Volume CCLVIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; All the World’s a Stage, New Characters for this Universal Pictures Present a Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to be in Your House. Mind the House, the Magical House is the Mind of Man, and You invite Me deeper and deeper into Your home with every Word You read. That is an incredible Honour, and I am Great Full for it. 😉

Well, I figured I should come up with something Creative for an intro today because typically I would be Writing My Matrix Resurrections IV Interpret a Sean Edition on Tuesday’s, though the project is on hold for the moment for reasons beyond My control. Perhaps the most interesting thing about that, is that I did feel as though the film is a perfect metaphor for My Life right now, but I actually have to let the situation Play out in Man’s Macrocosm before I can Write about how they’re related. I am thing King they Wished for Me to see the film, but not to be Writing about it so quickly. If I’d continued Writing the Interpret a Sean, I was at exactly the point in the film where I’d have to begin predicting how the film is related to My Microcosm because the rest of the events are still to come. For that reason, I’d been slowing down the interpret a Sean somewhat consciously, kind of like procrastination but really just hoping that My Life and Man’s Macrocosm would catch up to the events in the film fast enough for Me to be tall King about it and making the connections.

However, the fact that My Matrix IV Interpret a Sean is effectively on hold has no effect on the overall Glow Ball (global) Product-Sean whatsoever. New Characters enter My Story all the time and We have as many as three new Actors taking the Stage and that’s at the very least! One of the newest leading Roles for a State Actor in this Universal Pictures Product-Sean, is the Honourable Member of Parliament, Merrilee Fullerton, the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services.

Service Canada recently declared that the Honourable Member of Parliament is ultimately liable for harm done to Beneficiaries of the Public Trust by Ontario Works agents using the Ontario Works Act to trespass upon the inherent rights of Canada’s People (and the Beneficiaries they were ultimately Trusted to Act in the best interest of, and the very rights the Act was allegedly legislated to ensure the protection of).

Contra Bonos Mores

Against Good Morals, Maxim in Law

Not entirely sure that I’m Spelling the Magic of the Latin correctly but the English translate Sean is correct and one of My favourite Maxims in Law. For those who don’t know what a ‘Maxim’ is, it is not a Law, it is a Principle in Law that is Universally considered indispensable in the administration of Justice. If something is contrary to Good morals, it cannot be lawful because the Rule of Law is to uphold Moral Values in society. For example, if some One were to tell some One a product is ‘perfectly safe and effective’ when they know it is in fact potentially lethal and entirely ineffective, that would be ‘Contra Bonos Mores’; unacceptable in Law, and punishable by Law. Only the legal fiction tries to justify immoral behaviour with ridiculous Acts of legislation the State Actors then Play out on the world Stage… Just in case You were wondering how today’s Title is related to the Post. 😉

It was in fact yesterday that I Writ the Honourable Merrilee Fullerton, as King of her how she feels about the Ottawa office’s Ontario Works agents (think Matrix, People, it’s always the agents Neo has to watch out for) weaponizing the Ontario Works Act and using it as means of violating the rights of Beneficiaries to demoralize the People they were Trusted to care for by Way of economic extortion. I can tell You it’s not one of My best letters by any means because I’m more than fed up dealing with incompetent morons gas lighting their obligate Sean’s, so I really didn’t put any forethought or time into it, it was in fact inspired by a Friend as King of Me how long I was going to wait before following up with her (it was at least a couple of weeks ago now that I concluded My interrogation of service Canada as King only for a name to hold accountable for breaches of the public Trust perpetrated by the legislated Act it Self, empowering ignorant agents to believe it has the force of Law to violate a right, when it has no such force or effect).

“… a law that is inconsistent with the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect.”

Canada’s Charter of Rights, Remedies, 24.1

Yeah, Truth be told I’ve had so much on My Mind in My Microcosm that I actually forgot about this Letter last night, or I would have shared it with You yesterday. At the same time, it seems that no Matter what I do, the Universe just keeps piling more on My plate regardless whether or not I feel like I’ve had enough or Wish for any more. I really, really don’t… But the Universe insisting on something is never a coincidence, and these pursuits may seem like they’re Self motivated, perhaps even Self preserve a Sean, but they really are for the greater Good. I have a lot more inform a Sean regarding OW agents and their abuse of power than what I have shared with You here, but they are stories related to others in My Microcosm which I am not at liberty to share, though they are the Ones in My Microcosm encouraging Me to press on with these Issues. Right now, the goal is to find some One reasonable and competent enough in Canada’s government to discuss these Issues like a rational human being so that I don’t have to file any more law suits or file any Orders with the Court to enforce the Default Judgments already awarded against these individuals – that really is a last resort. Apparently, as far as the Ontario Works Act is concerned, the liability buck stops with Merrilee Fullerton. Believe it or not, she also happens to be the first member of the conservative party I’ve contacted, every other MP has been a party to Trudeau’s treason, so maybe there is hope… Maybe what We’ve seen is typical only of liberals, but I’m very cautiously optimistic because My real fear is that they are all completely incompetent and have no real idea how the public Trust actually works or where their fiat currency comes from. I guess We Will soon see.

But there’s more People taking the Stage, Multifaith Housing Initiative is now waiting in the wings and appears to be conspiring with the City of Ottawa. That is not a statement I am proud to share, it is one I share with great disappointment. I’m going to share My email exchange with Lori Simpson, who also owns a property management company that (if I comprehend everything correctly) owns the not for profit ‘Multifaith Housing Initiative’ that is the ‘landlord’ of the rental unit. Does that make sense?

