Volume CCLXI: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Final Notice of Crown Prosecute-Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Well, We’ve been dealing with an awful lot of corrupt-Sean in Man’s Macrocosm, governments all over the world lying to their People to profit big pharma, bankrupting entire nations and handing the People’s resources over to corporations war King for profits that have no regard or concern for the People at all, no (or very little) obligation to return any of those profits to the People who’s basic needs were exploited to obtain. Yeah, apparently while People are scrounging to put food on the table for their families, grocery stores profit an average of $43 per second. Now, don’t quote Me on that statistic, it comes courtesy of a Russel Brand video where he rhymes off just how much major corporations have profit while the People were hunkered down in their homes, denied their right to provide their own means of subsistence in violation of their inherent rights, and grocery stores were one of the industries he quotes and whatever the figure was, it is astounding. There should be a law that says when there is a recession, corporations must hand over 100% of their profits to the People. It should be illegal and unlawful to profit from the People’s need for basic resources – period!

Well, I wasn’t really expecting the intro to become a rant but it doesn’t take long once One gets started tall King about the state of Man’s Macrocosm. But it does affect all of Us, and in one Way or another, the global plandemic has caused pandemics of their own in each of Our microcosms (unless of course We are Lucky enough (or unlucky enough depending on how One Wishes to perceive things) to be a member of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, or a ‘State Actor’ profiteering from all their nefarious collusion with corporations. I say that it depends on One’s perspective because Judgment Day is coming for all the sinners, and in My Microcosm, that day is coming soon. The Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm in all things, so this inspire a Sean has the potential to affect every One (and always does in One Way or another – I am thing King they call it the ‘Butterfly Effect’?).

I’m going to be feeling some Magical Motive a Sean this Monday morning because Final Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability and Notice of Claim was served upon each of the offenders of My Trust in God, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, which was Established to protect My family’s Honourable House. It is the Motive a Sean behind My Story.

Due process of Law works exactly the same Way in the Common Law as it does in Man’s legal fiction, the only difference is that the Rules are more clearly defined in Man’s legal fiction, whereas the terms and conditions of the Common Law are negotiable by both parties. In the example I’m providing here, We know I served the offenders with a Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability and Notice of Claim on Friday, was very clear about letting them know why they are being charged with indictable offenses, and advised them that if they do not reply with a legal and lawful excuse for their Actions before the end of the weekend, it Will be presumed that there is no objection to the charges against them.

Typically, after serving some One with a Notice of Claim in Man’s legal fiction, Canada allows for twenty days to respond, thirty days if One is as King for more time, twenty additional days if they are outside of the province (but in North America), and another twenty days for international service, for a maximum of sixty days if One is in another country. One can read the first few pages of My statement of Claim, as One is required to inform One’s adversary of how long they have to respond before they can be noted in default.

But even in Man’s legal fiction, if both parties agree to more time then it’s absolutely acceptable. One could respond saying they are out of the province for the next month but they do Wish to respond, Will You allow an additional thirty days? The Rules of Civil Procedure do not require One to allow any more time than what is afforded by the Rules, but One certainly can, and it would be the Honourable thing to do (presuming of course it is a legitimate reason and not an excuse to stall the proceedings, which are why there are limits which are considered ‘reasonable’). The Law generally tries to presume that all People are Acting in Honour first, so We presume the One as King for more time has a legitimate reason for as King. Unfortunately, the Rules were Created because only dis-Honourable People get dragged into Court to begin with!!!

The point is, I am serving My adversaries with a Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability and Notice of Claim, and I am letting them know how long I intend to Give them to respond, and why I am only Giving them the weekend to respond – they have had since November 3rd to produce the documents I’m as King for (primarily proof to substantiate their allegation that the ’cause of Action’ for the Claim was to attack the Court process and the Endorsement of a Justice (that I knew nothing about at the time of filing)).

