Volume CCLXVI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; Tall King about Escalate Sean to the High Court

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King all fell-low Witches and Wizards for being here, Your Presence accelerates the Manifest a Sean of My Words in Man’s Macrocosm, and I am eternally Great full for it. It Works exactly the same Way as a Magic Circle with several People focusing intention on a singular objective – more Minds add to the Mana pool of Magic. Every Word that is read is like a ripple in the pool of Man’s Magical Macrocosm which is the Mind of Man; consciousness. That’s why I say that when You read My Words You are in My House because You are in My Mind making Magic happen with Me. Watch Our Words Magically Manifest.

I feel like that was a pretty Good intro because there Will be some very Powerful new Magic on the Way if I do not hear back from Canada’s Honourable Minister of Justice and Attorney General, David Lametti, regarding the Court fraud of a Registrar of the Bracebridge Courthouse. Michelle Murphy, a Court Registrar/clerk of the Bracebridge Courthouse was receiving documents for My father’s Estate application but deliberately not processing those documents onto the Court of Record so that other parties (primarily Me and an ex-girlfriend of My father’s (Tiffany Singh) who has a testamentary instrument she Wishes to Present) to the Matter would not be able to participate. She lied about the status of the application when I was as King about it directly, telling Me the application had not been processed because of covid delays, while she was Secretly colluding with My sister’s lawyer to have an application endorsed without any Notice to any of the entitled parties.

The most Magical thing about all of this, is that it is all published here in chronological Order. This is the only True Court of Record with respect to both My father’s Estate application and The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim against the Estate. Derrick Bert, a Registrar of the Ottawa Courthouse recently confirmed that no documents have been processed by the Bracebridge Courthouse since March 24th, and has no explanation as to how someone might be walking around with a Certificate if none of the documents have been processed by the Bracebridge Courthouse yet. He tells Me I should contact the Bracebridge Courthouse and I tell him that I did and that Michelle Murphy advised Me that ‘this Estate is not open to the public and Will not be open to the public until after a Certificate Issues’.

Of course, Derrick was clearly surprised to hear that, too and suggested that I be as King of Michelle Murphy why this Estate is not open to the public. I tell him that I did and now the Courthouse doesn’t respond to Me at all, so I placed them on Notice of Liability and they remain silent. Derrick has no excuse, and I should not have to tell Derrick that a Registrar receiving documents for an application and (deliberately) not filing them to exclude entitled parties from the proceedings, is a serious criminal offense. If I do have to explain this to Derrick Bert, a Registrar of the Ontario Superior Court, then the problem is much bigger than I initially anticipated.

The Audio of the Motion for this Court of Record is available below.

The Magic here, is that this International Public Record Matters!!! And I’m very seriously tall King about what You are reading right now. Why? Because the Court is quite happy to be this negligent when they are thing King that no One knows. The same is True of State Actors. Do We remember yesterday’s Post and how I was tall King about how Trudeau and the CBC are having a fit because they’ve been exposed as Canada’s propagandists? Didn’t I tell You that CBC is Canada’s propaganda network? And now they’ve been labeled that and are having a fit about it!!!

Again, why? Because YOU Matter!!! Now YOU know CBC is funded by Trudeau, promoting his propaganda, and that both Trudeau and the CBC are obviously livid about it not because it’s not True, but because they are now exposed for what they are. That is what State Actors fear most. But what’s the Most Magical Spell I Will be Casting today?

I am required by the Rules of Civil Procedure to Give Notice to the Crown if I am Claiming against the Crown for damages:

Notice of claim for damages required

18 (1) No proceeding that includes a claim for damages may be brought against the Crown unless, at least 60 days before the commencement of the proceeding, the claimant serves on the Crown, in accordance with section 15, notice of the claim containing sufficient particulars to identify the occasion out of which the claim arose. 2019, c. 7, Sched. 17, s. 18 (1).

