Volume CCLXX: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; New Criminal Acts of State Actors on the World Stage – The Bracebridge Superior Court of ‘Just-Is’

Hello every One, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Well, it may be a little while before I am able to get back to My Matrix IV Interpret-a-Sean for the Tuesday Tell a Vision Series, but there are plenty of incredible (and criminal) Acts taking place on the world stage by State Actors of the Bracebridge Superior Court and it’s ‘manager’, the incompetent, corrupt, Minister of Justice (or ‘just is’ in this case) and Attorney General, David ‘the Lame’ Lametti. Of course it would be necessary for the treasonous Trudeau to appoint a Minister of Justice that is equally corrupt. Need proof? Read on!!!

Honestly, when I first Writ ‘My Story’, tall King about how I am the Soul Authority of My Life’s Purpose and decided to document My revocation of election with Canada’s corrupt government, never in a million years would I have believed there would be any resistance whatsoever. Seriously. As uncommon a thing as a Declare a Sean of Sovereignty might be, I just figured it was very uncommon. The worst scenario I could picture in My Image in a Sean, was that they (Canadian government) might be as King of Me to Sign a non-disclosure agreement or something.

Never would I have believed that any State Actor would attempt to interfere with My right of Self determine a Sean, nor was I thing King that no State Actor war King for Canada’s People would be sufficiently competent to accommodate My demand. I didn’t ever expect Canada to Honour My request to compensate Sean for the forty-four years of service, or the eleven million dollars and twenty-four ounces (it was sixteen but has now escalated to twenty-four) of Gold I was as King for the brutal physical and sexual abuse I was subject to by officers of the Toronto policy department, but that was all the more reason I figured they would be quick to cut ties with Me and Honour My right of Self determine a Sean and My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to any further foreign (Canadian) obligate Sean’s. In fact, I was thing King they would Present Me with a bill that I would be required to pay before they could Honour My exodus from Canada’s citizen ship (the REAL ‘Ark of the Covenant’).

Unfortunately, either Canada’s State Actors Wish to be charged with holding a Man in bondage to the State in violate-Sean of international law, OR there is legitimately no State Actor on Canada’s Stage with sufficient competence to Honour My request. I have even tried as King of them specifically to Present Me with a bill for My share of Canada’s debts, and even went as far as to calculate how much that Will be according to Canada’s national debt divided by the number of Registered citizens. My share of Canada’s debt (which I was estimating to be roughly $1.25 billion dollars, now $1.32 billion) worked out to be roughly $32,400.00. But even when I do the math for them, Revenue Canada did not Present Me with a bill, nor were they able to direct Me to any State Actor who might be able to do so. The Canadian government is quite literally clueless with respect to what it means to be a Sovereign nation, or how a Sovereign nation manages its economy. Canada’s Bank of Act was an Act of treason (1974, I believe, definitely Trudeau’s dad, Pierre Elliot True-dough), but they could easily claim ignorance and although ignorance may be no excuse for the Law, it does make it pretty easy for more knowledgeable private banks to take advantage, right? They saw an idiot in Trudeau’s dad and wasted no time taking advantage.

Canada’s State Actors are simply clueless – the blind leading the blind since 1867 when they were first listed as prisoners of war for their Act of treason against the Crown, denying them right to hold property by issuing a fiat currency, and requiring Canada’s State Actors to Register every Man who aids and abets their crimes by Giving them a citizen-ship (another idea (intellectual property) stolen from the Crown by Canada’s colonists). It was considerably more ethical to hold the People in bondage by Way of a fiat currency that never allows any One to own anything, than it was to continue to wage war against so many People Acting in ignorance and inspired by the propaganda of treasonous traitors who were supposed to secure additional land and resources for the People in the name of the Crown. The colonists sought to make their Self rich instead, war King for false profits, also known as corporations. The corporation of Canada started out as a very profitable business, ‘The Hudson’s Bay Trading Company’, and the colonists decided they Wished to Keep the profits for their Self and declared independence. The company still exists today, known simply as ‘The Bay’.

However, despite figuring out some time ago how clueless or criminal Canada’s State Actors are (though it is always preferable to presume ignorance rather than malice), I had no Idea this Blog would eventually expose so much corruption and or incompetence. I don’t even Wish to expose corruption in Canada’s Courts, I sincerely believe they are so incompetent, they have no Idea how to respond Honourably. Let’s face it, none of them have ever been trained – there is no ‘school for politicians’ that teaches One how to manage an economy or what their fiduciary obligations are, they are literally, laughably, completely clueless, playing House with mom and pop’s toys (the Crown and the Immaculate Idea it represents).

I don’t Wish to humiliate David Lametti, he does it to him Self. I just Wish for My property to be returned to Me, and for Canada’s State Actors to acknowledge My right of Self determine a Sean and stop presuming I’m broke. I’d be quite happy to pay Canada’s entire national debt and help Honourable State Actors Establish an Honest economy, free from corporate banking interests. The Bracebridge Courthouse doesn’t even know what to do when they are caught perpetrating fraud – they are as bewildered and confused as a deer in the proverbial headlights.

Here’s My last email to the Bracebridge Courthouse before I appeal to the new King, Charles III.

And here’s My third to last email to David ‘the Lame’ Lametti, trying very hard to remind him of what it was he has been appointed by True-dough to do. Sadly, I am thing King it is impossible to teach some One so stupid.

I never would have believed that it would be so easy to expose People held in such high regard as such incompetent, corrupt, incapable morons. I mean, seriously – even most idiots would be as King for some kind of resolute-Sean or somethingAnything to keep him from getting continually humiliated by his incompetence on the world stage. But stupid is as stupid does…

Love and Blessings,


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