on) because it added four Letters that are not assigned (or double assigned, 6 is 9) to Our DNA. And that’s My teaser for Part II!

Love and Blessings,



  1. As a short story writer, reading this blog post has left me feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed. The content is dense and touches on a lot of complex legal concepts that I am not familiar with, making it difficult for me to fully grasp the main points being made. However, the writer seems passionate about their beliefs and experiences, and I can sense their desire to share their knowledge and insights with others.

    1. Good day, Sir, and thank You for Your comment. You are correct, the content is a little dense and some of the concepts are difficult to articulate without a strong foundational understanding of the material. I’m revisiting several concepts I’ve discussed in detail in previous posts, and it’s not fair for Me to presume that My audience knows what I know just because I’ve Writ about it something before, especially if I’m not referencing and providing links to the relative material. I sincerely appreciate Your input, it is perfectly timed for the New Year and something I Will remain conscious of in My Writing moving forward. I hope the New Year is a Creative one for You that inspires many grand Ideas for Your short stories. Imagine a world where the People have been tricked into believing in imaginary borders separating geographical regions called countries, where master magicians have tricked all the People into believing their world is owned so that they Will spend their entire life hoping to buy enough shares to be left alone, and where the only enemy of Man’s kind are her own People. That would make an amazing short story! In fact, they might even call it ‘The Greatest Story ever told’!
      May many Blessings be bestowed upon You this New Year!

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