The Good News Journal, Volume XV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition – Gifts Given to the King’s Court

Happy Magical Monday, everyone!  I also hope and Trust everyone had a fabulous Father’s day.

This is the first time I’ve been really excited about publishing a Post in a while.  Although I always enjoy Writing, I haven’t had the freedom to be the kind of ‘rogue journalist’ I want to be as a matter of self preservation.  There are so many things I would love to report about that are not in My best interest right now, though My experiences Will never be forgot and I have plenty to publish when the time is right.  For now, a Great Gift was bestowed unto Me in the Courts last Friday that allows Me a little more freedom to discuss My plans.

I had a lot of fun the last time I was in Court with the Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey, and I am thing King most of My readers Will know I was very much looking forward to My next Court date.  I was curious to know how prosecution was planning to respond to My Cestui Que Vie declaration, but there was no mention of it.  As I Posted previously, prosecution is presuming to have jurisdiction and authority, even though they know they don’t have it (or should know they don’t have it).  My Cestui Que Vie is already ‘on the record’, though it has not yet been added to this Case file.  Prosecution has seen the document, they know what’s coming if they decide to go to trial, so I had anticipated the charges would be withdrawn before the matter ever reaches Judicial Pre Trial.  Last Friday, despite a hectic morning running around the courthouse, I was Gifted with a new Court date – for Judicial Pre Trial!

I even took a moment to advise the Court that I was not sure if Crown was ready for Judicial Pre Trial (J.P.T.) yet, and was assured that Crown Will have an opportunity to reschedule the J.P.T. on July 5th if they are not ready.  I Will be very pleased if they are, but My personal research suggests that We are not yet ready for J.P.T., as there has not yet been a Crown Pre-Trial (C.P.T.).  The Ontario Courts website says, “absent exceptional circumstances, it is expected that the parties will have met to discuss the case in advance of the judicial pre trial.”

There has not yet been a C.P.T., so I don’t expect that My next court date Will be (or can be) a J.P.T., but I Will be as King of the Court for one as soon as possible.  After a little more research, I can tell You for sure that July 5th Will not be a J.P.T. as a C.P.T. is required under the criminal code and the court’s criminal proceeding rules.

The more I learn, the more confident I become.  The C.P.T. is before a Superior Court Judge (not a provincial court justice).  That would explain how the provincial courts get around Constitutional rights, as the Judge Will have the opportunity to advise Crown to withdraw the charges if they (prosecution) trespass on Constitutional rights before the matter ever gets to the Judicial Pre Trial.  For now, it is presumed one has Willfully waived certain rights in exchange for privileges and benefits [right to participate in commerce] provided by the state, and governed by commercial codes of conduct.  Any [so called] serious offences would be federal charges in the Superior Court where all Constitutional rights are protected.  The Department of Justice of Canada website states that Canada’s constitution “only provides for federally appointed judges”.  It didn’t make sense to Me that Canada’s Constitution is the foundation of Law in Canada but doesn’t provide for provincial or municipal judges, so it does make sense that the Crown Pre-Trial would be something of a screening process before the Judicial Pre Trial to ensure there are no trespasses upon Canada’s Constitution.  The unusual thing about it, is that the meeting between the Superior Court Judge, Crown prosecution, and the accused, is private and not open to the public.  I am generally opposed to secret meetings.

Real Law, the Common Law, is not conducted privately behind closed doors, it is always open to the public.  So many people have as King of Me how I am managed to learn what I know, especially with respect to the Law, and this Post is a perfect example of what I do.  I didn’t even know what the next stage of Canada’s legal procedures would be, though I knew the Case would eventually be destined for Judicial Pre-Trial, then finally, the actual Trial.  I literally learned about the Pre-Trial Conference as I composed this Post.

