Moving Up in the World

It was another reasonably eventful day.  It is kind of amazing how things Magically work out for Me.  I am sitting in a large kitchen that is almost perfectly quiet, save for the sound of some humming appliances.  The table is large enough to seat twelve comfortably but I’m the only one sitting at it.  I have space to breathe, to think, and above all, to Create!  Even the lighting is good.

It’s not perfect but it’s a serious improvement upon My previous quarters, which consisted of nothing more than a three cubic foot locker and an upper bunk for sleeping.  I can now cook My own food and make coffee whenever I like.  The washrooms are considerably cleaner and I think there are a total of eight showers.  One of them even allows You to control the water temperature without shutting off automatically after a few minutes.  I also have access to free laundry whenever I want, which is truly a beautiful thing.

So, although My day was eventful, it was also enjoyable.  I have mentioned that I don’t want to waste My energy tall King about problems; they are too numerous and no one is interested in problems, what We want are solutions.  So I haven’t reported on how bad it really is for Canada’s homeless, and I’m not going to until I am able to not only present the solutions but also to be in a position to make them happen – that’s ultimately what I am Manifesting here.  What I Will say is that My living arrangements are considerably more dignified now than they were, though they still have a long way to go before they would be considered dignified enough for any Canadian to be ‘proud’ of how their elected officials are distributing Canadian tax dollars.

I failed in My commitment to Write an entry a day because the rest of My day was so busy.  Although I had the perfect place to begin Writing this Post, I didn’t get settled until after ten o’clock and had no Idea that all the recreation rooms on the floor close at eleven.  When I attempted to relocate to the lobby I couldn’t get anything done without serious interruptions, mostly from those under the influence of either booze or speed (I’m guessing) which makes a two way conversation virtually impossible.  I realized that I wasn’t going to get a moment of Peace to finish My Post, so I surrendered and enjoyed a good sleep.  In an effort to make good on My commitment, I am hoping to Publish two Posts today.

Storage Locker

Pictured above is all a man is given for storage space.  A bag full of paintings leans against the side of the locker on the floor, an easel and a portable chair I once used when I was painting outdoors are under the bed.  When I am tall King about the friends who Honour Me every day, I am tall King about all of those who made it possible for Me to leave these things here without ever having to worry about them being stolen.  Thank You.  Now I have a secure place to store My paintings, My easel and an actual closet for My clothes.

My new bedside table.

Haha, I just realized that the string of beads are forming an ‘S’ or figure ‘8’, depending on how You look at it.  No coincidences…

The move was somewhat sudden.  When I let Alix know that I had been given a thirty day eviction notice, she seemed genuinely surprised and first suggested that I take the matter to Meaghan’s supervisor, Jason.  I told Alix I had a pretty good feeling the order was coming from Jason.  A couple hours later, Alix told Me she had a solution to offer Me but didn’t want Me to be offended.  I let her know that I consider all advice the Universe presents to Me and as King of Her to tell Me Her Plan.  She suggested I enter the “Life Skills” Program, and very quickly followed up by saying that I would probably find it ‘beneath Me’, but if I can endure three hours of classes every week, I would also gain all the aforementioned perks and they would not be able to evict Me as long as I’m in the program.

Alix was right.  There was a time when My pride may have prevented Me from participating in any kind of ‘programming’ that supports the current framework of Our society.  However, one of the other things I found very strange about homeless culture, is that there are absolutely no programs or constructive groups of any kind outside of Chapel (provided by the Salvation Army specifically).  The homeless are ‘evicted’ from their sleeping quarters at 7:00 a.m. and unable to access their personal belongings or return to the room until at least 1:00 in the afternoon and as late as 4:00 for some.  Most are dependent on the Salvation Army for their meals, too, so they can’t really wander off too far and where would they go, anyway?  It would seem reasonable to Me that if the goal is to rehabilitate people and help them get back up on their feet, that some classes to fill some of the time might be beneficial.  English and French classes would be a great start, as many jobs especially in the public sector require bilingual applicants.  I am also reasonably sure that many would benefit from education, so a high school equivalency program would be helpful.  Other recreational programs focusing on the Arts would be great for the spiritual and mental development of shelter residents…  For the most part, it would seem there is more determination to create dependency on the system for the homeless rather than rehabilitate them, and I think that may at least in part be due to the fact that shelters are a business.  The more accountability the government can leave in the hands of non-profits to take care of social welfare, the more money the government has to waste on a new ice rink for Parliament Hill.  Really, how far do You think five million dollars would go toward getting Ottawa’s homeless into dignified housing?  I’m going to have fun Writing My letter to Trudeau…

