Ontario Works (Kristine Haines-Chiarello) Asserts that Canadians are Indentured Servants and Bonded Slaves

7:39 AM, March 15, 2021

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God:

I have reviewed your complaint and, as I advised in my last correspondence, consulted with legal counsel regarding the legal issues raised in your email. This required additional time, my apologies for the delay in response.

As you may be aware, the Ontario Works program is governed by the Ontario Works Act. The City administers this program on behalf of the provincial government in accordance with the applicable legislation and other requirements of the Province. Those requirements include an obligation on applicants and recipients of Ontario Works to provide certain information, including supporting documentation. While it is ultimately your choice whether or not to provide the supporting documents that has been requested from you, your receipt of benefits is contingent upon doing so. If you ultimately decide not to provide these documents it will affect your eligibility for benefits.

Section 7(c)3) of the Ontario Works Act states that “No person is eligible for income assistance unless the person (…) provide the information and the verification of information required to determine eligibility including,

(i)  personal identification information, as prescribed,

(ii)  financial information, as prescribed, and

(iii)  any other prescribed information; and

The personal identification information is prescribed in Section 17 of O.Reg 134/98 and includes:  

1.  The person’s social insurance number.

2.  The person’s health number under the Health Insurance Act.

3.  Proof of the person’s identity and of his or her birth date.

4.  Information with respect to the person’s income and assets.

5.  A report of an approved health professional relevant to a determination respecting assistance.

6.  Information with respect to the benefit unit’s budgetary requirements.

7.  Information with respect to the person’s attendance and progress in an education or training program.

8.  Information with respect to the person’s employment and proposed employment assistance activities.

9.  Information with respect to the person’s status in Canada.

I note that prescribed information does not include the public notices to which you refer in your email.

Section 35 of the same regulation provides that an Administrator shall refuse to provide assistance to an applicant or cancel income assistance and benefits if a member of the benefit unit fails to comply with a condition of eligibility for assistance under the Act.

In your complaint, you also object to the fact that Ms. Vancsody requested medical information to confirm your eligibility for a Special Diet allowance. I note that Section 36 of the regulation provides that the Administrator shall reduce the amount of income assistance for the benefit unit if a recipient does not provide the information requested by the Administrator.

The language in Section 35 and 36 provides an explicit obligation on the Administrator to refuse assistance where an applicant or recipient fails to provide information requested by the Administrator.

While I appreciate that you are of the opinion that you are not subject to the laws of Canada or the authority of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments because you have revoked your consent, the City of Ottawa does not share that opinion. The City of Ottawa is governed by the laws of Canada and the authority of the provincial and federal governments and will continue to administer Ontario Works in accordance with the Ontario Works Act.

Finally, while your complaints with respect to Anne Charette and Orsi Vancsody have been noted, these complaints will be reviewed internally and appropriate action will be taken. The City will not discuss Labour Relations matters publicly.

Please note that, as requested, I have responded to each of the points in your last email. My responses can be found below.

