Volume CCLV: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Canada’s Clown Courts and Jester Justice Jaye Hooper

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Review, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. The ‘Son’ day review is always a reference to God’s (True) Son, which is the Sun in the sky Giving Life to all things on earth. It’s also why Christ is always travelling around with twelve apostles because they represent the seasons of the Sun, each apostle living in its own House in the heavens above. Because the microcosm reflects the macrocosm in all things, the ‘Son’ day review also relates to Honouring My Father in Heaven, and executing his Wishes in the wake of his death – most significantly, holding My brother and sister accountable for faking an Estate application with Ontario’s Superior Court.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been Writing much over the last week, this has been the busiest week I’ve had in a long time – potentially ever!!! We also received some News regarding the Rule 21 Motion to dismiss the claims against Hala Tabl, My sister’s previous lawyer from the Court on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, though the decision Will not initially appear so Lucky for Me. Remember, Luck is relative to percept-Sean, that is why We make Our Luck. Before I say too much more, let Me Show You how a Court Justice becomes a Court Jester in a clown Court courtesy of dis-Honourable, criminal jester, Jaye Hooper.

One of the first things You may or may not Notice, is the Style of the document, especially the Title of the Claim and the parties to it. Just for the sake of comparison, let Me refresh Your memory by providing the denial Endorsement provided by Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery.

Notice how she doesn’t acknowledge that it’s a Trust claim? Apparently, Justice Jaye Hooper only reads reads the information that supports her bias and prejudice against a particular party – what a clown! It is very clearly stated in the Claim that The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is a Trust, not a Man, and can therefor never be ‘Self’ Presented (or re-Presented as the Courts like to say to confuse People duplicating their (legal) person’s problems). Also, it is worthy to Note that a Judge does not have the authority or jurisdiction to overrule another Endorsement Given by the Court. If Justice Sally Gomery recognizes the Trust and Trustee of the Claim, Justice Jaye Hooper must do so as well. Justice Jaye Hooper is Acting inside a commercial box, an incorrect jurisdiction of law, a commercial jurisdiction of Law, and she is presuming she can determine the jurisdiction of the Court to be whatever suits her fancy (pun intended) rather than to inherit the jurisdiction necessary to hear the Claim and provide relief and remedy to the Claimant. That is the obligation of a Court justice for the Superior Courts, choosing whether or not to ‘inheret’ the appropriate jurisdiction is not optional.

Now, I suppose it’s possible that Jester Jaye Hooper has no Idea how Canada’s Courts work or what it means to be a State Actor war King in a Court of inherent jurisdiction. Jester Jaye Hooper hasn’t even been on the bench for a year yet, so she’s probably still expected to shit her proverbial diapers and make a mess of things from time to time. Oh, Justices of the Superior Courts are also NOT allowed to make false accusations against any Man without requiring proof (evidence) to support their allegations. One Will take Notice that the Judge makes several false, defamatory statements regarding the Character of the Claimant and Trustee without Giving the Man the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. A Rule 21 Motion does not allow One to slander or libel One’s Character without requiring evidence to substantiate the allegation. In short, if the Judge Wished to make these accusations, evidence would be required and the Motion could not succeed (because no evidence is allowed in a Rule 21 Motion). So the Judge has defamed the Character of the Trustee explicitly on the grounds of hearsay and fraud, neither of which are even permissible on a Court of Record.

But that’s just the beginning of the fun for My week so far. My sister also responded to My email and My guess is that My sister is expecting Me to feel so defeated by the unlawful decision made against Me, that I Will Give up. My sister is now threatening Me with economic extortion, telling Me the only reason I don’t have My share of Estate assets is because I filed a Claim against the Estate to get them, and that if I just agree to drop the charges and sign a release form, I Will get My share of Estate assets. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, My sister is now using My share of Estate assets to bribe Me into dropping the charges against her. I told her that I don’t care if her lawyer has been released from the Claim, now the onus Will be on Tanja and Michael to prove any of her statements to be True, and they both know the testimony is fraud and are guilty of conspiring with her. Bribery, blackmail, extortion – My Story just keeps getting better and better.

If One is looking to define Characteristics of a professional narcissist, this email thread is full of tips and tricks courtesy of Tanja Johnson, the profane.

