Volume CCLXIV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; A Good Friday for Keeping One’s Word

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, the Presence of Your Moral Highness is a Gift to My House. It is a Fabulous Friday in Deed because I have been Good to My Word in My Microcosm and I believe We Will have a Good ending to My Story for Man’s Macrocosm soon, too. The condensed version (if You’re only interested in the Goods) is that I still have Faith that Justice Will prevail in Canada’s Courts! (And that’s also why it’s Good for Man’s Macrocosm because My philosophy is that Courts do not have the capacity to be corrupt, only Man can do that, and only some of Man Will be corrupt, even if corruption has infected the Courts, I believe the Goodness of Man also has a chance to shine in Canada’s Courts, and some People Will Wish to be that kind of Inspire a Sean).

The first big reason I’m super excited this Fabulous Friday is because Friday is My Favourite day for Writing in the first place (not sure why, just tend to have more Energy on Friday’s and generally more inspired to Write), and today I also had a chance to watch My Words Magically Manifest faster than ever before! I said that My most recent audio upload of a Motion to settle the unlawful Order of Jester Justice, Jaye Hooper would become My most downloaded document of the year by the end of April. Well, that took less than forty-eight hours to prove it Self to be True!

Yeah, I would suggest every single one of those downloads is equally important to My overall Claim because this is the REAL, True, International Public Record, and I can tell You that a lot more People are witnessing this than the Motion hearings themselves – in fact, if there was no public Record here, there would be virtually no publicity at all! And frankly, I believe that’s why they get away with it.

But the Truth is, I believe the Courts care more about their reputation than they do about a few bad apples, and Will opt to protect their repute a Sean over a corrupt Registrar and lawyer.

The reason the Court of Record for the Motion it Self and the most recent Motion to Settle the Order are so important, is because I very clearly state on a Court of Record that I am not able to receive any information about the Estate from the Bracebridge Courthouse because ‘it is not open to the public’, and the Reply Factum included with My Motion materials includes an email from Registrar Michelle Murphy indicating exactly that. Any Justice who actually read the Reply Factum and had an ounce of logic and reasoning skills, Will know that I could not have had knowledge of the Casullo Endorsement if the Court is still not Giving Me the information after I learn of the Endorsement from their defense materials!!! I wasn’t even able to get a copy of the Casullo Endorsement from the Court AFTER I learned about it until AFTER a Certificate Issues to My sister! And the Judge says nothing?!

Yeah, now You know why she earned the Title ‘Jester Jaye Hooper’ because the evidence presented in the Reply Factum it Self make her accusations against Me impossible. That’s why I was so confident in the Motion hearing, and why My Reply Factum has something of a sarcastic tone to it because it is absolutely ridiculous that a Judge would not have something to say about a Registrar and a lawyer conspiring together to exclude an individual from participating in a proceeding by lying about the status of the application, and obtaining secret meetings with the Court in violation of Rule 1.09.

This really is one of the best recordings because the fraud is clearly discussed with an officer of the Court on a Court of Record for the first time. They can all ‘pretend’ all they Wish that they don’t have any lawful obligation to put a stop to the fraud, but because the fraud involves members of their Court (remember, every municipal Court is just a franchise of the Ontario Superior Court, it is the same entity overall), they do have a legal and lawful obligation to put a stop to the fraud at least on their end. Michelle Murphy should be apprehended. But in regards to that, I did Keep My Word by forwarding My concerns regarding their failure to respond to the Notices of Civil and Criminal Liability served upon the Bracebridge Courthouse to Honourable David Lametti, who needs to be cc’d on any information I swear for private criminal prosecute-Sean anyway. I figure he may as well receive Notice first so he has an opportunity to intervene.

Now of course, We can’t be expecting much to happen today with it being Good Friday and all, though I feel this is a Good Omen for April and a Good Way to introduce My Self to the Honourable Minister of Justice. And just so People know, I have mentioned Writing the Minister of Justice and Attorney General before when some One doesn’t do their job at the Courthouse but it is NOT this email address that I typically Write – there is a general email for the Minister of Justice and Attorney General’s office, and another for directing email to the Minister him Self. This is the latter, and the first time I have used this email (to the best of My knowledge).

I do strongly encourage You to listen to the audio to find out why it has so many downloads because it really is… Explosive. It’s becoming more and more difficult for ‘the Court’ as an unbiased, impartial body, to pretend it doesn’t see what’s going on here. Courts are not there to cause harm to People, that’s the most important take away. I believe the Courts are considering their repute a Sean and probably Wish to see this thing come to an end almost as much as I do, and with as little more embarrassment as possible.

If You Wish to skip to a particularly telling ‘Good’ part of the audio, jump to 16:37 – it’s not My Magical number for no reason. Jenny Bogod is telling the Registrar that she ‘advised Me’ she would be as King for costs if she is compelled to bring a Motion, and is as King of the Registrar if he can award those costs now… Don’t let Me ruin the surprise, Give it a listen, especially to Bogod’s response…

Again, I’ll have more to say about this because it is such a powerful exchange and is My most popular download of the year for Good reason. Oh, it is also worth nothing that I do concede that I am an intimidating Man vocally – I almost scare My Self a little when I re-listen to My own audio. The fact is, I just have a strong voice, and although I do interrupt People (especially if I feel they are trying to take the Motion in a direct-Sean I do not Wish to go), I do let others talk when I’ve said My piece. There is a section in the audio where One would almost be thing King I was muted because I remain silent for so long, but the only time the call was muted was when Derrick and I were alone and he muted the call to check the other computer for the Estate application. I just got done arguing and figured that whatever they were agreeing to was irrelevant, and I had said My piece on the Matter. Once the final Order is Signed by Derrick and Issued to Me (I’m not sure if Jenny Bogod is now going to try and send Me a bill or what Will happen), I Will return to the Court ‘Refused for Cause – Void for Fraud’, and that Will officially be the end of it.

Anyway, thank King all of You for being here and for making My Wishes come True. Without this Public a Sean, I would not have this Jury of My peers to be holding State Actors accountable to their Role on the world stage. The Roll Call continues for this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean…

Love and Blessings,

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