Volume CCLVII: The V Day Edit; A Day of Express Sean for the Love of God

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s ‘V’ Day Edition, as today is the fabled day for lovers to celebrate their affection for One another, (Saint) Valentine’s day. For Me, today is a celebrate Sean of My Love for God, and for showing appreciate-Sean for (all) the Gifts God Gives Me.

This year I’ve been Publishing more sporadically and inconsistently than ever before, though it has not been by Way of any kind of deliberate intent-Sean, it’s just the nature of events in My somewhat chaotic Microcosm. A few of those details I intend to Keep to My Self for awhile for reasons I Will explain at a later date.

For now, I’m pleased that it’s Valentine’s day because I had started to Write a Post on Sunday night just to quickly update My audience on events in My Microcosm, and to express My Love and affection for the Gifts God Gives Me. Sunday (or ‘Son’ day) is typically a popular day for many People to dedicate to celebrating God, so I thought it was an appropriate day to be tall King about some of the mini Miracles that take place in My Microcosm, even amidst the chaos.

The first thing I Wish to share is the first Public a Sean regarding My sister’s previous lawyer’s motion to dismiss the claims against her, a request that was ultimately granted by Jester of a Justice, Jaye Hooper based exclusively on a false testimony consisting exclusively of ‘hearsay’ – no evidence is permitted in a Rule 21 Motion. The link Will take One to the Post where I share My thoughts on Jester Justice Jaye Hooper decision from her clown court. Jester Jaye Hooper should join the circus is she Wishes to Act like a clown, she is not fit to serve the Crown in Canada’s Courts.

The reason I’m sharing the Post with You again today is because the Post does not hold back. This type of conduct from a Court Judge for Canada’s Superior Courts is not only unacceptable, it is criminal! One Wishes to be tall King about ‘abuse of Court powers’? No One needs to look any further than Jester Jaye Hooper who is using her powers as an officer of the Court to aide and abet opposing counsel’s malicious attempt to perpetrate fraud on the Court by ‘pretending’ she doesn’t know the difference between a commercial claim and a Trust Claim. A Superior Court Judge who doesn’t know the difference between a commercial court and a Court of Equity? Either entirely unqualified to be war King as a Justice, or entirely corrupt and attempting to gaslight a Man, presumably hoping he Will not know what the Rule of Law has to say about what a Judge can or cannot do.

Although the Post clearly indicates why the Judge’s ‘decision’ is not legally or lawfully binding and is fit to be ignored for the piece of trash that it is, I don’t expect the Court Will vacate the decision based exclusively on what has been published unopposed on the International Public Record, especially if I don’t tell them about it.

The Truth is, the ‘Decision’ is so ridiculous and unlawful, I did not even Wish to dignify the Decision with a response, I was just going to Act surprised and be as King of the Court if they were really expecting Me to take the Decision seriously – it reads more like a bad joke and I haven’t received a response to My Motion of contempt yet, which the Court has an obligation to hear. So I just presumed that My Motion of Contempt is still forthcoming, and that the Judge would correct her decision when she discovers the fraud. The problem is, without evidence the Judge cannot make a decision because it is all ‘he said, she said’ – hearsay!!! Hearsay is NOT permissible on a Court of Record, especially when the hearsay is defamatory to One’s Character because every One has the right to the protection of the Law, and the onus of proof (evidence) lies with One’s accuser. So the judge cannot make a decision if it requires proof of evidence (which it does, the judge also does not have any lawful right to ignore a complaint of Court fraud on a Court of Record – she has an obligation to investigate the allegation).

So NOW, the burden of proof regarding the Estate application and the Casullo Endorsement, lies with Jester Jaye – and I’m guessing Hooper Will be ‘hooped’ when it comes to trying to substantiate any of her outrageous allegations against Me because there is no Court of Record for the Estate application to this day! Are they really hoping the Court Will just overlook that detail forever? No Honourable Justice Will, I can guarantee that much. So My guess is that the Court was expecting Me to lecture the Justice and explain to her that she is not above the Law and bound by the Rule of Law.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that I know the Courts read My Blog frequently, they Will never admit that to Me, so I have to let them know how I feel about the Decision directly. As much as I did not Wish to dignify such a ridiculous decision with a response, silence is presumed to be consent in any legal Matter, so I had to oppose the Decision and let the Court know WHY the Decision must be vacated to preserve Principles integral to Canada’s Courts in the administration of Justice. Here’s My reply.