Now, thanks to the opportunity to get some exercise and accumulate a few Canadian debt notes [cash], I have been too exhausted from War King to finish the Post I began composing Monday, though I have been Blessed with the opportunity to consider the new information; I do not like the Idea of a private meeting in a closed court.  The fact that this is part of Canada’s criminal procedure is highly suspect to Me, and I am eager to investigate.  I have reviewed Form 17 and it seems that defence very much can complain of trespasses upon Constitutional rights, consent, unwarranted search, interference of property and other such things…  There are a ton of Common Law protections covered in the Form, (admissibility of hearsay of a decedent, for example) and these protections are also referred to as the Common Law (for those who would presume the Common Law no longer exists in Canada).

Well, it’s now Saturday evening for Me and I am planning a ‘Me’ day tomorrow where I plan to escape to a quiet café to Write for a few hours and should manage to get a new entry Posted.  Then I Will be back to accumulating debt notes to fund My [Kingdom of Heaven] found-A-Sean.  I Will also share a few more of My thoughts regarding the Pre-Trial Conference.

Love and Blessings, have a fabulous weekend!






The Good News Journal, Volume XIV: The Fabulous Friday Edition – Adventures in the King’s Court

Well, it’s most definitely an exciting Friday Edition with much [Good] News to report! As per usual, Court did not go as I expected it might, and although I always anticipate that it won’t and do what I can to be as prepared as possible anyway, figuring out how to rescind a bench warrant for My arrest was not on My agenda and not something I was particularly looking forward to dealing with on the fly, but that quickly became My most urgent task of the day.  I’m here to Write of the experience, so welcome to the Fabulous Friday Edition [even if You read this later].

My morning started off great; crisp clothes, well groomed, stylish and confident.  I arrived early as usual and once again decided to visit the clerk’s office to see if I could get a copy of My letters printed for the prosecution [it is important to Keep the original documents].  The clerk obliged Me this time (same lady), though she wasn’t entirely thrilled about doing it and explained to Me that it is not the clerk’s duty to make copies.  I apologized and said to her that I thought it was the responsibility of the clerks and she advised Me that there is a photo copier available for that near the information desk.  So I understand why she didn’t seem thrilled about copying My documents.  I don’t know these things, so I felt a little foolish; in Guelph, the [Supreme] Court Clerks were happy to make copies for Me and receive My documents.  By 8:37 in the morning (no coincidences), I was as ready and prepared as I could have been, a duplicate copy of each of the letters that were as King of Me for the Justice.

I had time for a short coffee recess outside and made My Way to the courtroom for 8:55.  When the Justice entered, I was immediately surprised to find it was not Justice Perkins-McVey, and the new Justice did not introduce himself to the Court so I couldn’t tell You who it was.  It would be the third Justice over three Court dates, so it seemed reasonable to presume that perhaps any Justice available that day may be as King to serve the Court and they do not necessarily stay on the same Case, though that doesn’t seem very logical to Me.  As the morning progressed, it seemed more and more like I was in the wrong courtroom as one of the lawyers had over twenty consecutive matters and it was already 9:30, so I decided to take a washroom break and see if the schedule had been posted outside the courtroom (as it was not yet up when I arrived).  Sure enough, when I return from the washroom, I discover My name is not on the list so I go back to the clerk’s office to find out what is going on.  The clerk tells Me that I was scheduled to be in Court on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. and that a bench warrant has been issued for My arrest.  Fabulous Friday became furious Friday very quickly, let Me tell You!  I maintained My composure, showed the clerk My little notebook where I Write My Court dates, to which she very plainly stated she was sorry for My misfortune but I would have to turn My Self into police.  Not feeling any less angry, but I knew it wasn’t the clerk’s fault, so I said thank You and proceeded to the Police department on the lower level of the courthouse.  This is where My Story becomes a little more interesting.

I was furious, truly – though I knew My anger wasn’t going to help Me.  I do not appreciate being locked up and denied the right to Present My Self to a Court Justice – it is My right and the first duty of a law enforcement officer with a bench warrant anyway!!!  That is their duty on a BENCH Warrant specifically; to arrest You and bring You to the benchbefore a Justice – NOT lock You up until later, much less deny You the right to be heard by a Justice!  Presumption of innocence till proved guilty.

