The Beginning of the End

I presume if You are here that You are at least reasonably up to date.  I am going to add a couple more documents that conclude the first Part of My Story and provide the perfect transition into the Last Chapter where I Will finally be putting all of these ‘Deeds’ together.

The first document of Significance and relevance to the Last Chapter that has not yet received the Honour of its own Page (Paige), is My ‘Mandamus’.  Before I Show You the document, let’s find out what a Mandamus is.  I am using Google and typing the Word ‘Mandamus’ into the search bar to see what populates first.  This is to Give Us a ‘Common’ understanding of the Word.  This is what One can reasonably ‘expect’ the Common Man to know about a ‘Mandamus’.




a judicial writ issued as a command to an inferior court or ordering a person to perform a public or statutory duty.

“a writ of mandamus”

The definition is very clear.  “A Judicial Writ Issued as a Command…  Ordering a person to perform a public or statutory Duty


Honestly, I don’t know how all the commercial, contractual agreements between the different organizations and agencies of the government of Canada work exactly.  I don’t realistically believe any One does.  All One needs to know, is which Ministry within the Canadian government is responsible for the administration of ‘benefits’.  I’m going to try not to over complicate things and Will be doing My best to explain all of this from the perspective of the Common Man.  [In Truth, citizens are not actually the beneficiaries, they are in fact the ‘grantor’ of the Trust We are tall King about, but I Will be getting into that soon enough as We work Our Way through this process].

I am also tall King about how One would approach this from the perspective of the Common Man, the citizen and incorporated person.  One does not have to declare Sovereignty to have rights, they are inherently Given by God and available to Us at all times, though they must be exercised to be enjoyed.  If One is living in any Common Wealth country or any other country with a constitution that is Founded upon the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, there is a Way to (Honourably) exercise One’s rights.  A ‘Constitution’ is Created by the State (with the Intent-Ion) of protecting the ‘God Given’ rights of its citizens.  The reason constitutions vary so much from country to country is because they are created by Man and Man has many disagreements about what rights are ‘God-Given’.  Those that are ‘agreed’ upon become the country’s constitution for their ‘People’.  Makes sense, right?

We are ‘Commonly’ led to believe that the People (citizens) are the authority of government in any Constitutional Democratic Monarchy, so it is reasonable that the citizen should be able to Issue an ‘Order’ by Way of Mandamus to One’s elected official or public servant if they Wish for them to fulfill a particular “public or statutory Duty“.  I placed Duty in bold italics because a public servant’s Duty [to the People] is not just part of their job, it is the most important and critical part of their job.

You Will also notice that as We work Our Way through this ‘Last Chapter’ I Will use the Words ‘reasonable’ and ‘correct’ often.  This is deliberate because if the Matter does come before a Court, the Court Will generally accept any ‘reasonable’ or ‘correct’ argument, so all the thought processes should be logical and well thought out.  As a citizen, We are expected to place Our Trust in the laws Our government is passing, Trust that they are for Our protection, safety, and to secure Our rights (even if We believe those rights to be limited to the constitution of the state).

In Canada, the government is as King of their citizens to place their Trust in Canada very openly, it is widely encouraged for One to place their ‘Trust’ in Canada, these are some of the ‘benefits’ that are available to those who do.  If You click the link, You Will find it takes You to the government of Canada website which clearly and openly displays all the different public services and benefits that are available to Canadian citizens.

What is the definition of a beneficiary?  Well, to again Give the most Common definition of the Word as it would be known and understood by the everyday Man, We Will use the ‘general’ definition:

Definition – Generally, a beneficiary is someone who receives benefit from a particular entity. 

My use of italics throughout this Last Chapter is intended to bring Special attention to particular Words.  Entity is not defined, meaning it does not have to be a person.  The Spiritual entity is also receiving the benefit for placing Trust in government.  This becomes more relevant later because the Spiritual ‘entity’ does not exist in the legal fiction (only ‘lost’ Souls).  The Spiritual entity is also the child of God.

I’m trying to Give some insight as to why I chose to Compose (always maintain composure) a Mandamus.  It is the logical, reasonable and correct document for what I am Wishing to accomplish, and it is appropriate from the perspective of both the citizen as an Order to a public servant (as the People are declared the authority of government), and as a Sovereign Issuing an Order to a public servant Acting as the Trustee (in the capacity of agent and administrator of social ‘benefits’).  Acting is in italics because it is specifically the ‘Ontario Works Act’ that limits and defines One’s access to social benefits and services.

I have also said that notice to agent is notice to principal, and the same is true in reverse.  If One quits their job and walks out in the middle of the shift, all the other employees are agents for the corporation and have a duty and responsibility to inform the manager.  If they don’t, they Will be stuck picking up the slack, so it is in their best interest to inform the manager.  Same is true with agencies representing the Ministries of the Canadian Government.  The Word ‘Ministry’ is not arbitrary, either.  Canada is a Founded upon Spiritual principals that Truly do Honour the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law.  The problem is, People are no longer appealing to the Ministries, they are appealing to the organizations that are Acting in their stead – in this example, ‘Ontario Works’, and the “Ontario Works Act”.  These ‘Acts’ are actually Created with the Intent-Ion of limiting a citizen’s access to the Trust to serve commercial interests.  That’s really what’s going on, in a nutshell, and why ‘incorporated persons’ seem to have no ‘rights’ if they are poor.  Poverty is not Good for capitalist Ideology and the ‘system’ is designed to encourage capitalist Ideology.  (That’s precisely why the incorporated person is Spelled in ALL CAPS).

I’m Posting the Mandamus twice in case some didn’t read it the first time around, I hope You Will now.  I made sure Orsolya read the Mandamus very carefully, and I was as King to her if she understands what a Mandamus is.  She insisted that she does.  I asked her if she agrees with the statements made in My Letter, specifically as it relates to access to whatever health care I determine to be in the best interest of My overall Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological and Physical health and well being, regardless of cost, and not to Sign the document otherwise.  She said to Me, “I believe We all have that right.”

Some of the most beautiful Words I have ever heard in My Life thus far.  And I said to Orsolya, “Yes, We do all have that right, thank You.”

Orsolya was only too Happy to oblige Me.  I told Orsolya that together We had just Created a commercial instrument, a contractual agreement between two parties. Ontario Works has just agreed to guarantee payment for all of My health care needs, and as Commissioner for the Ontario Works Act, Orsolya’s Signature and Stamp together are legally and lawfully binding.

“Whenever two or more are gathered in My name, anything Shall be possible for them.”

So Orsolya officially became a ‘main Character’ in My Story on that day.  After My Claim against the city of Ottawa was dismissed, I considered the fact that ‘Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’ is not a legal entity.  That’s about the only thing the dis-Honourable Justice Bobby Beaudoin got right.  I figured I should probably do something about that.  I needed to come up with a Character to present to the commercial Courts while Keeping My Self separate, yet able to Act for the incorporated person.  So I appointed Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’ as the private attorney and Living Will of the incorporated person Created by the state, Commonly known as SEAN VON DEHN.


I figured Orsolya was as Good an Agent as any within Canada’s government to be informed of the incorporated person’s new appointed private attorney (and Living Will).  Nothing I do (in Law) is arbitrary.  Orsolya clearly understands at this point that the incorporated person and the Living Man are two separate entities.  

Again, this was much longer than I anticipated but I Wish to ensure I am making every effort to explain the exact Purpose for all these seemingly meaningless Letters.  These two in particular are of great importance because they were the launching pad for everything I Will be Writing adding to this new Page, “My Story – The Last Chapter”.  This is when all those Deeds come together.

Love and Blessings!!!