It is very natural for Me to tell My readers when People are engaging in unlawful actions, I was never expecting that I would be making that Claim against My landlord, but You can see for Your Self how a narcissist responds to an email – ignoring the main issue, apologizing, then repeating the offense while failing to answer any Quest-Ions, as if they have entirely ignored Your letter, or are hoping to antagonize with passive aggression to such an extent that the victim lashes out, with intent to Play the victim and Characterize the individual as irrational and violent when they finally do. It’s incredible. Ironically, mysterious Gifts have continued to Show up at My door, and Friends in My Microcosm believe it is My landlord trying to apologize without having to admit that’s what they are doing. I don’t believe that by the Way because I don’t understand the purpose of it. Narcissists Wish for their Good Deeds to be known by every One, and not letting Me know who is sending the Gift doesn’t allow Me to accept it as an apology… So it doesn’t benefit the landlord in any Way. At the same time, most of the People in My Microcosm wouldn’t be able to afford the random Gifts that have shown up on My doorstep (3 food deliveries and a massive ‘club size’ box of cat litter which seems totally random but is very useful for any One known to have cats).

Anyway, here’s the update on the correspondences with My landlord.

I am going to touch on some points here quickly just to let You know that everything in My email to Lori is very straightforward and absolutely correct. No landlord has any right to make false allegations regarding a tenant’s behaviour without having first hand knowledge of the event. The entire accusation against Me is hearsay which is not admissible in any Court of Law, and no landlord gets to serve first, second, and third notice allowing for the evict-Sean as ONE Notice! It’s like a three strike policy type of thing, except Lori has Given Me three strikes in a single pitch, and based entirely on inadmissible hearsay.

There is absolutely no Way her threat to enforce the Order would have succeeded – and she knows it. She was thing King I wouldn’t know. Surprise, surprise, I have advocated with both landlord tenant boards and employment rights tribunals a few times and they are much easier to win than a Court case – I’ve never lost. In fact, there was one employer who would agree to settle outside of the tribunal the moment he realized I was acting as counsel for one of his employees (I was unlawfully fired first, sued him for unlawful dismissal, received compensation, then every One else who got fired came to Me as King of Me to help them file a Claim, too – won every single case (three I think – but two didn’t even bother with contacting the Board, I could just tell them to send him a letter telling him what they would be as King of the board for and he would tell them to pick up a check the next day!).

When One threatens One with eviction they when they don’t have any legal or lawful right to do so, it is called an Act of ‘bad Faith‘. It is an empty threat, and in this case it was politically motivated to Keep Me from as King Quest-Ions of City council and Ottawa Public Health regarding why they are continuing to promote dangerous medical procedures in Our community when We know there are risks and that they are entirely ineffective in slowing or stopping the transmission of any virus. I have every right to be as King these Quest-Ions, and Lori cannot even provide Me with a name to substantiate her allegations against Me, and I’ve since had several People who were witnesses to the event thank King Me for advocating for them, though of course they do not Wish for their names to be made public because they fear the same type of retaliation for speaking out. People in the community feel harassed by public health and feel it is none of MHI’s business – and it’s not!

How serious is an eviction Notice served on some One in ‘bad faith’? Well, if the threat is Issued by a corporate landlord as it is in this case, the Landlord Tenant Board can award up to $250,000.00 in damages. I am thing King that because they were threatening My rights and also defaming My Character, I Will be entitled to the full amount. So We’re going to Give Lori till Friday to see if she can do any better with respect to a Resolute Sean proposal!

Oops, almost forgot My source on that one!!!

Finally, I also followed up with Barrhaven Independent and this might be the most exciting Story of the day. Well, for Me it IS the most exciting story of the day but only because of the implications behind it. The day after I Quest-Ion the credibility of Multifaith Housing Initiative’s Community events coordinator’s ‘Grinch Stole Christmas Story’, Barrhaven Independent announces that the thief has been apprehended and charged with 54 counts contrary to Canada’s criminal code. Wow, that’s a lot of charges for breaking into one vehicle, but maybe he’s also a member of ISIS or something and they just Wish to pin as much on as possible to ensure a conviction.

Well, I Quest-Ioned the Publisher’s credibility by Writing the Editor and as King for the name of the Man arrested, how he got caught, why he was charged with 54 counts, and why no police department is taking credit for the arrest. Those Quest-Ions make the article suspicious enough, but failing to respond to Me to provide answers to those Quest-Ions only makes the story that much more dubious!?

I’m not really sure if You are picking up what I’m putting down here, but it is beginning to appear as though Multifaith Housing has very deep connections with the city of Ottawa and can even influence the local paper to publish false stories? Like, this story comes out the day after I question the credibility of Adrienne Benjamin’s story!!! Did the Barrhaven Independent just publish fake news to absolve Adrienne Benjamin exclusively to dispute My suggestion that he should be investigated for telling such a tall, unlikely tale? No joke, it’s beginning to look that Way, People.

The REAL Quest-Ion is… Does it say more about Multifaith Housing Initiative and how deep their tentacles reach, or does it say more about how much what I Write here Matters in Man’s Macrocosm?

I haven’t received a reply from the paper yet, and that generally means they are guilty as charged, and this may well be My best opportunity to prove it because all I have to do is call the police and be as King of them My Self. I’m going to see if I can follow up with a phone call to the paper to see what they have to say tomorrow, but I have a very funny feeling they are going to try to ‘ghost’ Me, expecting the call (now that I’ve Writ about it). I guess We’ll soon see, it seems to Me it would be hard for a newspaper to screen calls because they’d be too busy, but what do I know, I’ve been war King for any Public a Sean that this One!

Lots of new Characters taking the Stage in My Story, going to make for an awfully big Art Exhibit-Sean.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I also have a Friend who is walking to raise money for the homeless, and this subject is very close to My Heart as all of You Will know, so please check out his link if You are able to make a donation he Will be very Grateful. Thanks so much for Your consider a Sean. 😉


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