Volume CCLXVI: The Fabulous Friday Edition II: Fiat, Fantasy, Unicoin, and Unicorn’s

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I’m always happy to have You in My House. Today I Will be tall King about the new digital currency the United States of America’s corporation is war King on, and the most hilarious thing about it, is that it is even more fictional than the current fiat currency, and when I say that ‘the Powers that Be’ like Playing Games and making metaphors as much as I do with their Secret messages, there could be no better example than the digital currency currently being proposed.

Good Fantasy Fiction must always include a Unicorn – meet Unicoin!!!

Are You honestly thing King that the Unicorn symbol isn’t intended to be a joke at the users expense (puns always intended)? They’r not putting the warning in fine print anymore, they are telling You with the very Logo representing the Fantasy they Wish for You to suspend disbelief of. Yup, keep suspending disbelief until Unicorn’s become a Real thing (that won’t be long either, by the Way, they are actually war King on it with all the genome mapping they are able to do now).

Apparently, to Keep this whole fantasy fiction narrative going, Facebook is now blocking all Posts that suggest the United States were responsible for the Nordstream Pipeline. The United States being involved in environmental terrorism to invoke havoc in Europe is just a conspiracy theory, despite the fact that there are many videos of Biden tall King about how he Will ‘end’ the Nordstream Pipeline ‘one Way or another’ floating around the internet for citizen Ships to find. In fact, let Me leave You with the exact speech I am referring to.

But what Biden says means nothing unless he’s tall King about how there is no such thing as a biological male or female of Man’s kind, sex is entirely subjective. Only a moron can buy that bullshit, I’m not sure if Biden real eyes’s that despite all their efforts to dumb down the masses with public educate Sean, the majority are still too smart to buy what Biden is trying to sell. He reminds Me of the washed up salesman from the play ‘Glen-Garry, Glen-Ross’; his desperation and aura of defeat trump every attempt to charm only making him look that much more pathetic. Or maybe a better example is ‘Ol’ Yeller’, the Story of the family dog that gets rabies and is deeply loved by the family (democrats) but really just needs to be put down to keep every One safe… Yeah, I am thing King that’s a better analogy.

I also Cast some more Magic from My Microcosm into Man’s Macrocosm today and I can already feel the impact. It’s very strange how I can know when Spells I’ve Cast are having the desired effect. Technically, every Spell has effect – it is a Universal Law of Magic and the Universe; for every Act-Sean there is an equal and opposing re-Act-Sean. But sometimes the effects of a Spell are subtle and not immediately tangible, other times the effect of the Spell can be felt as soon as the Spell is Cast. Today was one of those days.

I’m not going to share the developments again in this Post, I’m just going to share today’s previous Post so You can check it out if You Wish to. I had a chance to be tall King with the Registrar responsible for conspiring with My sister’s lawyer to prevent Me from participating in My father’s Estate proceedings! It’s pretty great, and only three minutes long. As soon as I let Michelle know who I am and why I’m calling, she threatens to call the police and hangs up (spoiler alert but still worth the listen).

Finally, I’ll be uploading all of these audio files to My Anchor platform as well and Will be trying to get a weekly audio or perhaps even a video podcast going sometime later in the year. For now I’ve still got a few things I’m war King on in My Microcosm but those are on the agenda soon for Man’s Macrocosm.

Meh, I’ve also got some music on and I absolutely love this song, it’s My favourite song of the now (despite the fact it’s almost retro now).

I also painted a portrait of Chris Cornell while I was living on the streets and it sold for $100.00 before it was even finished! Feels Good to know I have hundreds of pieces of Art floating around the Universe amplifying My intent-Sean and the intent-Sean of the Artists I por-trait. RIP Chris and Jerryn.

Love and Blessings,


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