Volume CCLX: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; 03,07, Happy Name Day, Father

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is a Magical day in My Microcosm because it is one of those ‘coincidences’ that seems too Good, too Perfect, almost Immaculate, to be a coincidence. My Mystical, Magical number is 37, Given Me by God, My vessel crash landed on this planet in ’73, and 37 was the last name day I celebrated with My family, and the first year I was officially uninvited from Christmas, or any other family event since. But Trust Me, this isn’t a sad Story, this is the Good News Journal, remember – we don’t wallow here! It also marked the beginning of the most meaningful chapters of My Story because I stopped trying to compromise My Spiritual beliefs and integrity believing that one day My family would understand, to not caring what they think whatsoever, and getting on with what I came here to do. I came here to Honour God, despite what any One’s opinion of that might be, and the Fifth Commandment of God, says to Honour thy Father and Mother. How important is that Commandment? How important is the Promise I made to My Father? 03,07. Today would be Joachim’s name day if he were still with Us, ’37’. Trust Me when I tell You it is a Sign, My Father’s Estate Matter is very important to God. And God is always with Me.

Speaking of which!!!

Yeah, today’s feature photo and Special delivery! I quite honestly have no Idea who is responsible for this, I can only say thank You here. I don’t know how to express how Grateful I Truly am. I even got a text message today addressed to ‘King Sean’ telling Me the food was on the Way and I could track My Order! Four complete meals, just like last time. Again, I cannot tell You how Good they really are, especially for a Man like Me (or any bachelor of either kind/sex).

I also have more emails from My Microcosm regarding My Father’s Estate but I’m going to share those with You later in the week when I’m ready to really get into My strategy with respect to dealing with these criminals. That’s all these People are to Me now, criminals attempting to perpetrate fraud on the Court at My expense. Neil tries to come up with some excuse about Estate numbers not starting with the prefix ‘CV’, they use the full year instead (which would be 2020-59 in this case). The problem with all of his arguments, is that none of them Magically produce a Court of Record. One can enter 2020-59 into a Court case database search and You Will get the same result. Bracebridge doesn’t have a Record of any Estate application with that file number, regardless what the number actuall is – that’s the problem!!! The more information One enters, the less results they get. Obviously (maybe not to Neil) the number on the Certificate Will (or should) identify the application in the system.

In short, I’m basically as King any One (and every One) to produce proof of service of the Casullo Endorsement, and also proof of Notice of the Application hearing for the Casullo Endorsement. I’m basically not responding to any other Issues regarding the Claim until the fraud in the Estate application is addressed, and those responsible are held accountable. I’m not just going to allow this to move along as if these People are not the contemptuous criminals they are – the Court is going to find out (like they don’t already know…).

For those of You anxiously waiting on the defense materials, I assure You I Will be Posting them this week and I Will be Writing about each of them when I do. Probably address Neil and My sister first, then My brother and Mr. Crisman-Cox another day later in the week. I’m going to be dealing with all of this in what is known as ‘the Common Law’ right up until the motion hearing.

Before I go I do Wish to say thank King You very much, whomever You are for the delicious food I am about to eat. Because this Gifter is anonymous, I have no choice but to be thank King God, but it is also a Great example of how We are each the Hand of God when We do Good Deeds. Thank You very much, and thank You ‘Meels’ for making such awesome tasting, healthy food!!!

Love, Blessings, and bon appetit!!!


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