If I had NOT responded to this ‘Decision’, the Court Will presume I am in agreement with it. The first thing I must do is let the Court know why the Decision is unacceptable. Unacceptable does not mean that something should not be accepted, it means that a thing cannot be accepted in accordance with the Rule of Law without violating Principles integral to Justice. No grounds for an appeal are ever required unless one does not dispute the original ‘decision’ because the original Court making the decision has the obligation to defend their position. If I complain that the Decision cannot be accepted because it is based entirely upon a testimony of fraud which requires evidence to prove the facts of the Matter, the Court has a Duty and obligation to respond and provide their legal and lawful excuse. Because it is Jester Jaye Hooper’s decision, Jaye Hooper Will be tasked with responding to My motion and explaining why she is ignoring the jurisdiction of the Court required to hear the claim. If she is not able to dispute My legal and lawful opposition to her decision, she is presumed to be in agreement with My assertions on the Court of Record.

I honestly do not believe the Courts receive too many responses like mine. I’m sure they receive plenty of replies from People lashing out at the Court when things don’t go their Way, but there is a very distinct difference between complaining about a Decision and complaining about a Justice ignoring the Rule of Law and the Jurisdiction of the Court required to hear a Claim. This isn’t rocket science, it’s the Rule of Law which Judges and Justices of the Superior Court are expected to know and Trusted to Honour. Abdication of One’s oath to the Court is criminal conduct for an officer of the Court in any capacity, especially if doing so with malicious intent to cause harm, which was clearly the case in this situation. Not only does the Judge demonstrate extreme bias and prejudice in her decision, she is doing so with intent to cause harm to the Beneficiary of the Trust, which is the initial cause of Action for the Trust’s Claim. The Trust is to protect the interests of the von Dehn family name and its (legitimate) Beneficiaries, of which there are only two – Michael and Sean, of House von Dehn.

And just because I know that some People are thing King that placing People on Notice accomplishes nothing, I also received a reply and an apology from My landlord regarding the unlawful evict-Sean Notice served upon Me, and in response to My Notice of Trespass to Multi Faith Housing Initiative.

Don’t get Me wrong, it’s not a ‘great’ letter by any means, but to MHI’s credit, it is the first time I’ve seen the Words ‘I’m sorry’ in an email. The problem is, Lori apologizes for the Notice but still gaslights the nature of the Notice. She apologizes while insisting it is related to behaviour she has absolutely zero first hand knowledge of, her entire opinion of Me is derived from hearsay testimony made to her in confidence without any opportunity for Me to tell My side of the Story or defend My Honour. I still have no Idea who was allegedly complaining about Me, but I’m pretty sure it’s only because she does not Wish to be compelled to concede that City Councillor Wilson Lo was as King of Lori to evict Me for questioning the City of Ottawa’s unlawful vaccine mandates and perpetrating their dangerous propaganda in the community. No coincidences, Ottawa Public Health just happened to be visiting the community again on the week I was threatened with eviction if I chose to attend. Wilson Lo, of Ottawa City council, is the lowest of the Lo’s. The city of Ottawa is probably the most corrupt city in all of Canada, it is Canada’s cesspool swamp that desperately needs to be drained if only to alleviate some of Trudeau’s stench on Canada’s constitutional democratic Monarchy.

I haven’t responded to the email yet because I legitimately believe that My landlord would never do anything to cause Me undue harm or duress unless they were strong armed by People of influence. The problem with not for profit organizations, is that they must kiss the feet of the People who are paying them for their charitable deeds. I don’t believe that buying land from the People to rent it back to them while the not for profit gains the property value from the People’s payment to them and receive nothing in return is exceedingly charitable, it seems more like property theft under the guise of charitable deeds, but what do I know? MHI ‘own’s the property they bought from the People, and rent it back to them while they claim the real property and the payer for it receives no land in return? Very interesting ‘charity’ concept in Deed, isn’t it?

I still have a TON of questions for MHI… Like what else do they have in some mysterious ‘file’ for Me that they are not telling Me about? Who made these false allegations against Me? Conveniently, the Man I expect contributed to the complaint is now on vacation for a month. He also ‘faked’ having his car broken into over Christmas, complaining that over $600 in gift cards intended for needy families along with some Christmas gifts were stolen from his car the same night he picked the goods up, and the evening before he was supposed to deliver them. No signs of forced entry, they criminals left his car in immaculate condition and even left behind the boxes all the wrapped gifts were stolen from! I guess the criminals brought their own boxes to carry the Goods away. He ‘stole’ them, then reported it as a theft – typical narcissistic behaviour. He even went to the local newspaper about it, tell Me if YOU think this looks like the back of a car thieves have just ransacked?

The only ‘Grinch’ this Christmas is Adrienne Benjamin, the Haven’s Community events coordinator who doesn’t actually do any work to earn whatever he is paid, he relies on ‘volunteers’ from the Haven community and those who don’t volunteer are frowned upon by their little clique of volunteers who perceive themselves to BE the landlord. They literally look for problems in the community so they can determine they need to be fixed, then appoint People in the community to do the actual work, and shame People who don’t contribute as not being a ‘part’ of the community. Basically, it’s like they expect what One might expect from a co-op situation, except there is nothing in My lease that requires Me to volunteer My time to maintain the Haven’s property they are renting back to some of Ottawa’s most marginalized People.

