Volume CCLVII: The Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition; Grinch Who Stole Christmas Caught?..

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I have a ton of inform-a-Sean to share with You today, and a great example of the Power of an International Public a Sean. So much to cover, let’s get right into it!

Okay, so first and foremost, I was going to save all of My inform a Sean until the Super Natural Sunday Review because that’s generally what the Sunday Edition is for. However, it was today that My Friend brought Me an update on ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Story’ that was published in My Special Valentine’s Day Edition.

I find this VERY interesting. I basically ‘accused’ Adrienne Benjamin of reporting a false story because I don’t believe for one second that thieves would take the time to transfer gifts from one box into another to carry them away – they were already in boxes, the thief would just take the whole box!!! And I strongly Wish to emphasize that it was NOT Me who initially made this accusation, the story was brought to Me by TWO friends in the community who told Me they believe Adrienne Benjamin perpetrated the crime, or someone in his family who had keys to his car, and were as King of Me what I think, showing Me the photo of the back of his vehicle which looks absolutely pristine aside from the boxes being empty, which is also highly suspect for obvious reasons.

The VERY NEXT DAY, the police apprehend the criminal, claim he’s facing 54 different charges!!! Does that even sound reasonable? 54 charges for breaking into one vehicle? Are they charging him for one count of theft for every gift card he took? Technically, it’s one theft of multiple items. If one is caught shoplifting, they are not charged with one count for every item they steal, they are charged once relative to the total value of goods stolen.

What else is suspicious about the article? They don’t mention how the Man got caught, what heroic constable was responsible for the arrest, or provide the identity of the alleged criminal? Am I the only one who finds that suspicious? Criminals do not have any ‘right’ to have their identity protected if charged with a crime, they have the right to a public trial where they are presumed innocent until proved guilty by a jury of their peers in a court of competent jurisdiction. In case You are thing King it’s NOT suspicious that they don’t name the alleged criminal, this is how the Ottawa Citizen reported finding a Grinch stealing Christmas Gifts in the Toronto area….


The Story begins with a photo of the Man charged with the crimes. We know his name, first and last, and the police authority responsible for the arrest, take credit for their efforts. This is typically how a story regarding a crime is reported because the idea is to increase public confidence in the powers of the police to apprehend criminals. Of course they Wish to Show that Toronto police are finding and apprehending criminals. But the Ottawa police take no credit for apprehending the Barrhaven Grinch?

I honestly find the most suspicious thing about the story to be the fact that it comes out the day after I publish My thoughts on the story! I legitimately believe this story is a fake with intent to absolve Adrienne Benjamin of his suspicious story. Now, I Will concede that even Adrienne Benjamin has the right to the presumption of innocence till proved guilty, but I Will continue to assert that I find his story very suspicious and do not believe one Word of it. The Truth is, neither do My Friends!!!

My Friends believe this is a cover up. Maybe the entire story was false and no gifts were ever stolen – perhaps it was just a ploy to get People in the community to make donations and the donations that were made as a result of this story provided far more Goods than what was stolen from Adrienne Benjamin’s vehicle. Pretty interesting strategy to get more funding, no? Something smells very fishy here, so I decided to write the editor of the paper to see if I can discover how they learned that the criminal had been apprehended. Here is My Letter to the Editor of the Barrhaven Independent.

It Will be interesting to see how long it takes them to respond and what they Will have to say. It really isn’t just Me, My Friend believes I must tell this story because she believes that My mention of it here has resulted in the ‘false’ arrest to absolve the Man of My suspicions regarding his Christmas Story. The use of the Word ‘Grinch’ to embellish and Play on the sympathies of the Public to his cause, and the mention of mint wrappers on the seat as alleged ‘evidence’ of a break in? Really? But they left the rest of the mints behind, so they didn’t like them enough to take them, just to try a couple and leave the wrappers on the seats? I guess it’s a thief thing, like the greatest safe-cracker in history leaving champagne glasses behind after emptying a safe of all it’s gold and diamonds (true story, Man was never caught)?

Anyway, I find it very ‘coincidental’ that this story comes out the day after I question its credibility.

Otherwise, it has been an eventful week because I did respond to the Jester Jaye Hooper’s ‘Decision’ regarding My Claim on Monday morning. We have received no reply yet, and do Keep in Mind that silence is consent or tacit agreement in Law – so no news is Good News. It’s also My most downloaded document of the year after only four days!!! Here it is if You missed it last time.

I also responded to MHI’s letter of apology to Me. As I mentioned in My last Post, it is important to dis-Spell Magical curses that may be Cast against One’s Character. Allowing defamatory statements regarding My Character to remain on the public Record uncontested, allows for the ‘curse’ (why are You thing King they call it ‘cursive’ when One is Writing?) of the Magic to affect the percept-Sean of One’s Character.

So here is My follow up email to MHI and if they don’t reply to Me soon, I Will be required to follow up with them again soon (and probably Will do so on Monday).

I’ve very curious to see what the editor of the Barrhaven Independent has to say, I look forward to learning more about Our Grinch who stole MHI’s Christmas. I wouldn’t be surprised to know that Adrienne Benjamin would fabricate a Story for public attention to receive donations because I know what kind of lies he’s told about Me.

I Will keep You all Posted, thank King or Queen You so much for Your continued support. I am planning to publish a Sunday Review Edition which Will be dedicated to tall King about what’s taking place in Our Macrocosm, including Canada’s official descent into fascism regarding the results of the investigation into the Emergency measures Act. Friday was the darkest day in Canadian history to this day, and Will be remembered by future generate Sean’s as the day Canada officially became a fascist dictatorship that can ‘legally’ trespass upon the rights of Canada’s People. The commission and investigation was conducted by the liberal, Trudeau government – so no surprise really, because there is no such thing as non-partisan investigation anymore, every organization investigates it Self and that is a SERIOUS problem.

Love and Blessings,

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