Volume CCLXV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Microcosm Reflects the Macrocosm – Ontario Superior Court Judge Arrested!

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. The Microcosm really does reflect Man’s Macrocosm and there could be no better example than the recent arrest of Regional Court Justice, Paul Currie. But what makes this arrest even more kismet to My Microcosm? The hearing is in the Guelph Courthouse on May 23rd, which just happens to be the city I grew up in and where My brother and mother Live now. When was the last time any One heard of a judge getting arrested and released on bail!?

It really is a crazy story! CTV is also what they would call ‘legacy’ media, so You know if it’s on legacy media it must be True. As facetious as I might be, this isn’t the kind of story legacy media is generally keen to report on because it does not reflect well on Canada’s judiciary or the government because the government is responsible for appointing the judges. He was appointed in 2004, so it doesn’t reflect on the current Trudeau government or its Ministers at all. It really shouldn’t be unusual for mainstream media to print news that reflects unfavourably on government but because the (Trudeau) government is funding mainstream media, it generally remains pretty government ‘friendly’. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

But it’s not only unusual because We don’t generally hear stories that reflect unfavourably on the government or judicial system in mainstream media these days, it’s also unusual because it’s virtually unheard of. I can honestly tell You I don’t ever remember hearing of a judge in Canada ever being arrested for anything ever before. I don’t care enough to Google it (right now, though I Imagine it Will pique My interest enough one day soon) to find out how often judges get arrested, but I am thing King even if it does happen more often than I hear about, it probably isn’t that common.

It’s certainly not great to hear that a judge has been charged with a crime, but it IS great to see that the judge was charged. Who knows, maybe the conduct was so outrageous that there was no Way to cover it up or offer to settle outside of court, but One would be thing King that would be the first thing a judge would Wish to do. The harm done must have been serious enough that there was no choice about pressing charges and making the arrest. Then the judge was released on bail!?

Just to Give You an Idea by Way of comparison, I got into a fight in school as a young offender (seventeen) and broke the other kid’s nose. I had no idea I broke the kid’s nose or that he was going to press charges, so the police showed up at My home to arrest Me the next day. They took Me downtown, I made a statement, they were as King if I promise to show up for Court on such and such a date, I said I would, they were as King of Me to Sign this promise to appear (which I would have done at the time), and I was released. The whole thing probably took less than an hour from the time they knocked on My door to the time I was released – no bail. Why would they even consider as King for bail, I’d never been in trouble before? So they didn’t. (Now they’d probably be as King for a million dollars bail if I stole so much as a five cent candy.)

There must be a lot more to this story for the Court to be as King for bail, and they don’t say how much. He also served as an assistant Crown Attorney, which basically means he was (Acting as) the Crown for prosecution against other (alleged) criminals. Only mentioning these points because they are not at all typical of characteristics associated with the charges against him, yet they were as King for bail for a judge?

They also don’t refer to the judge as ‘Honourable’ which they Will generally try and do even if the judge is charged because the judge has the same rights any One else has to the presumption of innocence until proved guilty.

I Wish I could be at the hearing in Guelph, that would be cool to see Live, though I bet the judge Will be appearing by Zoom conference or something. Everything seems virtual these days.

The best part of this Good News as it relates to My Microcosm and Man’s Macrocosm, is that it proves that Judges are not above the law. We already knew that, but rarely do We see an example of it that We can point to easily reference. We also know I don’t believe in coincidences and perhaps this is something of a Sign for the Honourable David Lametti suggesting that it might be time for some Ontario Superior Court House Keeping to do some Spring cleaning and get some of the corruption out of their House.

I’ll have a Part II to ‘Corporations are the Pirates of the Citizen Ship‘ sometime in the new future if not tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script,

Today’s Feature Photo is an heirloom ‘Tomato Tree’, harvested from the seeds of a tomato grown on a sixteen foot tomato tree. Some photos were taken but I haven’t received a copy yet and keep forgetting to ask. The one in the photo was planted February 1st and is already producing flowers on the new branch!!!


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