  1. In regards to the email sent to Me by Orsi Vancsody, January 15th, 2021, 8:34 AM, who is responsible for authoring that correspondence?  Did Orsi author that email by her own free Will, or was she instructed to request the information by one of her superiors, (and if so, who)? As indicated on the email, Orsi was the author.
  2. That email is in response to My reply to a requisition by Orsi to have a form Signed providing consent to access My private medical records in Order to continue to receive special dietary allowance necessary for My health and well being.  I cannot Give consent ‘freely and voluntarily’ so long as there is a threat of harm to My health attached to the request by Way of revocation of the provision [necessary for My health].  Orsi makes no mention of My protest to Your request in response to this threat, she only states that I Will continue to receive the benefit until the end of March.  So to clarify this point of protest, how can I ‘freely’ Give consent to access My private medical records if You are threatening to cause Me harm for failing to do so? To be clear, the City is not threatening to cause you harm. Rather, the City is complying with its obligations as an Administrator pursuant to the Ontario Works Act and is requesting that you comply with the obligations of applicants and recipients pursuant to that Act.
  3. [Orsi] asking Me to have a form Signed by a doctor when she has Signed a Mandamus acknowledging that I have Supreme authority over My health care needs and that no expense shall be spared determined necessary for My health and well being is a breach of her contractual agreement with Me and Ontario Works as a ‘Commissioner of Oaths’ for Your organization.  I maintain the original Mandamus and wet ink Signature provided by Orsi and her stamp Showing it has been received by Your office.  This is a violation of a contractual agreement made in Good faith and a breach of Trust.  I asked why she is requesting a doctor’s Signature when she has agreed that I am the authority regarding My health care needs.  No answer was provided in her email.  I have instructed that she include a copy of the Mandamus she has Signed and place it on My file in lieu of the form she has requested I have Signed by a doctor, she stated she did not maintain a copy when I know absolutely that one was left with her to place on My file.  To remedy this, I sent her a duplicate copy of the Mandamus she has Signed for My records.  Why is this contractual obligation not being Honoured (trespass upon My right of self determination which You Your Self stated in a phone call to Me You Wish to ensure is Honoured)? The City did not agree to the Mandamus you provided and does not agree that it creates contractual obligations.  
  4. Copies of My Public Notices to Canada’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Registrar General for Vital Statistics and Crown Attorney were Given at the time of My application for Ontario Works along with My Cestui Que Vie in lieu of government issued ‘identification’, at which time I explained to Orsi that I am only applying for Ontario Works ‘under duress’ as a result of the incompetence of the [superior] offices of Canada’s government in Honouring My request to close all commercial accounts created in My name and without My informed consent, repay My portion of Canada’s debt, and restore the Value of those commercial contracts to Me.  Orsi suggested to Me she did not retain copies of any of those documents which I believe to be a criminal offence or at the very least another breach of Trust as she assured Me she did, and I have referenced these documents and the negligence of those superior offices in many personal meetings with her and asked for her assistance in addressing the outstanding Issues presented in those documents on numerous occasions.  Either Orsi has been lying to Me for the last three years, or she is lying to Me now – I’d like to know which of the two it is. Your complaint is noted. The City will not discuss this any further as it relates to confidential labour relations matters.
  5. I was Willing to ‘overlook’ Orsi’s claim that she does not have any of the documents referenced above [4.] and sent duplicate copies to her in a separate email titled ‘For Your Records’ so that she could not claim ignorance of these notices in the future and requested that she follow up with these offices so that I no longer have to be subject to the mental duress of continually explaining My Self to her or other representatives from Your office, especially as it relates to My health care and medical needs.  I would like to know why this has not been done as My belief is that having knowledge of these Notices published with the superior offices of Canada’s government and failing to follow up with them to resolve these Issues so I may enjoy My right of self determination and freely dispose of My natural wealth to foreign obligations without prejudice, is to [Willfully] aid and abet the criminal negligence of those offices.  My question here is how do You feel that You are NOT aiding and abetting the criminal negligence of those offices by failing to follow up with them?  Are You not ‘neglecting’ My right of self determination and to freely dispose of My natural wealth by failing to do so as a representative agency of Canada’s government?  The Notices do not read ‘Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal’ for nothing. The City is subject to the laws of Canada and the authority of the Federal and Provincial governments. It does not recognize the Public Notices you reference as valid forms of identification. As the Administrator, the City is committed to acting fairly and providing quality service to its clients. It does not advocate on the personal behalf of its clients. The City does not agree with your characterization of this as negligent.