So I go into the courtroom Police station and tell the receptionist that I am there to turn My Self in under duress, stating that as King of someone else to advocate or administrate legal matters on My behalf while I sit in a cell and wait when I am fully capable of Presenting My Self to a Justice right now, feels like a gross trespass upon equality before the law and My common law rights.  The lady working receptions was so kind.

“You don’t have to turn Yourself in, just tell Duty Counsel You missed Your date yesterday and they can rescind the bench warrant.”

I was seriously expecting to immediately be arrested and spend the rest of My day in jail, waiting for some bonehead to speak for Me…  And few things infuriate Me more.  Instead, I made My Way to duty counsel and explained My situation, stating that I had been advised they could get Me in front of a Justice without being arbitrarily arrested again.  No dice.  Duty counsel tells Me there is only twenty-four hours Grace to rescind a bench warrant and I would have to turn My Self into police.  I truly want to smack My head every time I make the mistake of as King of duty counsel anything – I’d be better off as King a random lawyer for advice in the lobby; lawyers are salespeople, they Will be all too happy to share their expertise with You in hopes You might be so impressed with their knowledge You may seek to retain them for counsel.

Although I had just been told I would have to turn My Self into police again, the receptionist at the police station had rekindled the fire of My Will to deal with this matter My Self, one Way or another, so I made an appointment with a Justice of the Peace.  That was even more disappointing.  The Justice told Me he didn’t care about the constitution or human rights, “that’s not the way it works, You will have to turn Your Self over to police.”

Once again, I left furious and frustrated but if I was going to spend the day in jail waiting for some other bonehead to present information to a Justice on My behalf, I’d best get arrested as soon as possible.  So once again I returned to the police office and said I was turning My Self in under duress as I feel My constitutional rights are being trespassed upon.

“Have You tried going to the bail Court and as King of the Justice to hear You now?”

“No, where is the bail court?”

“Courtroom number six.”

“Thank You!”

That is what I had wanted from the moment I heard there was a bench warrant – to find My Way to the Bench!!!  [Common Sense, right?]  I Swear to God, this woman was an Angel!  The moment I left, I knew I was going to have success; I could feel it, it was tangible.

As I walked into Courtroom 6, there was a definite ‘elephant in the room’, vibe.  There was no Justice or Judge, only the Crown, a clerk, and perhaps another lawyer, all sitting behind the bar with no seats left for this King.  I approached the bar, all of them staring at Me intently and stopped just short of passing through.

“Um, do I need to bow if I want to pass the bar without a Judge or Justice here, and does anyone Mind if I do?”

“Well, what are You here for?”, one of them as King of Me.

“Is this a Court of Record?”

“It’s a bail Court”

“Well, I’m tired of being locked up and subject to having someone else administrate My legal matters when I’m supposed to have the presumption of innocence and be brought before a Justice as soon as possible anyway.  I genuinely thought I had Court today, only to find out it was yesterday and that a bench warrant has been issued for My arrest.  I am not okay with being locked up all day when I clearly want to have this matter resolved. And I Will say under Oath and penalty of perjury that I made an honest mistake and want these matters dealt with as soon as possible.”

“I’ll vouch for You and have the bench warrant rescinded, do You Mind waiting in the lobby for a few minutes?”

“Sure, thank You!  May I have Your name, please.”


“Thank You so much, I really appreciate this.”

Needless to say, I was all too happy to wait in the lobby.  Five minutes later, he walks out and says that We still have to wait for the Justice to enter the Court, but he’s removed the bench warrant and We are looking to reschedule for June 28th, “does that sound okay?”

“That’s perfect, thank You.”

I waited another twenty minutes or so in the lobby before I was paged to the Court.  The Courtroom was somewhat busy when I returned, including someone in the prisoner’s box.  When I first spoke with Shouldice, there had been no one in the Courtroom except those who work there.  I took a seat in the back row, figuring it might be a while.  The moment after everyone had resumed seating after the Justice entered the courtroom, Shouldice as King if the court could hear a small matter before those listed on the docket and his request was granted.