I got a little sidetracked, I digress.  For now, I am in a “Life Skills” program and I am going to be Writing about the experience, I am interested to see what they can teach Me.  Although I am not religious, I do talk about the Bible considerably because the story is so deeply rooted in man’s psyche and most don’t fully understand how that affects Our day to day lives.  To participate in the “Life Skills Program”, it is mandatory to attend Chapel everyday for morning service, which is just another example of how religious dogmas are forced upon the masses.  Refuse to go to Chapel and You cannot enter the program.  Since when should developing life skills be dependent on religious faith or spiritual beliefs?  There are also three mandatory classes a week that deal with various issues which I Will discuss as I have the opportunity to speak of them from the perspective of having experienced them.

My most exciting news to share today, is that the Ottawa Citizen’s penalty for refusing to answer to offences of the common law are now at day nine, for a total of $333,000.00!!!  All of the money Will be used to Create My “Housing the Homeless Found ‘A’ Sean”.  A big thank You goes out to the Ottawa Citizen!

Housing the Homeless Found ‘A’ Sean

Day 9 – $333,000.00

Love and Blessings,





Center Game Development

The Universe has determined that today would be a little more leisurely that the last couple.  I did make some phone calls and arranged a meeting but I won’t be delivering My next letter until December 15th.  As anxious as I am, there are no coincidences, everything Will unfold exactly as it should.

I felt as though the Universe was Gifting Me with some time to reflect so that is exactly how I chose to spend the day.  My friends want Me to Write the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, so I might just have to oblige them with this extra time.  He’s never really been on the top of My priority list because if the Governor General of Canada doesn’t know how to respond to My letters, I have very little faith that Justin will.  However, Writing him Will give Me something to do and he’d probably feel left out if I don’t at least Give him a chance.

I’ve developed a pretty clear plan.  It’s not a coincidence that chess has come back into My Life recently, too.  My Cestui Que Vie was not just a claim to My Life, it was the beginning of an entirely new game.  I wasn’t really into the Monopoly game the rest of the world seems to be enjoying so much, I don’t have the same appreciation for games of luck and chance, despite how much the Universe supports My every move.  I like any game where each man has equal opportunity.  One could argue that white always has the advantage because white always plays first, but there is an equally compelling counter that suggests the position is perfect before the game begins and every move compromises that initial perfection, creating vulnerabilities that black then has (first) opportunity to take advantage of.

Sending a True Copy of My Cestui Que Vie was kind of like presenting a chess board to the Attorney General with white’s move already made, ‘e4’.  Sean Kearney’s reply is kind of like the Attorney General handing the board back to Me without a response to e4, politely telling Me that he only knows how to play Monopoly.  So I let Sean Kearney know that I am Willing to Play his monopoly game by introducing a new Peace to the board, placing the documents returned to Me into the Superior Court.  I’ve set up a new bank in the monopoly game and played a second move on the chess board, ‘d4’ (I’m an aggressive player).  Black is likely feeling somewhat paralyzed.

In addition to filing paperwork into the Superior Court, I also Writ letters to the Attorney General, Registrar General, Vital Statistics (Express Legal), My local MP, the Toronto Police, the Guelph Police, the Governor General and Ottawa’s Mayor, as well as a couple of public servants working for the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  Each letter represents another move on the chess board, each Idea further developing My position.  The more moves black allows Me to make without challenging My position, the stronger it becomes.