  6. After forwarding these notices to Orsi in an email titled ‘For Your Records’ and as King of Orsi to follow up with these offices, she claimed she is unable to do so because she does not communicate with those offices and does not have their contact information.  Although I perceived this to be a very lame excuse, I took the time to provide another email to Orsi with the contact information for each of the respective government offices to which My Public Notices have been sent and asked her to ‘cc’ Me her correspondence so that I know she has followed up with these offices as per My request.  Why has this not been done? The City of Ottawa does not advocate on behalf of individuals to higher levels of government. Further, as previously discussed, the City does not share your view that the City is obligated to do so and does not share your views with respect to the ability to revoke one’s consent to be governed.
  7. Anne Charette sent Me the next email titled ‘Recall:  Contact Information; Vital Statistics (Registrar General), Attorney General and Minister of Justice’ along with some ‘cryptic’ message about how if I Wish to add information to My file it must come through a ‘personal device by accessing technology’ and suggested I contact Center 454 for assistance.  As far as I’m concerned, My laptop is a personal device, I am clearly accessing technology by providing the information in an email and do not understand why Anne would be as King of Me to ‘recall’ contact information that exists on the public domain.  I responded to Anne as King to her for clarification on these points and as per usual, received no reply.  I Writ her at least four times as King that she clarify this email to Me and explain what she means, apparently she is incapable of doing so.  I have complained to You about Anne’s inability to respond to emails in the past, it is ignorant, immature behaviour and demonstrates her incompetence as a ‘team lead’.  I would like to know why Anne did not reply to Me because it is extremely RUDE if nothing else and YOU assured Me that You have spoken to her regarding this Issue and that it would never happen again.  I would like an explanation (and still  Wish for clarification on her email as I still have no Idea what she is implying or requesting I do) AND I would like to know what disciplinary measures are being taken to ensure she learns to treat People with dignity and respect.  I sent her a final email stating that as disappointed as I am that Orsi is claiming to have no record of any documents she has Signed or received by Me, at least she has the courtesy to respond to both My emails and phone calls in a timely fashion.  Why is she a team lead and what kind of example do You think she is setting for others?  How is her example any kind of ‘leadership’? Your complaint has been noted. The City does not discuss labour relations information regarding employees with members of the public.  
  8. In addition to having Given copies of all Public Notices I have filed with Canada’s superior offices to Orsi for My file, I have also requested on several occasions that if she is unable to resolve My Issues or send an email to those superior offices, surely she must have resources I can exploit that allow Me to interact with society as a Spiritual, non-commercial entity.  Of course, no such resources have been provided and Orsi suggested I must file taxes if I Wish to continue to receive housing subsidy.  Again, I am NOT a commercial entity except under duress and have NO obligation to file taxes for a corporate entity OWNED by the Canadian government.  The incorporated person is government property.  I have advised Orsi I Will be returning the tax form to Ontario Works and You can file taxes for Your incorporated business Your Self. The City, as Administrator of the Ontario Works program does not have any resources to allow you “to interact with society as a Spiritual, non-commercial entity” and is therefore unable to provide them to you. The City would strongly encourage you to obtain independent legal advice before deciding not to file taxes. The City is not responsible for filing taxes on behalf of clients, will not do so, and does not accept any liability for any failure to do so on your part.
  9. Finally, I have taken the time to show ALL of You at Ontario Works the legal and lawful foundation for every argument expressed in this email.  The U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms has been shared with You numerous times, so You cannot claim ignorance of Your legal obligations to Me as a representative of Canada’s government in any capacity.  I would like You to explain to Me why You feel You have no Duty or obligation to obey Canadian and international law as it is provided in the following link, and the first two sections of the Covenant in particular.  I would like You to explain to Me if there is anything about the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms You do not understand, and/or why You feel You have no duty or obligation to afford for the protection of My inherent rights.  My belief is that if You do NOT afford for these rights and contact the superior offices of Canada’s government to resolve these outstanding Issues to protect My inherent rights while having knowledge of Canada’s contractual obligations, YOU become criminally liable and responsible for aiding and abetting the criminal negligence of Canada’s superior offices.  I’d like to know what Your opinion is in that regard and why You believe it is ‘okay’ to continually trespass upon My rights when Article 1. Section 2 clearly states “In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.”  I’d genuinely like to know, is there something about the covenant You don’t understand, or are You Willfully trespassing upon My inherent rights? While I understand your arguments and the documents provided, I do not agree with your characterization of the legal obligations imposed by the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms. While I understand that you believe you have opted out of being governed by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, that view is not supported by Canadian law.

