Volume CCLVIII: The Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition; The Unveiling of the Apocalypse

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I am always Honoured to have You in My House. Yesterday I was tall King about the new Script I am Writing for State Actors in My Microcosm, today I will be tall King about how that new Script is affecting the Role of State Actors on the world Stage in this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean.

I had intended to include both in yesterday’s Post but updating the International Public Record took up more of My Word count than anticipated, so today My Wish is to share with You how these events are unfolding and unveiling the apocalypse in Man’s Macrocosm.

Remember when I was tall King about the war in Ukraine, and how the Ukrainian government is one of the most corrupt governments on the planet? Well, this relates to My Words Magically Manifesting, as new details are continually revealing the Truth and exposing the nefarious motive behind the western world’s interest in supporting a neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine.

“So, Russia is trying to alert the world that the U.S. has funded bio labs in Ukraine…”

Clayton Morris, Redacted
Is ‘support’ for Ukraine really about covering up the west’s involvement in bio labs funding gain of function research responsible for the plandemic?

I hope You Will watch the whole video, though some Canadians may not have the luxury because Google is already censoring YouTube content in Canada despite the fact that bill C-11 has not yet been passed into legislation (a bill that allows the Canadian government to censor any information that exposes their corruption). You can learn more about that story here:

Trudeau gestapo censoring news channels he doesn’t ‘own’.

The Trudeau government has bought and paid for all the mainstream media channels in Canada so that they only publish stories that support his treasonous agenda to convert Canada into a fascist dictatorship. I’ve also suggested that Trudeau has been conspiring with China, and that We Will one day learn that Trudeau is also participating in and funding gain of function research potentially in Canada, Ukraine, and perhaps even the Wuhan institute responsible for the plandemic. Remember, two Chinese scientists were fired and kicked out of Canada’s top science lab, but Trudeau’s government refused to say why…

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu was escorted out of the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg in July 2019. She was then fired last January, but the Public Health Agency of Canada refuses to say why. 


Nothing at all suspicious about that, right?

One journalist I do have tremendous respect for is Brian Lilley, despite war King for the legacy media funded by the Trudeau government, he continues as King difficult questions – like why the Trudeau government does not seem to be concerned that the Chinese government manipulated Canada’s last election with intent to ensure that Trudeau maintains his position. Can You imagine what Trudeau would be saying if the Chinese government were interfering to ensure a conservative government oust the treasonous dictator in the same election? We would hear of nothing else but how ‘illegitimate’ the conservative government is as a result of Chinese interference. But it’s not an issue so long as the interference in Canada’s elections benefits the current dictator…

Now, none of this really makes sense unless there is some merit to My accusation that Trudeau was involved in the gain of function research in Wuhan and instrumental in ensuring that the Chinese created virus penetrates Canadian borders. Another politician may expose the corruption, so it is important that no One but Trudeau remains in power because he has promised the Chinese government he Will help Xi Ping bankrupt the western world to help China become the world’s economic superpower. Too bad Russia and Putin always seem to be two steps ahead, creating a strong economy for their People backed by real wealth (gold and silver). Yes, a Ruble is now backed by gold, meaning that People in Russia can cash in their Roubles for something of real value (gold). A 5 Rouble coin is worth 3.87 grams of Gold.

People don’t yet real eyes how intelligent Putin actually is. This is the real reason Biden commit a war crime by destroying the Nord Stream pipeline. The Russians Will only sell their oil in Roubles which must be backed by Gold, and because the western world is using (fake) fiat currency, it cannot be exchanged for Roubles, they (western leaders) must pay for the oil with Gold or silver! Yes, Putin is enemy number one of the IMF (international monetary fund) which is responsible for providing fiat to all the countries guilty for crimes of treason against the Crown, which consequently cost them their right to own any property of real value – they can only steward property for the Sovereign People, who are the True owners of the property. One day People Will Truly understand how ingenious the fiat system really is – only incompetent morons who have no Idea how a Sovereign country manages its wealth would be duped by a fiat system which has effectively enslaved the treasonous traitors to their People (which is also why ‘Mr.’ actually means ‘Master’, as the People are the True authority of government in any Common wealth country).

Finally, and to end this Post on a positive Note to Keep Harmony with the Universe (the One Song We all Sing), I have a Post by David Goggins. I learned of David Goggins through other channels I’ve been watching hosted by social media sensations like Andrew Huberman (the Huberman Podcast), Lex Friedman and Joe Rogan. The Man’s story is Truly remarkable and he’s a great example of what the human Spirit is capable of when Truly motivated. Despite the fact that I have a very dear Friend in My Microcosm right now, I do and have spent the majority of My journey alone. Many People (including the Friend in My Microcosm now) are often as King of Me how I manage to stay the course and remain motivated when it seems as though every One in the world is against Me. Well, when People sense that One has great power, they seek to destroy that Power because it threatens their own existence and Self identity. I am what People sometimes call a ‘Sigma’ male, and it is often portrayed as something others aspire to be – yet most People would not really Wish to be One if they Truly understood what it means to be that. Most Imagine that being a Sigma male is something others are drawn to and Will somehow make them more likable and popular. The Truth is, it Will and does have the exact opposite effect – most People fear Me without even understanding why. The desire to be liked, or to be popular is inconsistent with the very Characteristics that make One a Sigma male in the first place. I don’t care what any One is thing King of Me, My only concern is Honouring the Gifts God Gave Me, and using them to lift the Spirit of My fell-low Man. Without further ado, here is David Goggins tall King about Living as a lone wolf.

People care too much about what other People are thing King. Be You, unapologetically and beautifully, You!!!

Love and Blessings,


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