“Sean von Dehn mixed up his Court dates and was here today instead of yesterday, Your Honour.  I do believe it was an honest mistake and Will vouch for him, I am as King to have the bench warrant removed and a new date set.”

Once again, the request was Granted and June 28th was suggested for My next court date but the schedule was full for that day.  Next available date was July 5th, Courtroom 8, 9:00 a.m. for Judicial Pre-Trial! 

“Are You available that day?”

Music to My ears, thank You, Your Honour.

The only thing I didn’t like was that I was not acting as My own counsel, Shouldice spoke for Me and generally, I don’t like that.  However, I think he knows how much I generally resent others speaking for Me and sincerely just wanted to do what he could to help, knowing he had influence and credibility with the Justice that would work in My favour.  The Justice doesn’t know anything about Me, so this is one of those times where My knowledge and determination to exercise My rights may be perceived as arrogant which most definitely would not have worked in My favour.  Confidence and arrogance can be a fine line sometimes.

Anyway, I learned a great deal in Court today and am beginning to know My Way around, too.  I’ve also found that although I don’t as King for much help from lawyers, anytime I have, I have been treated with courtesy and respect.  A very special thank You to Shouldice for assisting Me today, it was tremendously appreciated.

Also, a very special thank You to the receptionist of the courtroom police service who would not let Me give up.

Love and Blessings to everyone.  Next Present-A-Sean in Court is July 5th, Courtroom 8, 9:00 a.m., and You are all invited!

Ciao for now. 😉










The Good News Journal, Volume XIV: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Edition

Hello everyone, hope You are having a wonderful Wednesday.  It’s Tuesday in My microcosm and I am scheduling this Post for tomorrow morning.  My good friend, Captain Thomas Yoo, spiritual director and pastor of the Gladstone Community church, returned from South Korea this week where he had been involved in North Korea peace talks; his involvement in the peace talks was also recently published by the Ottawa Citizen.

My friend, Captian Yoo

It was great to see Captain Yoo again and, despite his hectic schedule, he managed to find the time to Write Me a wonderful letter to Present to the Court on Friday.  Today, I only had a chance to view the e-mail as he would like to print the letter on Salvation Army letter head which he is only able to do from his office.  However, I should have the letter by noon Wednesday and it is even more flattering than I could have Wished, so Wednesday is already exceedingly lucky!

It won’t, however, help Me to be less enthusiastic about My next Court Present-A-Sean on Friday and I am already having difficulty sleeping at night.  I am more excited about going to Court on Friday than I was about My name [birth] day celebrate-Sean. 😉

It’s not just about going to Court, I’m excited because I feel like I am finally able to apply the knowledge I’ve acquired to My life in a practical Way.  Once again, I have no idea what to expect on Friday, but one Way or another, I Will be closer to having the matter behind Me.  If the Crown does decide they want to go to trial…  I honestly can’t imagine that they Will because I am thing King they Will know how much I Will enjoy making prosecution look foolish; I’ve waited a long time for this!

Perhaps what I’m most excited about is not having to withhold any information from My Blog.  Right now, I feel like My Words are censored, even though I’m the One censoring My Self.  I don’t want to reveal any of My strategies before I go to Court, but I am excited to share them with You.  I am also excited about helping other Canadians in Court, and this experience Will help Me to develop the ability to do so with confidence.  I have incredible confidence when I am the only one who may be subject to My mistakes, but not so much when someone else has placed their Trust in Me; it really is a tremendous responsibility and not something I take lightly.  I was going to help a friend with traffic court today but he didn’t want to cooperate with Me or take the Counsel I was offering.  I didn’t argue, I took My leave and as King to him that he stop by when he’s done in court and let Me know how he made out.  Some people seem to think I Will magically make all of their irresponsible behaviour invisible to the Court, and this I cannot do.  I as King to my friend to as King of the Justice for forgiveness, admitting he has been irresponsible, feeling overwhelmed by the charges against him without proper counsel.  It is very difficult for some to admit their faults and My friend was not willing to ask for forgiveness, he insisted that it was ‘impossible’ for him to make either of his previous appearances for reasons beyond his control. It’s like telling a teacher the dog ate Your homework; the teacher isn’t stupid, nor Will be a Judge or Justice.