While I understand that this is likely not the response you were hoping for, I trust it will be sufficient for your purposes.



And My [rather hasty, irritated] reply:

1:15 PM, March 15, 2021

Hi Kristine,

You are correct, this is NOT only NOT the response I was hoping for, I also believe it is entirely incorrect and unreasonable which I feel constitutes grounds for a Judicial Review.  
1.  Is there an impartial tribunal that can hear this Matter or is proceeding to court in a formal setting the only recourse for Me now?  No code, statute or act has the FORCE of law to trespass upon a right.  No man may be compelled into bondage for any reason.  You are claiming I am NOT free to quit My country which directly suggests I am in fact a bonded slave and that no remedy is available, and that You have no duty or responsibility to ensure that the Ontario Works ‘ACT’ does not trespass upon the rights of Canada’s People or enforce bondage and slave contracts.
2.  Failing that there is an independent, impartial tribunal to hear and properly resolve these Issues, surely I am entitled to FULL disclosure of the citizen/government contract that is binding Me to Canada.  The Ontario Works Act on both its application form and on the monthly statements has the applicant Sign as ‘client/trustee’.  Chris Tuck has suggested there is no ‘Trust’ agreement (between the citizen and government) and that seems ridiculous to Me, especially considering I am Signing as ‘Trustee’.  I would like to have the specifics of the Trust relationship defined and the roles and duties of the Trustee in that relationship also clearly defined for the following reason:
“A trustee’s responsibilities are spelled out in the document creating the trust, be it a will or a trust agreement. Any power not so given cannot be exercised, with certain narrow exceptions. A trustee has very broad powers not only to control the distributions in amount and timing, but also to invest the principal. A trustee can also have the power to invade principal to make a distribution to a particular beneficiary to the exclusion of other beneficiaries.”
3.  I am ‘Acting’ as both beneficiary AND Trustee of the Ontario Works Act?  Why does My contract with You show that I am acting as Trustee, and if I am acting as the Trustee, who is the beneficiary?
4.  “Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, founded on the rule of law and respect for rights and freedoms. The government acts in the name of the Crown but derives its authority from the Canadian people.” – Foundation of Law, Government of Canada website,  https://www.ourcommons.ca/About/OurProcedure/ParliamentaryFramework/c_g_parliamentaryframework-e.htm
4.  Canada’s constitution is also founded upon “The belief in the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law”.   This statement is a preamble to Canada’s constitution.  All codes, statutes and Acts created in Canada are designed to protect the Rule of Law and the belief in the Supremacy of God. My belief is that My Trust in God is superior to any Trust I may have inadvertently placed with Canada’s government and failing to Honour My Trust in God is a violation of the Rule of Law and a trespass upon My Spiritual convictions.  Why do You believe the Ontario Works Act has the force of law to enforce bondage and slavery to a national debt system upon an individual?

5.  If Ontario Works does not acknowledge the ‘Mandamus’ that was Signed by Orsi, then why was the document Signed?  Orsi was specifically instructed to read the document and only Sign if she agrees with the language it contains.
6.  I remain of the opinion that I am NOT a bonded slave to Canada’s government, that the Cestui Que Vie I presented to You IS the only identification a Man is required to have in order to enjoy his inherent, God Given rights.  Can You show Me where an obligation exists to use property owned by the government in Order to exercise My inherent rights?
7.  You have indicated that You have read the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms and assert that You have no obligation to ensure the protection of those rights.  I would like to know why You believe this to be True.  A ‘Covenant’ is a contract and contracts are by their very nature the foundation of a legal and lawful obligation.  Why do You believe this contract has no force of law while a contract imposed upon Me against My Will (citizenship contract) is?  How can You assert that one contract is legal binding while another is not when both are Signed (ratified) by the Canadian government.  Do You have any evidence to support Your belief that a Man (and in particular a Canadian citizen) is not allowed to quit their country or revoke their consent to be governed?
8.  Finally, because the U.N. Covenant is ratified by Canada and IS a legally binding contract, I do believe You are in violation of federal and provincial law as this is an international agreement to ensure the protection of the inherent rights of Canada’s People.
9.  What makes a contract with You legally binding while Canada’s contract with the U.N. to ensure the protection of the inherent rights of Canada’s People is not?
I look forward to Your response, please provide an estimate and potential recourse if You are unable to satisfy this complaint and remedy these issues.