So I spent the majority of the game reflecting on the position of the Peace is (Pieces) already in place.  And I was able to see that My letter to Michelle Richardson has been delivered, a new Piece has been developed.

For a good portion of the day, I wasn’t sure what I should Write about, determined to maintain My commitment to an entry a day, consistently impregnating the Universe with Ideas that Will Find ‘Found-A-Sean’ for God’s Kingdom.  However, last night I felt rushed to finish My entry about Black’s Law and Black Magic, and My friends are still as King of Me to explain how things work, and I realized I have plenty of things to Write about while I prepare My next series of Scrolls.

For now, My central position is strong and firmly established.  My last move was also very strong.  The Spell was Cast on Tuesday, it’s effects Will have been felt today.  The digital receipt is available for My readers to view by clicking on this sentence and is also saved to My hard-drive, a private usb drive, an e-mail message to My Self, and My phone. It’s always good to make sure that every piece developed is well defended.

2017-12-03 19.05.52.jpg

Love and Blessings,




Black Magic – Embracing My Dark Side

I have discovered that a lot of people are interested in reading about Magic.  It doesn’t really surprise Me, but I do find it somewhat amusing considering how many people would insist Magic isn’t even real.  But what is real?  And what is Magic?

If what is real is what We believe to be absolute and true, then reality is entirely subject to Our determination of how things are.  So what is Magic?  Magic is believing an Idea to be absolute and true when in fact the determination of the Idea is the only thing that allowed the Idea to become established.  In Idea is presented, received, and accepted.  If the Idea is not challenged, it becomes an established Idea and provides a foundation for additional Ideas.  This is how We have developed the laws that govern society.  I know the same system of laws are used in every common wealth country, and I am reasonably sure that the system of laws are the same in virtually every country of the world, or at the very least, any country that is a member state of the United Nations.  Welcome to the world of Black Magic, otherwise known as Black’s Law.

A lot of people would like to tell Me that black Magic is evil – it’s not.  Magic is neutral and man has the Power and the free Will to use it for Good or for evil.  Black Magic is a system of Magic and it is a system of control.  My belief, is that today’s system of laws were created with the best, most Divine Intention, regardless how corrupt they may appear in Our modern world; the Established Ideas provided a Foundation for all of the laws man enjoys or detests today.  However, just like Magic, the source and foundation are absolute, the roots are deeply established in the belief that there is a Divine Intelligence, an absolute Truth, an Idea that is Perfect in every Way, an Idea man calls God.

Twelve step groups like ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ ask their members to believe in a Higher Power.  Any of the well established world religions Will teach of a Supreme, Divine Creator, something Superior to man; God.  Even secret societies and freemasons have their teachings firmly established in the belief that there is a Divine Intelligence, a Creator, a Perfection in the Universe that gives Meaning and Purpose to every Life on earth, “Every man is a Star”.  Law is founded in the established Idea that God is the absolute Authority of Law.  There cannot be a system of authority without an established Idea in a Higher Power.  Without a belief in God, there is no law because all of man is equal, no man has authority over any other man, so no man could judge another man.  This also means that there could be no laws because all of law would be entirely subject to a man’s belief of what is right and wrong.

In My Book I did not even want to use the Word God because I feel it is so misunderstood by so much of man.  To simplify what God is for the purpose of this entry, I Will say that God represents all that is Good…  And perhaps, more importantly, that there is a reason and purpose, a motive for doing Good.  If there is no God, no consequence for any of man’s actions, then there is no reason to be good, and no reason for laws, no foundation for any kind of rights…  Who could grant them to You if not God?