I also want to say thank You once again for the continued readership.  I feel a little like I’m letting My readers down right now, but it is very difficult for Me to Write at the moment, and that is one of the other reasons I am so anxious to have these Court matters behind Me – I can’t wait to have a more productive and suitable workspace.

Thank You all for Your continued support, happy Lucky Wednesday!!!






61% Of Ontarians Making Most Of Last Night Before 39% Do The Unthinkable

Voting day in Ontario, Canada… Great post!

The Out And Abouter

A man watches the sun set on the last vestiges of sense in Ontario.

On a mild Wednesday evening, with a light breeze rolling in from the south, a few clouds scudding by overhead, and traffic gently arcing along all major arterial roadways, six out of ten voting Ontarians are enjoying one last breath of unfucked-up air before four out of ten of their neighbours elect someone who shouldn’t be in charge of collecting the carts at Rona, much less running the goddamn province. 

“Anyone have any last minute medical emergencies they want to get in before our province repairs a flat tire by driving the car into the lake?” Ottawa dad, Larry Carlaw, asks his family as they hang out in their backyard, enjoying their final hours of living in a province that has a plan.

“Speak now or for four years hold your peace,” he adds, taking a…

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The Good News Journal, Volume XIII: V is for Voting; the Democratic Delusion Edition

Hello and happy Thursday, everyone!  Thank You all so much for the continued readership despite My inconsistency authoring new Posts.

It is always a special treat for Me to view My stats and find that My archives are being read.  “Becoming a Student of the Universe” is still My most popular Post of all time and the trend continues this year, too.   It’s pretty amazing for Me to consider that something I Writ more than seven years ago continues to get as much attention as it does today.  This Blog has been read by 42 countries so far this year and that is a beautiful thing for Me, too.  Once upon a time, the Magic of these Words were Cast into the Universe by Way of the world wide web and not a single person seemed interested in anything I had to say.  I now have an international audience, and for that I could not be more thankful.  To anyone reading these Words, thanks for making My name day celebration so Magical.

Today is Ontario election day and as per usual, Facebook and other social media sites are tall King about the importance of voting and making one’s Voice heard.  But filling out a ballot does not make a man’s Voice heard, it makes him one of the herd, suggesting he believes in a democratic process that consistently leaves the majority of Canadian voters disappointed.  There Will almost certainly be more votes for the collective opposition parties than there Will be for whomever is elected.

A lot of things have changed since I was a child.  I remember being taught about the Common Law and how lucky We (as Canadians) are to have the Queen’s promise that Our Common Law rights are protected by law.  I also remember being taught the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms in grade school, and how the Governor General’s duty was to make sure that no bills passed through the House of Commons and Senate that trespass on the [Common Law] rights of the Canadian people.  But the Governor General hasn’t prevented any bills that trespass on the rights of Canadians from passing through the House of Commons, Senate, and ultimately becoming legal.  So laws are made that trespass on Human Rights, not because they have superior authority or jurisdiction, but because it has been too long since Canada’s Governor General has had any comprehensive understanding of the importance of their role in Canadian society and the international community, and too long since the People of Canada have held their elected officials [and/or Governor General] accountable for those trespasses.

“The definition of insanity is to repeat the same action expecting a different result” – Einstein, paraphrasing.