But the Good News is that the eviction notice was a fake. I called the Landlord tenant Board, too, and they were very quick to tell Me that no complaint had been made and that I would have to contact My landlord to obtain the file number, there is no Record of the Notice with the Landlord Tenant Board. FAKE! Exclusively to intimidate Me and prevent Me from as King questions of Ottawa’s Public health, specifically why they are continuing to promote vaccines and masks that have since proven entirely ineffective in slowing or stopping the transmission of viruses. Not a coincidence I received the email as King of Me to disregard the Notice within a half hour of contacting the LTB.

Finally, My sister is up to the very same tricks she was playing in the Estate Matter, except the difference now is that she’s actually (allegedly) been awarded the Certificate, so now her legal and lawful duties to Me are absolute. Previously, My sister was telling Me she doesn’t have to tell Me anything about the Estate because she hasn’t been appointed yet, and as soon as I consent to her application, THEN she Will share the details of the Estate with Me. Putting the cart before the horse so to speak, always ‘threatening’ Me with something in Order to coerce Me into consenting to her application. Once she even told Me she doesn’t have to share any details with Me because I’m not a lawyer! So I guess based on that reason and logic, My brother and I Will never know anything about the Estate. Anyway, here is the latest email thread…

But I did say that this Post is a Celebrate Sean of My Love for God and the Gifts God Gives Me. Part of the reason I took an entire week away from Writing is because I AM exhausted. These seemingly relentless Character attacks coming at Me from every direction do take a toll – but make no mistake, they Will never break Me. And the reason they Will never break Me, is because God never leaves Me, God is always with Me.

Last Tuesday I was feeling very unmotivated to make dinner. I very quietly thought to My Self that maybe now is a Good time to be as King of God for some assistance. I don’t ever perceive difficulties in My Microcosm to be God ‘abandoning’ Me or anything even remotely like that. I know God knows what I can handle, and God knows what events need to take place in Order to invoke the best in Me. God knows I Will not allow any One to defame My Character with false allegate Sean’s. Moments after having the thought, there was a loud knock at My front door, just like in the Matrix.

When I say ‘come in’ no One does, so I get up to investigate. I open the door and there is no One there, though I see a Man making his Way back down the hall to exit the building. I look down and there is a neat little package there. Surprised, I yell after the Man, “hey, Brother! I didn’t order anything.”

The Man turns back briefly, “Are You King Sean, House von Dehn?”

Again, surprised, “I am!”

“Then there is no mistake, that’s for You.”

No name on the package, no One to be thank King but God. Whomever sent Me a Gift like this was trying very hard to make a Good impress Sean, or they know Me very well. I immediately was as King My closer Friends in the community and My intuition is strong enough that People would not be able to lie to Me about it – it was none of the Friends in My Microcosm.

Four meals that were perhaps the best food delivery I have ever had in Life. It’s gourmet food fully cooked and intended only to be reheated for ten minutes. Honestly, I cannot tell You how Good it was and expect You to believe Me unless You were to try some Your Self. One meal was top sirloin with mushrooms, baby baked potatoes, asparagus and broccoli, all cooked perfectly – I don’t even know how it’s possible to do medium-rare steak without ruining it by reheating, but I was VERY impressed (and it had been a while since I’d had a Good steak). Still pink in the middle, even after reheating at 350 degrees for ten minutes – and tasted melt in mouth perfect!

So I guess I’m promoting this company ‘Meels’ despite never having heard of it before. Even the package it was delivered in is offering Me eight dollars and some change if I return the cooler bag and ice pack to claim the deposit!

And just to Give You an Idea what the meals look like (they were all different, all delicious).

And yeah, that’s basically enough meals to feed a whole family, or Me for two days. So I’m also saying thanks to whomever My Secret Friend might be. But believe Me when I tell You, I have very powerful Friends I don’t even know yet, and Truth is like a Lion – let it loose, it Will defend it Self. That’s a proverb or quote, not sure which and not sure who said it first.

It is very difficult for Me to be consistent with My Writing these days for reasons I do not Wish to discuss, so I am also thank King all of You for Your continued support because this Blog is continuing to receive as much traffic as if I were Writing as regularly as usual, so that is very encouraging – it’s really Good to know that People like to come back to read some of My archives as well.

I hope You are all feeling Loved this Valentine’s day, and if One is not feeling Loved, I would strongly suggest war King on Your marriage with God. God is the only thing that Will never leave You, not even in death Will You part.

Love and Blessings,


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