Again, Notice how she ‘cherry picks’ Quest-Ions she Wishes to address that serve her Wishes and motive a Sean? She mentions that My Claim against the Estate is the only claim (what happened to the other three million dollars in Claims that still show up on the Court of Record against My Father’s Estate – guess she’s not dealing with those?) preventing My sister from distributing assets. But she doesn’t mention why she can’t produce a copy of the Casullo Endorsement served upon Me, any disclosure regarding the Estate assets other than her fraudulent testimony, or any receipt of her retainer agreement with lawyer Hala Tabl. The retainer agreement is important because I don’t believe My sister would pay a dime out of her own pocket to take care of anything for My Father, the bank hired Hala Tabl to solicit My sister so they could sell the house under power of sale without any judicial oversight. When they were told (by the Court) that My consent to the application was required, they just stopped filing documents with the Court altogether so that they could proceed without My knowledge or consent. How much do My readers with to bet that neither Casullo or Woodley saw this ‘Errors in Application form’ when providing their Endorsement? Willful intent to influence Justice and prevent testimony of a witness critical to the proceedings. Very serious criminal charges taking place here, Jester of a Justice Jaye Hooper, perfectly okay with corruption, fraud, and libelous, malicious defamation in her own Court decision. She’s a baby who needs a playpen and a rattle.

But the Fun doesn’t stop there, I also received an email from belligerent criminal, Jenny Bogod, posing as a lawyer for RosenSack LLP along with her criminal counterpart, Susan Sacks. These are two of the most corrupt lawyers in the business, who I presume are in fact war King for the Law Society of Ontario and Will do anything to try to make this Claim disappear so that Carmine Pignataro does not infer any liability to her Self for failing to do anything about the fraudulent application to the Court when it was first reported to the Law Society in March of last year. They were as King of Me to check that the Order is correct and satisfactory or something, but don’t let Me put Words in her mouth, this is the email thread.

You’re probably wondering why You had to wait all week to get all this inform a Sean when I’ve got so much to share! Well, that’s still not the end of the drama in My microcosm as I was also blindsided by a Notice to evict Sean! Yes, I’m telling You, I could not make this stuff up or even Imagine that People could suspend disbelief for long enough to believe it is all True if I were not experiencing it My Self. The evict Sean Notice isn’t really an eviction Notice, it’s to ‘correct behaviour’ exactly like the Trudeau government and the College of Psychology is doing to Jordan Peterson.

Ottawa Public Health has ambushed and infiltrated the Haven’t community coffee on Tuesday mornings, allegedly to provide inform a Sean to People in the community regarding vaccines. I was as King if they are telling People about the risks and side effects associated with vaccination and they said that they ‘are not allowed to engage with People who Quest-Ion the vaccines’? So You bring Ottawa Public Health into the community to provide ‘information’ but People are only allowed to be as King Questions scripted by Ottawa Public Health? And if One is as King why they are recommending vaccines when natural immunity has proven more effective and has no side effects or risks, they are threatened with evict Sean from their landlord.

I’m not going to be tall King about this too much today, but I Will say that the proper Way to deal with a legal issue like this is to comply with the Order under duress and advise the individual that the order is unlawful and a trespass upon One’s rights. An email something like this one should suffice.

What I Will do, is set up a meeting with ‘the Board’ (Landlord Tenant Board) advising them that I have never received a complaint from any One in My community and this attack against My Character is motivated by the City of Ottawa who’s city councillor, Wilson Lo also decided to spend an hour of his day at Multifaith Housing Initiative’s Community coffee meet, but was not there to answer any Quest-Ions regarding the City of Ottawa’s decision to continue mandating vaccines and masks when ‘the science’ has proved they both do more harm to People than Good. I guess People are not allowed to be as King ‘unacceptable Quest-Ions’.

The Notice of eviction came six days after a visit from City Councillor Wilson Lo, and one day before Public Health was scheduled to infiltrate another Haven Community Coffee session. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Multifaith Housing Initiative is any less of a puppet for corrupt Sean than the True-dough government and his Neo Nazi, poison pushing vaccinate Sean policies and unlawful mask mandates.

The Ontario Superior Courts are not a sham, but many who are war King for them are, and Jester Justice Jaye Hooper is the reason Canada’s judiciary can never seem to find any Justice – they are not looking for it, they are war King against it and using the Courts as cloak for fraud to steal wealth from Canada’s People – and this is now, effectively, a Published, literal Truth on this International Court of Record.

I’ll be back with more, including why this is ‘Good’ News in the long run (though the short version is that the more harm that is done to Me by their lies, the more compensate Sean I Will be entitled to when Justice finally prevails). I don’t expect Jester Justice Jaye Hooper to last on Canada’s bench for very long, and she Will become part of the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s He-Art Exhibit Sean, and she Will be the first Character to receive the Honour of devil horns in her depict-Sean! I’m getting excited about My Art Exhibit-Sean again!!!

Love and Blessings,


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