Yet Canadians keep voting for [and bitching about] their elected officials, hoping for a different result.  Hmmm…  I am thing King it is time for change.  For Me, V is not for Voting, but for von Dehn’s Vision for Peace and the realization of the protection of human rights as the rule of law for Canada and the International community. 😉

I have also claimed that democracy inhibits man’s evolution as it is always going to be a specialized group of progressive thinkers that come up with the most innovative solutions.  It is common for the majority to perceive the most innovative and progressive Ideas as ludicrous, so it is highly unlikely that a specialized group of thinkers Will ever achieve the majority of the vote.  Most People fear change and are more inclined to stick to the status quo.  Today, I decided to include a YouTube video from ‘Ted talks’, as many of My followers on Twitter are featured on shows like ‘Ted talks’, Entrepreneur and Forbes magazine, so I decided I would check out some of the ‘Ted talks’ material.  I always enjoy motivational and inspirational videos and there does appear to be a decent amount of worthwhile content.  This ‘Ted talk’ is about why the majority is always wrong…

I am very excited about My next date in Court because I know the Justice has never met a man like Me before.  I have already done things in Court that have astounded onlookers, like telling the prosecution on My first presentation before the Court that I am, “not Mister Sean von Dehn, I am King Sean, House of von Dehn!”

I don’t imagine the Court hears that sort of thing very often…  Prosecution did not challenge My claim, but instead challenged My right to be on the same side of the bar as he was.  I claimed if We are all equal in law and before the law, then I have as much right to be where I am as he does.  Once again, My claim was not contested and the prosecution looked rather foolish that day.  Last time I was in Court, the prosecution said nothing at all, all dialogue was between Me and the Justice.

Well, I’ll have more to say after My next Court date, for now I am still keeping a low profile and enjoying the sunshine.  I hope the rest of You are, too!

Love and Blessings,




The Good News Journal, Volume XII: The Sun has Sean on the Sunday Edition

I hope You are having a wonderful weekend.  The weather in Ottawa has been beautiful lately, it is finally beginning to feel like spring!  I’ve got a lot of Good things going on in My microcosm, too.  Again, to Honour My friendship, I can’t say too much, but My friend is in much better spirits than he was a few days ago.  Although My ambitions in the macrocosm are almost astoundingly High, the effect and impact I have on those in My microcosm is of at least equal, if not of Greater importance to Me.  There are some marvelous, even miraculous things happening for My friend, and it is truly wonderful to see.

For now, I am remaining True to My Word and keeping something of a low profile, at least with respect to what I am Writing here.  I am well prepared for My next Court ‘Present A Sean’, yet I am continuously perfecting My Case.  I like allowing My intuition to dictate how I Will perform in Court and although I don’t anticipate I Will have the opportunity to Present any more information than I did on May 10th, I am going to be exceedingly well prepared when it comes time to file My counter claim.  Currently, I am firmly establishing and clarifying the Common Law for My Kingdom.

I have said before that the Law should not be complicated, that’s why it’s called the ‘Common Law’ – because it is not complicated, it is Common Sense.  Those who are wealthy in knowledge are rich in Common Cents. 😉

The most Common criticism I receive, is that I am an idealist and My philosophies sound Great but they are only philosophical in nature with no practical application, and perhaps that’s why I developed such an appreciation for Law; in Law, opinion means nothing, proof is everything. As I perceive every event in My Life as a Magical opportunity to Manifest My intention, My experience in Court has already helped Me to develop My Kingdom by not only firmly establishing the Common Law as the Law of My Nation, but also clearly defining the Common Law by supporting its foundation with facts.

So, if I am going to be tall King about the Common Law and how I believe that rights are protected by Law, I should probably have something to show the Court to prove this is true.  And if I am going to be tall King about these things in Canada’s Courts, then I should probably find information that is relative to Canada’s system of Laws so I know what rights Canada’s provincial Judge’s and Justice’s are responsible for protecting.  That doesn’t seem like a radical approach to Me, it seems to Me that would be the reasonable and logical Way for any man to defend One’s claim before a Court Judge or Justice.  So please, let Me draw Your attention to Canada’s system of Justice as defined by the government of Canada website by clicking here.

A couple of choice quotes I find particularly useful are:

“A constitution provides the fundamental rules and principles that govern a country.”

“It is the Supreme Law of Canada.”