Thank You,

I was [and still am] somewhat bewildered and furious to receive this reply. I did not Imagine that a government employee would express in Writing that they believe a citizen does not have the ‘right’ to quit their country or revoke their citizenship. As such, I followed up with a few more emails of similar nature. The first was designed to stress the fact that I really don’t Wish to be compelled to bring this Matter before a Justice and would prefer that We Act like adults governed by reason and conscience with a duty of care for One another.

1:47 PM, March 15, 2021

Hi Kristine,

This is a less formal notice because the Truth is, I am not interested in any individual at Ontario Works or within any branch of government being subject to serious crimes like aiding and abetting a contract of bondage and slavery.
It is My belief that People are endowed with moral conscience and reason and that We have a duty of care to one another.  I have as much a duty to respect and advocate for Your inherent rights as You do mine.  This is in fact the premise of a constitutional democratic monarchy and the reason the government derives its authority from the Sovereign People (Me).  If the People are not Sovereign, then this is not a constitutional democratic monarchy, it is tyranny and oppression.  A constitutional democratic monarchy defines the People as Sovereign and the authority of government.
What I would really appreciate and what I feel would be much easier and less confrontational, is to discuss these Matters like mature adults.  I think We both reasonably know that bondage and slavery is illegal and I have very Good reason to feel I have been harmed by Your response for suggesting I am a bonded slave and am compelled against My Will to support a government I believe to be treasonous to Canada’s People and constitution.  It is not reasonable for You to ask Me to support or endorse what I believe to be criminal activity detrimental to the health and well being of My fellow countrymen.
I am fine with not applying for a Birth Certificate, Health Card or SIN but that agreement works both Ways. If You are suggesting I MUST apply for these contracts to continue to be eligible for OW, I can understand Your position in that regard.  However, if I do not Wish to use those documents and contract with the government of Canada, then I am entitled to have all of those accounts closed and the commercial value of those accounts restored to Me so that I can administer My own (natural/inherent) wealth freely and without prejudice as per My legally afforded rights.
The Canadian government uses the Registered Birth Certificate to represent the commercial value of a Man’s Life.  It is presumed the registered individual has agreed to repay any money Canada borrows from the future energy of their life by Way of labour and taxes.  This is why they are called promissory notes, as it is presumed the People are promising to repay any money the government borrows.  That Birth Certificate holds a commercial value (used as collateral) and if I am to be denied benefits because I do not Wish to contract with social insurance, Canada’s health care plan or government, then I have a right to administer the Value of My life independently.  The state Created a business entity from MY NAME.  If the government of Canada Wishes to continue using My name as a commercial instrument, I have the right to determine the Value of that name as I hold the supreme claim of right upon it.

Do these not seem like reasonable and logical conclusions?  If You do not feel they are, please elaborate so We can have an open discussion regarding this very serious issue.  If You do see the logic and reason behind these arguments, then please stop ‘fighting Me’ and telling Me I am an indentured servant and bonded slave to Canada and its ministries because that is the implication of Your last email to Me.
Finally, if I am not free to quit My country and if there is no recourse for Me to do so, please explain in Your own Words why You believe I am not being held in bondage and slavery?
The purpose of this email is to stress that I do not Wish to be compelled to bring these matters before a court because I do believe they are serious.  In fact, I think there are few things less serious than bondage and slavery and You have directly suggested You believe that is what I am – a bonded debt slave with no recourse or remedy.  So I am as King of You to consider alternate remedies because I think We both know slavery and bondage are not legally binding in Canada.
Thank You,
King Sean,House of von Dehn,Hand of Stephen,Kingdom of God 

3:18 PM, March 15, 2021

Hi Kristine,

You cite the Ontario Works Act and Your duties and obligations in accordance with that Act.  That Act is a contractual obligation You suggest I am bound to as a recipient.

