Volume CCLXV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Pro Vision and Focused Magic Meets Cheryl Ferguson

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. As the Title of today’s Post suggests, today is another day for adding more Characters to My Story and that’s relevant for all of Man’s Macrocosm because State Actors are the Characters Trusted to Play a particular Role on the world Stage for every One. If We can’t Trust State Actors to Play the Role they were Trusted to Play, it makes it difficult to direct this Universal Product-Sean.

Is that an enticing enough intro? We’ve also got another Product-Sean taking place this week for the Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company, a new entrepreneurial Create-Sean, ‘Bad Ass Buddha Tonic’. First batch Will be ready in two weeks and I Will be sharing the results when ready, along with all the nuances We encounter bottling My first product for public consumpt-Sean. Today’s feature photo is a preview of the most Magical ingredients.

It’s a baby idea spawned by its parent company, ‘The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company’. I don’t think it’s the same Idea as a franchise because I’m pretty sure that a franchise is a ‘True Copy’ of the original business Idea, and I anticipate that ‘The Prince of Peppers’ Will come up with many products that I Will be able to potentially market, this just happens to be the first. I’ll be looking into growing as many of the ingredients as possible if at all practical. One of the main reasons this Idea appeals to Me is because it also appeals to One of My Friends who Will be known here by the code name ‘Lucky’. Lucky was excited to get the ball rolling which motivated Me and succeeded in making Lucky a 49% shareholder of the business concept for helping Me get the Idea off the ground.

As far as the original Idea is concerned, ‘The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company’ is at the start of its second season of a five year business plan.

I got started a lot earlier this year (though still one month later than I had initially anticipated) and My seedlings are flourishing!!! Today was the first really beautiful spring day We’ve had so far this year, well timed to celebrate the recent Holy Day weekend and the light dominating darkness for a little less than the next six months. We’ve had enough darkness, the world needs some light. As do these seedlings, so…

Once again, not a great photo, pretty bland and boring looking garden plot right now, but they haven’t even officially assigned community plots yet, I’m just ‘stealing’ the plot I had last year because they take Way too long to get around to assigning the gardens here. Community volunteers for the community garden have first dibs on the garden plots, so I just decided to volunteer My time and start prepping My plot. The back row is all peppers in their first year, started (roughly) February first (the plan had been January 1st). Inside, I already have at least four of last year’s peppers either in fruit or in bloom, with seven more sprouting new leaves after remaining dormant most of the winter.

Finally, after all this tall King about the light overcoming the darkness and the recent passing of the Easter Holy Day weekend, I should share with You today’s most anticipated media file of the day (at least for Canada’s Courts), My call this morning to the Bracebridge Courthouse as King why Michelle Murphy felt she had the right to conspire with My sister’s lawyer to exclude Me of My right to fairly participate in the judicial process regarding My father’s Estate application. We also get to add a new Character to My Story, Cheryl Ferguson, Bracebridge Courts, Civil and Estates Division.

I suppose I should remember to leave the recording…

Love and Blessings,


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