Volume CCLXX: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Victoria Day – A Day to Honour the Crown

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Today is Victoria Day in Canada, a Day to Honour the Crown, the official ‘head of state’ (Capitol/Capital) of every Common Wealth country on Gaia, or ‘Mother Earth’. This is also why the Crown represents the Divine feminine, even if a King is Acting as the Head of State (for those who are familiar with My Matrix Tell a Vision Series), just as King Charles III is Head of State today.

I had to Write today because the irony is just too Good to pass up. As Canada’s State Actors take a day away from their fiduciary obligations the Canadian People have invested in their public Trustees (to guarantee their inherent (Sovereign) rights in accordance with Canada’s Charter and International Treaty obligations) to Honour the Crown on Victoria Day, Trudeau’s treasonous party are busy breaching the public Trust once again, trying to convince the Canadian People and international public that he didn’t mandate an experimental medical procedure that was never fully tested for efficacy or safety, presenting it to Canada’s People as a ‘perfectly safe and effective’ cure for the biological weapon ‘accidentally’ released from the Wuhan lab in China. He says he didn’t mandate vaccine passports, or call People who were reluctant to become test subjects in the medical experiment as a ‘fringe minority holding unacceptable views’. He didn’t deny People who Wished to Trust in God over untested medical procedures their right to travel – by bus, plane, train, or car – or even bicycles or pedestrians. He didn’t ‘lock People in their homes’ (isolation is a form of psychological abuse causing serious mental health issues and decline in cognitive development, especially with respect to Canada’s youth and the elderly, particularly those in nursing homes who could no longer receive visits from their loved ones). He didn’t mandate an unscientific mask policy, arresting the social development of children. He didn’t close schools, churches, gyms, parks, meeting halls, or deny People the right to assemble even in the privacy of their own home or to say good-bye to their loved ones at a funeral reception. He didn’t repeatedly suggest that the vaccines were ‘safe and effective’ even as VAERS reporting showed more adverse effects with the mRNA ‘vaccines’ than any other medical product previously released in human history. He didn’t freeze the bank accounts and assets of People who tried to tell the treasonous Trudeau government that his policies were unconstitutional by Way of a peaceful protest. He didn’t characterize those same individuals (the Trucker Convoy that inspired freedom lovers and dictator haters the world over) as ‘a fringe minority holding unacceptable views’ – the same People who swore an Oath to Honour the Crown and Canada’s constitution before the lawless dictates of a treasonous traitor. No ‘citizen’ of Canada has sworn any Oath to any State Actor. The Oath of the Canadian People is to the Crown, it’s heirs and successors, and the constitution of Canada (in that Order). The truckers were correct, Honouring their oath to the Crown and Canada’s constitution when they sought to remove this treasonous traitor before he could do any more harm. Sadly, he froze their bank accounts and treated these individuals with extreme prejudice and hate, just as Hitler would have done in Nazi Germany. Trudeau is the second most dangerous Man-child State Actor on the world stage, second only to Biden.

Let’s watch Trudeau tell a few more lies. I’m guessing he’s hoping that the unlawful vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and masks would cause so much cognitive decline in Canada’s People that they Will not be able to remember what happened last week. I guess the bioweapons posing as vaccines were not as effective as he had hoped. The Canadian People remember the lies of the Trudeau government and his contempt for the Crown, Canada’s Constitution and most importantly, Canada’s Sovereign People.

I’m really hoping that Trudeau’s treasonous party Will be over soon. We know he Gave Pfizer and the other bioweapon manufacturers immunity from prosecution – but that only makes Trudeau liable in their stead. Trudeau has not obtained legal right to vaccinate any of Canada’s People, because in Order for One to obtain legal or lawful consent, the People MUST be fully informed of all risks, they MUST not be coerced in any Way, and they MUST not be intimidated. Consent must be fully informed, Given freely without coercion or intimidation – that was clearly Established after WWII by the Nuremberg code. None the less, history repeats it Self, and Trudeau imposed all the same tactics of Hitler, like he deliberately took a page from his book. Demonize the dissenters defending the constitution under the guise of public health and safety. The virus was no more dangerous than the common cold – in fact, less so with a 99.98% survival rate for any One under 60 years of age – that is NOT a pandemic level threat, it was a lie to sell pharmaceutical products for Pfizer. I am thing King that the investigation into the Trudeau Foundation should include disclosure of its stock portfolio – I’m curious to know how many shares in Pfizer the Trudeau Foundation purchased prior to the pandemic. My Words Magically Manifest, I guess We Will wait and see.