This is why I believe so many of the world religions created the concept of hell.  For those who had lost their moral compass, there must be something that would motivate people to be good; rewards were often things like Eternal Life or Your name on the guest list at the Pearly Gates…

So the laws of man’s world are firmly established in a belief in God, a reason to do Good, a moral conscience, Right and wrong action.  The law is Written in Black and White, black ink on white paper, primarily.  They are also governed by a series of books, called “Black’s Law”, dictionaries that clearly (re)define English Words as they pertain to man’s laws.  There are many who perceive the system is evil, that it was designed to control man.  There was a time when I may have thought the same.

Now, My belief in the Law very much mimics My belief in Magic; the source of Power is the same, it’s all about the Will of the one Wielding the Power.  A friend literally just called out to Me as I was as King of the Universe for an example of a ‘bad law’, “hey Sean, how is it legal for ‘them’ to be filming Us on camera virtually anywhere We go now?  That isn’t right, they shouldn’t be able to spy on Us like that…”

Well, the question is, why can they?  Is it because the laws are corrupt?  What about any law that We might not agree with?

Well, this is how I believe the system Works and the Foundation of everything I am doing now.  We placed Our Trust in government to create laws that govern morality.  The moral example is the example Given by Christ’s Character, taken from the Bible, most likely the King James Version.  God is a difficult concept to explain but the Bible (and religion in general) presents God as absolute authority over man, a Higher Power.  Religion and law go hand in hand because they are both dependent on man’s belief that there is good and bad in man, a moral Truth with its foundation in Goodness.  The Bible claims to be the Truth and suggests that Moses was Given God’s Laws, the Ten Commandments.  My belief, is that the Ten Commandments provide the foundation for all of man’s laws today, at the very least in all common wealth countries.  Every other law man has created only exists for sinners, those who have broken God’s Laws, the Ten Commandments.

Those who choose to break the Ten Commandments either don’t know God’s Laws or don’t care to obey them and are what I Will refer to as ‘children of God’, not yet spiritually mature.  Sadly, this is most of the world right now.  We are in this situation because man collectively chose to turn away from God, We do not know well enough how to behave without rules.  Black Magic was created to reflect man’s days of darkness.

What I am finding now, is that many do not know God’s laws, which Gives Me a significant advantage.  The Dark Side of My personality Will be teaching these laws to those who presume to be in positions of authority over Me.  I know how the system works and I am beginning to think that most of Canada’s elected officials don’t.

The next few letters I Write Will be very powerful.  I Will be teaching the world as I teach Our elected officials, the Ottawa Citizen’s Editor in Chief, or any other person who presumes to believe it is okay to trespass on man’s rights or sovereignty wherever it may happen.  There are laws protecting those rights, and they are founded in God.

One of My friends had said he wanted to see the ‘Dark Side’ of My personality, and I explained that the darkest thing I Will do is shine some light on the Black Magic of man’s laws.  20170511_160104_Burst01

Love and Blessings,


Pen is Mightier than the Sword, My Letter to the Ottawa Citizen

My Tuesday has proven to be every bit as productive as My Monday was.  I give thanks to the friends who Honour Me every day. Today it was King James who accompanied Me on all My errands.  We walked half way across the city in a light rain so I could make true copies of My last two letters before sending them off.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken this kind of care sending a letter.  I don’t want to believe it should be necessary to send a letter registered mail just to elicit a response from an elected public official, much less a Member of Parliament, the Attorney General or Governor General – it is their Duty to respond to letters from the public.  Because My letter to the Mayor and Governor General were letters of introduction, having a receipt to show they were received isn’t necessary, it’s an ‘informal’ introduction, an invitation to meet with Me to discuss My concerns off the record.  This gives Me an opportunity to ‘feel’ them out, see which of Canada’s elected public officials know how to do their job (if any) and how many have completely lost touch with their duties and responsibilities as elected public officials.

As far as the Ottawa Citizen is concerned, I gave Michelle Richardson plenty of time to reply to My e-mail without disclosing to the public what I was as King of the Citizen for in Way of compensation for the trespass upon My fellow Kings privacy, anonymity and defamation of character.  I am going to disclose the full contents of all e-mail exchanges in My Story at some point in the future, for now I Will share with You the letter that was sent to Michelle Richardson via registered mail this afternoon.

