Volume CCLI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; The Apocalyptic Death Toll Post Vaccination

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. I Will be taking some time off My Matrix IV, Resurrections Interpret a Sean for a few more weeks and Will explain why when I’m able to get back to it. For now, I’m continuing where We left off yesterday because I can be guilty of Wishing to say so much that I mention a lot of topics without really making a clear point on any particular Matter. On occasion this can be deliberate with intent to encourage others to form their own opinions, but often it’s because I am so overwhelmed with new information My Self that I’ll go off on all kinds of tangents.

The main Idea I Wished to share with every One for the New Year in yesterday’s Post is something of a case and point example. A Good Friend in My Microcosm has been suggesting for some time that I should be tall King about ‘everything’ I’m tall King about with My Friend here on My Blog – including all the random philosophies I might be tall King about when I go off on one of My tangents. I tell My Friend that I have too many random philosophies that I wouldn’t even remember them all to Write them here, sometimes I even develop philosophies in real time while I’m Writing. If a few Words I Write inspire an Idea, it is entirely likely I Will Write about it unless I’ve already discarded it in favour of something else.

But what My Friend was really getting at, is My Mindset, how I approach and plan My day, and what kind of rituals and intent Sean I put forth for the New Year. I have an open door policy for Friends and this is one of the things I happened to be war King on when she stopped by the other day…

And that was just the daily motivation checklist, I also had My workout journal all set up and ready to go…

Three day cycle of chins, push ups, squats, repeat, rest day. Starting laughably slow as usual but war King up to five sets of consistent reps. Once I can complete five sets sustaining the reps throughout, I increase the number of reps by five or ten depending on muscle group (ten for legs and push ups, five for chins). The hope is always to make this part of My daily routine, so I should have plenty of examples to show You over time as I make progress.

I’m also going to be tall King more about the dangers of these new vaccines because death rates are increasing all over the world and it is at the very least possible that the vaccines are responsible. What I find most troubling about this is that if any One is as King for an investigation they are considered a conspiracy theorist and that should be concerning to any One at this point! When the government starts telling the People they are not allowed to be as King Quest-Ions, that is very Good reason for the People to be concerned. Here’s what’s going on in Great Britain….

And here’s what’s going on everywhere else in the world…

This is from the Government of Canada

Data include:

  • Date on which the death occurred
  • Age group
  • 7-day moving average of the last seven days of the death rate per 100,000 for those not fully vaccinated
  • 7-day moving average of the last seven days of the death rate per 100,000 for those fully vaccinated
  • 7-day moving average of the last seven days of the death rate per 100,000 for those vaccinated with at least one booster

All data reflects totals from 8 p.m. the previous day.

This dataset is subject to change.

Additional notes

  • The data does not include vaccination data for people who did not provide consent for vaccination records to be entered into the provincial COVaxON system. This includes individual records as well as records from some Indigenous communities where those communities have not consented to including vaccination information in COVaxON.
  • Not fully vaccinated” category includes people with no vaccine and one dose of double-dose vaccine. “People with one dose of double-dose vaccine” category has a small and constantly changing number. The combination will stabilize the results.

And this is Canada’s propaganda network telling the People that sudden death and heart attacks in healthy athletes is perfectly normal, nothing to see here. The doctor looks like he took some kind of sedative before the interview. This is why smart People don’t Trust Canada’s doctors and the most infuriating part of it all. The vaccines are at the very least NOT perfectly safe, they DO NOT reduce transmission or protect one from infection, but they DO cause harm to at least a percentage of People, and some of the harm is irreversible and or fatal.

I’m going to be spending more time this year tall King about some of the bigger issues taking place on the world stage while simultaneously sharing some of My sources with You to help more People to stay informed on their own. Keep in Mind, the World Health Organization is not a government organization, it’s just a bunch of mouthpieces for big pharma hoping to infiltrate every government of the world (if they haven’t already).

Thank You all for joining Me, have a Wonder Full and Inspired New Year!!!

Love and Blessings,

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