Wow, ‘video unavailable’ on both videos I shared today? This still confuses Me because the links work in the editor, I can still see them on YouTube, so why would they NOT be available here? Is the U.S. censoring more content than Canada (because WordPress is a U.S. company, perhaps ‘the region’ does not Wish for You to see it). Anyway, here’s another try – same info, different presenter, Dave Rubin…

Yes, Trudeau and his treasonous troops are considered clowns all over the world. Canada has the most incompetent, arrogant, misogynist, moron the Canadian People have ever elected. And this is why democracy is the most flawed political system the world has ever seen, and why it is championed by ‘western’ civilization. The People who Created the system knew very well that the majority of People are stupid and can be easily influenced by fear, so it Gives People the Illusion of choice when all picks produce the same result. Not once in Canada’s history has a politician ever kept the campaign promises they made to get elected, they just say whatever they Wish to get elected, then Create all kinds of Acts that chip away at Canada’s constitution, while the clueless, incompetent Governor General sits back and lets it happen, when Mary ‘Simple’ Simon’s most important duty to Canada’s People, is to ensure that no code, statute or Act passed by legislation violates Canada’s Charter or treaty obligations to its Sovereign People.

And just to add to the irony, I had Given One last chance to Canada’s corrupt Bracebridge Superior Court to provide proof of service of an Endorsement for an Estate Application by 5:00 Post Midi today, not realizing that today was Victoria day and the very People violating their Oath to the Crown and obligation to the Courts, are taking a day off to Honour the Crown… It’s it just Me, or is that ironic? Kismet? Serendipitous? I don’t know, it’s something like that.

I also made a typo in My final Notice, demanding they get back to Me before 5:00, Post Midi, May 22nd, 2022!!! When I discovered My error, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was some kind of proverbial Freudian slip, as I really should have received the documents roughly two weeks before that date, considering the Endorsement against Me was allegedly awarded on May 6th, 2022!

Even I am thing King it is a bit unreasonable to expect the Bracebridge Courthouse staff to respond before 5:00 Post Midi on a day they are not even in the office, so I Will be sending One last email to them to let them know they have until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon!

As far as David Lametti is concerned, he is responsible (liable/lie-able) for all representatives of the Crown war King in Canada’s Courts under his watch. If he doesn’t know that the sixty days Notice required by the Service on the Crown Act is so that he can resolve the Matter, pay the Claim, respond to the allegations, or be found in default ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ on June 17th, he Will know it on June 17th. I find it absolutely hilarious that he doesn’t seem to know this, but it Will be war King to My benefit, because if he does default, I Will be sending My Claim and the Default Judgment awarded against him directly to the Crown, His Majesty, King Charles III, for payment. We’ll see how well his gaslighting strategy is war King for him on June 17th. He was also ‘cc’d on My last letter to the Bracebridge Courthouse, so he no excuse for failing to take Act-Sean. 😉

Yes, today Canada’s People Honour the Crown and what that symbol and institution means for Canada’s People. You see, We are all equal in Law, at Law, and before the Law – that is a Maxim in Law, and a ‘Maxim’ is something that does not need to be proved, it is well established in Law already. What People don’t understand, is that the King does not Claim to have authority over any One, only corporate-Sean’s. When a corporate policy (code, statute or Act of parliament) violates an inherent right, the Crown guarantees the inherent rights of the People over the corporate policies of Canada. And yes, Canada is a corporation as well a country, but they are not the same. Just as Canada has both People and persons, but they are not the same thing. People have a person; a person’s citizen Ship with the Crown guarantees the Charter rights of that People.

That’s Your inherent Law lesson for today.

“The Crown is a symbol that represents something for the People to aspire to.”

Queen Elizabeth II, ‘The Crown’ (Netflix Documentary)

Happy Victoria Day!!!

Love and Blessings,


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