1 of 4 (True Copy)

The colour on the copy is so good that it is difficult to tell the difference between the hand Writ ‘True Copy’ and the rest of the (photocopied) document.  The thumbprint beside ‘true copy’ is also ‘wet ink’ (genuine, not copied), to show that I am the one swearing this letter is in fact a true copy of the genuine article sent registered mail.

2 of 4 (Genuine Article)

The original document (pictured above) is on high quality, light blue parchment designed for calligraphy and ‘fancy’ letters.  I was a little surprised that the copier did not pick up the blue background of the parchment, though it was able to mimic the red ink of the original almost perfectly.

3 of 4 (True Copy)
4 of 4 (Genuine Article)

Michelle Richardson Will receive the Genuine Article (despite how much more beautiful it is than the true copy) which was sent registered mail.  I Writ the Registration Number on the last page of the True Copy, just underneath ‘Love and Blessings’.  I was also given a tracking sticker which I don’t remember getting when I sent documents to the Attorney General, Registrar General and/or Vital Statistics, but it is very handy.  I placed the sticker in the upper right hand corner of the front page on the sleeve cover, shown below.


So, today was a day of bearing gifts.  Not only does Michelle Richardson have an opportunity to demonstrate that the Citizen does respect the rights and dignity of the homeless, she also has an opportunity to reinvest some of the Citizen’s millions of dollars of annual profits back into the community by providing homes for Ottawa’s most needy.

The $37,000.00 I as King of the Citizen for as penalty for refusing to respond to offences of the common law and man’s right to dignity and privacy is equal to roughly one day of annual profits, based on their third quarter financial report as a franchise corporation of PostMedia Corporation (which You can link to HERE.)

Today is December 5th, five days beyond the deadline I gave Michelle to respond to the offences, making the Ottawa Citizen criminally responsible and commercially liable to the tune of $185,000.00, all of which Will be used to help Ottawa’s most impoverished live dignified lives.  My hope is that this Will make multi million dollar media moguls like the Ottawa Citizen and PostMedia corporation think twice before exploiting a man’s right to dignity, privacy and anonymity.

Love and blessings, I hope this day was as blessed for all of You as it has been for Me.



A Magical Monday for Casting More Spells

Monday’s are not usually My most productive day of the week but today was an exception.  I finally finished composing My letter of claim for the Ottawa Citizen and I am very pleased.  I had mentioned to Michelle Richardson, Editor in Chief at the Ottawa Citizen, that I would disclose the contents of Our e-mail correspondence on My Blog if she failed to respond to My complaint before December 1st.  I still need to update ‘My Story’ with My letter to the Mayor, and My e-mail correspondence with Michelle Will be found there, too – whenever I get around to Posting it.  I’m not in a rush to post the e-mail correspondence because the letter I Writ sufficiently summarizes the content of those letters.

I also managed to get a second letter Writ to the Ministry of Community and Social Services, which is also very satisfying.  I sit here reflecting on a quote about the virtue of Patience that was Gifted Me recently, “The Greatest Power is often simple Patience.”

Patience is one of the Virtues I am consistently conscious of.  I want to be Patient and give those who have received My documents fair chance to Honour them, but I do not want to be taken for granted, nor do I want the serious nature of My Orders to be underestimated.  My documents were received by the Attorney General on January 19th of 2017, it has been almost a full year, I think I’ve been more than Patient…  And the urgency certainly comes across in My most recent letter.

In addition to composing two letters I am very pleased with, I also had an opportunity to play a little chess.  I picked up a portable chess set just recently and have been playing games with men who Honour Me with their friendship everyday.  I also picked up book for chess notation so that the games with My special friends can be recorded, a reflection of the entertaining side of My Story.  We are having what I have called, ‘the Tournament of Kings’, and at present, I am the reigning champ, though all My competitors are strong enough to win and I look forward to bearing Witness to the evolution of Our games.