Crown Liability and Proceedings Act

My goal here is to teach People the Common Law and (more importantly) how to know their inherent rights and how to protect them. My Art Exhibition is intended to be a collage of all the People in Canada’s government responsible for the protection of the inherent rights of Canada’s People. Every State Actor I am required to contact to protect the inherent rights of Canada’s People is added to My Story and a portrait (pour (for (French), traits) of their Character is added to My collage. The finished ‘He-Art Exhibit Sean’ Will be a Gift to the Crown, and I Imagine at this rate that it Will include more than forty Characters with integral Roles to Play on the world Stage for this Universal Pictures Present a Sean.

The Rules of the Ontario Superior Court require that ‘the Crown’ be Given at least sixty days notice before the commencement of the proceeding. That means I literally cannot bring a Claim against the Crown without attempting to resolve the Matter in the Common Law first! This is the best evidence I Will probably ever produce from Canadian Law that proves what I am telling You is True with respect to due process of service in the Common Law. This is basically like ‘fine print’ legislated into the Rules of the Court regarding service on the Crown because why? Well, who is ‘the Crown’?

Designation of Crown

14 In a proceeding to which the Crown is a party, the Crown shall be designated “Her Majesty the Queen in right of Ontario” or “Sa Majesté du chef de l’Ontario”.

Service on the Crown

15 A document to be served personally on the Crown in a proceeding to which it is a party shall be served by leaving a copy of the document with an employee of the Crown at the Crown Law Office (Civil Law) of the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Crown Liability and Proceedings Act

I’m telling You right now, maybe ‘fine print’ isn’t the correct analogy, perhaps ‘insurance policy’ is a better try, but this is basically the government of Canada’s legislative branch making sure that no Claims Will come against His Majesty (Canada needs to amend the Act, apparently). They include a second protection by as King the individual to serve His Majesty, King Charles III by leaving a copy of the document with the Crown Law Office of the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Now… If I have already Given David Lametti the sixty days Notice of Liability and the particulars regarding My Claim against the Crown and he hasn’t resolved the Issue within the sixty days, does he really expect Me to leave a copy of My Claim with the same office when the Claim is to be designated (addressed) to His Majesty, Charles III? Why would I Trust the same Court that has been negligent and the Man that defaulted on the sixty days the Common Law allows for David to resolve the Issue with Me? Come on! Fool Me once, shame on the Court. Fool Me twice… Shame on Me. And frankly, the Court has tried to fool Me far more than twice.

The point is, Our Magic has reached its highest target in Canada. If David Lametti fails to take appropriate Action, the next Statement of Claim by The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean to be filed by its Trustee Will be sent directly to His Majesty for a reply, not Ontario’s Superior Court! Right now, I do not perceive the negligence of the officers of Canada’s Courts to be a reflect-Sean of His Majesty or the Crown, I believe the King Will be just as dis-Graced as I am.

That’s also NOT how I Wish to introduce My Self to the new King, so I Will be Writing a letter of Introduct-Sean sometime after the Coronation to renew My Oath and advise him that a Claim may be forthcoming if David Lametti proves to be as dis-Honourable as some of the other officers of Ontario’s Superior Court.

Now… Are We thing King I Will actually get to bring a Claim against the King, or are We thing King that We might just Magically get a reply now that We are being a little more clear about what the consequences might be? I guess time Will tell, for now I look forward to watching My Words Magically Manifest and appreciate Your collective conscience keeping company in My House.

Love and Blessings,



  1. Hello king Sean,

    My name is, well, now it is no longer what I thought it was.
    I am known as Jeff.
    I would like to say that your website is by far the most informative I’ve ever read. I’ve been reading about the strawman for a while.
    I was most intrigued by the hydro bill article and was hoping I could get your thoughts on a similar situation I’m working on here in Alberta.

    Feel free to contact me.


      1. I removed Your email address from the comment so that it is not available on the public record. It has been Good to connect with You, thank You for reaching out.

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