All Respondents received the email, all Respondents have the ability to Respond if they have any object-Sean to any of My assert-Sean’s, and all Respondents also have the ability to protest the amount of time I am Giving them to respond. They could easily have responded and said, “the Rules allow for twenty days to respond to a Notice of Claim”, and I would have said, “You’ve had since November 3rd, I am thing King that is sufficient, what exactly do You need more time for?”.

The fact is, they didn’t do that – they said nothing. What happens if One does not respond to a Claim filed with the Court within the timeline stated in the Claim? They can be Noted in Default and denied their right to participate in the proceedings, because it is presumed (by the Court) that they do not Wish to participate if they do not reply. That means that the Claim continues to ‘move’ unopposed. And as the express Sean goes, “objects in Motion tend to stay in Motion”…

It is customary (although NOT required by the Rules of Civil Procedure) to advise One’s legal and lawful opposition that they are about to run out of time and Will be noted in default, and usually a few days before the deadline is considered courteous. Even though it is not required by the Rules, it is polite and proper to let One’s adversary know that they are about to run out of time. It could also be helpful if One were to try making an excuse after being Noted in Default, pleading to the Court that they just made an honest mistake and thought they had three more days (or whatever). The Claimant can then say, “Uh, I served You with a final Notice letting You know You were about to default on the Claim, You responded to confirm and insisted You didn’t forget, You’ll have Your defense prepared in time.” Then of course One’s adversary just begins to look like an idiot…

And what a perfect Segway into the Final Notice served on the Respondents of My Claim this morning.

Of course, not even the legal clerks for Susan Sacks Will respond to confirm receipt of the Notice – again, this is CONTEMPT. I suppose One could argue that I’m emailing on the weekend, but to suggest that neither one of these legal assistants is checking ‘urgent’ emails for Susan Sacks just because it’s the weekend doesn’t really fly. No Court Will believe it, that’s for sure! So I let them know that I know this is further example of contempt because these arrogant asses are only behaving this Way because I’m not a lawyer and they are thing King I have no Idea what it means to Act in Honour. They Will soon learn that I could teach them a few things – actually, I take that back. If God were Willing, I could teach them a lot of things. Unfortunately, they are thing King they already know everything, which interferes with One’s ability to learn.

Here’s My email to Susan ‘the Sinner’ Sacks’ legal assistants, letting them know they are every bit as contemptuous as their fearless leader.

And if You are wondering about the misandrist comment, their emails only reference ‘she, or her’ when tall King about partners or legal assistants in their correspondences, and their website only lists female staff. It’s like all the women scorned from ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ decided to get together and open a law firm. Yeah, I’m not going to lie, I’m more than a little angry with this firm. I’ve never had any One attack My Character with baseless allegations for no reason, so I am thing King they are fat, ugly, unhappy women looking for revenge on any innocent victim they can find. And hey, I’m not being mean, some People believe big is beautiful, I’m just not One of them. Realistically, they’ve probably all found some One, are married with children, and just never get laid. Truth is, I have no Idea what they are so miserable about, but People who are happy with their lives don’t generally go around trying to destroy the lives of others, and that’s what this firm is trying to do to Me and My repute a Sean.

Anyway, the point is, at this exact second, We are 33 minutes away from being able to note all of these criminal clowns in default, ‘Nihil Dicit’ (because he says nothing in defense), and ‘Res Judicata’ because they had plenty of time to provide a defense and chose not to, being fairly advised of what the consequences Will be. The only excuse they might have, is if they don’t comprehend English, and I am thing King that is not a very believable argument.

I Wish I could share the Default Judgment with You now, but I do have to allow for the time I Promised I Will Give, though the other reason I didn’t bother to Give more time is because this is exactly the response I anticipated because it’s all I’ve received from any One Responding to this Claim so far. Like I said, if they needed more time, they were free to be as King for it, no One did.

Tomorrow I might start tall King about what I do to enforce this Default Judgment against the offenders, though I probably won’t say too much about it until it is officially DONE!!! But I do have some serious documents to prepare and I am thing King You Will all enjoy reading them when I am done.

Love and Blessings,


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