Citizenship is also a social contract.  Canada (as a federal government) has legally binding contractual obligations to its People defined by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  This contract is superior in authority (federal government is superior in authority to provincial government, provincial is superior to municipal).  Canada’s federal [contractual] obligations state that:

Freedom of religion has been defined as “the right to entertain such religious beliefs as a person chooses, the right to declare religious beliefs openly and without fear of hindrance or reprisal, and the right to manifest religious belief by worship and practise or by teaching and dissemination” (Big M, supra at page 336; Ross v. New Brunswick School District No. 15[1996] 1 S.C.R. 825 at paragraph 72; Amselemsupra at paragraph 40; Reference re Same-Sex Marriage, [2004] 3 S.C.R. 698 at paragraph 57; Multanisupra at paragraph 32; Bruker v. Marcovitz[2007] 3 S.C.R. 607 at paragraph 71; Ktunaxa Nation v. British Columbia (Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations)2017 SCC 54 at paragraph 63). The term “religion” has not been specifically defined, although the Supreme Court has stated that beliefs or practices rooted in secularism are not protected by the guarantee of freedom of religion and, further, that “religion” typically involves: a particular and comprehensive system of faith and worship; a belief in a divine, superhuman or controlling power; and/or a personal conviction or belief that fosters a connection with the divine or with the subject or object of that spiritual faith (Amselem, supra at paragraph 39). Note, however, that the Court has also stated that the rights of atheists, agnostics, skeptics and the unconcerned are equally protected by section 2(a) (Hutterian Brethrensupra at paragraph 90; Mouvement laïque québecois v. Saguenay (City)[2015] 2 S.C.R. 3 at paragraph 70).

The preceding paragraph cites court cases asserting these rights.  Why do You feel You have no duty or obligation to afford for the protection of My Spiritual beliefs and conviction in My determination to Honour God and the Commandments Given in the Bible (which is accepted as Truth in Court) when these rights are federally protected?

This is primarily why I feel Your assessment is both incorrect and unreasonable as You are suggesting I am a bonded slave with no recourse.

Thank You,I hope to hear from You shortly on these points or at least some direction with respect to how to escalate this Matter to ensure a reasonable and correct remedy.

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

3:18 PM, March 15, 2021

Hi Kristine,

Every point made in Your email to Me cites the Ontario Works Act and the contractual obligations of parties to that agreement.  I understand this perfectly, I do not Wish for You to believe otherwise.

However, the constitution of Canada is also a legally binding contractual obligation and it is superior in jurisdiction and authority to the Ontario Works Act.  If One contract trespasses upon another contractual obligation, the superior contract has the FORCE of law over the inferior jurisdiction.  Canada’s constitutional obligations are superior to those of the Ontario Works Act.  If the Ontario Works Act contains requirements that trespass upon contractual obligations of the federal government, they are NOT legally binding.

Similarly, if I AM a citizen of Canada (which is Your current belief), then Canada has obligations to Honour the rights of their citizens.  International law is also superior to federal law.  Canada has contracted with the U.N. to ensure the protection of Inherent Rights at the federal level.

Again, why do You believe that the OW contract IS legally binding while other contractual obligations made by Canada (and publicly disseminated on the international public record) are not?

These are the reasons why I feel Your response is both unreasonable and incorrect.  You cannot say that one contract is legally binding while other contracts endorsed by the same [federal] institution (Canada) are not.

Thank You,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.