Finally, not only did I manage to Write two letters and find some time for leisure with a game of chess, I also managed to get all of My laundry done!  And now I’m about two sentences away from getting a Post published!  I Will save the content of My letter to the Ottawa Citizen until tomorrow, when I Will be sending it.  Any Monday I manage to get this much done and laundry, is a Magical Monday in Deed.  😉

Love and Blessings,



The Mystery of My Story

I hope the rest of the world is enjoying their Sunday morning every bit as much as I am.  I started the day in My usual Way, My Mind slowly waking up as I enjoy My morning smoke.  A friend returns with a fresh coffee.  I thank My friend graciously, and the Universe, too.  The more blessed I feel, the more blessed I am.

My morning smoke begins to work its Magic, and soon My Mind is filled with Inspired Ideas, I’m ready to Write.  I log into the macrocosm of social media to see how many Minds My Words have touched while I slept, and what Words those Minds may have touched…  Ah, the little Gifts I am Given!

The United States is not a surprise, they are My second largest audience after Canada.  The surprise is what they are reading, “A Triple Threat – Three Concurrent Timelines“.  I refresh My memory by clicking to the Post and re-reading it.  I’m pleased.  I go back to My stats to find out how they found the Post and I’m even more flattered; no referrers, no searches, just direct links to My Posts.  This means that whoever was linking to My Blog either had direct links to the Posts they were reading, or are able to search My the Posts on My Blog without detection.  Only talented hackers or those who actually own the server can do that.  They were also reading a few chapters from My Book.

Several of My friends have now had a chance to view some My stats and there are several ways I can show they are manipulated.  Three years of My stats have hundreds or thousands of views without a single visitor – that information hasn’t changed since it was first revealed to Me in April or May of this year.  Prior to that, it appeared as though virtually no one was reading My Blog.  Now I know that My Blog can be read anonymously by all of the world’s most powerful countries.  What I find most interesting about the manipulation of My Twitter and WordPress stats, is how concerned My friends are for Me.

My friends are worried that I’m on some kind of watch list – I’m telling My friends they’ve been watching Me for years, they only decided to let Me know they were watching Me this year.  It was a gift and ‘they’ know how much appreciate it.  So when I see that some of My more significant Posts are being read, I get excited and motivated, I feel like the world is watching Me.  And that’s exactly what I want.

I have big plans for today.  I have at least one letter to Write, perhaps as many as three.  I Will announce who they are for as I have them Writ.  Everything I do is a contribution to the Great Work, every letter I Write a Part of My Script, a role for My character to Play on the world stage.  What I Will do next is the Mystery of My Story.

Parking lot line painter decides to add a little Love to his work.

I hope this day finds You well, Love and Blessings,


Scribing the Seven Keys to Kingdom

I enjoyed the Verses I was Gifted with so much that I decided to practice My Calligraphy skills so that I could add these passages to My Story, they served as excellent guidance for My Path.

Seven Keys to Kingdom I – II

Both Passages are powerful but II, from James 1:13, was the one that provided the guidance I had been as King of the Universe for.  King James is also one of the men I am defending against attacks upon the Honour of His character by the Ottawa Citizen – no coincidences. 😉

Seven Keys to Kingdom III – IV

By Writing each of the Passages, I am making the Ideas and the Intention of those who shared them with Me physical.  The paper represents the wood from which it was made, the tree with its foundation deeply rooted in the earth.  Scribing into the paper is akin to etching Ideas into the earth of man’s macrocosm.

Seven Keys to Kingdom VI – VII

And so this is Magic, the Intention of a good friend and fellow King made physical.  The Words I Write Manifest, it is only a matter of time.

In perfect concert with the Universe, I also ‘Magically’ gained one hundred new followers on Twitter while I Writ the Seven Keys to Kingdom.  Thank You so much for all of My followers in the macrocosm and all My friends in the microcosm, I love You all.  The Universe is be King to Us in every moment when We have ears to hear and eyes to see…

Love and Blessings,