This information is provided by the Canadian (government) Department of Justice, so it is reasonable to presume the information is applicable.  The Department of Justice also defines the role of the Justice Minister, “which provides services such as drafting laws and providing legal advice to the government and its departments.  The department also develops criminal and public law, as well as policies and programs for victims, families, children and youth criminal justice.  The Minister of Justice is also the Attorney General or chief law officer in Canada.”

This is why My very first letter of complaint about the trespasses upon My Common Law rights in Toronto was sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office, the highest authority of law in Canada, responsible for ensuring that the Constitutional rights of Canada’s People are protected [by law].

Laws do not have the power to trespass on a right.  Laws are made by man, Rights are inherent, Given by God.  “The Governor General must also give royal assent to a bill before it can become a law.  By constitutional convention, royal assent is always given to bills passed by the Senate and the House of Commons.”

The Governor General’s real duty and responsibility in Canada is to know the Common Law so that the rights guaranteed by Canada’s Constitution are protected.  If government representatives in the House of Commons and Senate have been influenced [or bribed] by corporations to pass bills through the House of Commons and Senate that might trespass on rights of the Canadian People, the Governor General has the power to overturn the bill and reject it to protect the rights of the Canadian People and the Constitution.  By ‘constitutional convention’, this is almost never done, and I believe it is because it has been too long since Canada has had a Governor General who understands their duty and responsibility under God and the Queen, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II (and not to be confused with Canada’s Crown Corporation and policies, commonly expressed in [Canadian] law as ‘REGINA’).  REGINA can be found on any Canadian coin and legal matters that express ‘REGINA vs. ______’, are codes to govern commercial conduct.

I’m not a big fan of Canada’s Constitution, I think it’s weak and poorly Writ, but it does provide a foundation for the protection of [human] rights in Canada and does demonstrate that Canadian courts are accountable to Canada’s constitution.

I also have My letter to Present to Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey on June 15th and was Gifted with another opportunity to attend Court on June 5th, My name day, to support My friend for whom I have been providing counsel as of late.

It is very difficult for Me to maintain any consistency writing My Blog these days, so please be patient – even an hour of uninterrupted Writing time can be difficult to manage, never Mind actual work space.  I Will likely Write again sometime around My name day, though that could be a very busy day, too, so no promises.

I hope You are all well,

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XI: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition

Hello everyone, and thank You very much for being here; without You, these Words are Nothing.

I’ve been spending some time thing King about all of the wonderful happenings in My microcosm.  I would like to report more on some of the changes I Wish to manifest for the People of Ottawa [and the rest of Canada], but because the Words I Write have enough influence to almost immediately affect My microcosm, I have to be very careful about the information I share.  Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey, had said she felt that a [counter] claim against the Ottawa Police Service may be a conflict of interest as long as I am staying at the Salvation Army, so I have decided I Will disclose a public disclaimer as part of My strategy.  So long as the Salvation Army does not directly interfere with My determination to protect the Common Law and defend man’s Sovereign rights, they Will not have to worry about being held liable [commercially or otherwise] for any trespasses of the Common Law.

In a previous Post I had said that one of the things I would need to spend some time thing King about was liability, consider whom [or what] is ultimately responsible for trespasses upon the Common Law in Canada.  Although the Salvation Army and other shelters may have corporate policies that ultimately result in trespasses upon Common Law rights, that does not make them responsible for those trespasses.  The Salvation Army is an emergency shelter, its purpose is to provide assistance and support in the event of a disaster that displaces People from their homes – it is not the responsibility of the Salvation Army [or any other private, charitable organization] to provide basic needs for the People of Canada, that Duty and responsibility lies with the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  Consider what the city of Ottawa [or any other city in Canada] might look like if there were no shelters, if the thousands of People they provide beds for every night were left to sleep in the streets?  And considering it’s not legal to sleep on the streets, imagine how many more Canadians would be in jail because there is no other place for them go.  How can any charitable organization be held liable for trespasses upon the Common Law rights of the Canadian People when the reason they are there is because of the misappropriation of Canada’s wealth?  The responsibility to provide a dignified life for the People of Canada falls upon the shoulders of the Canadian government, and the People of Canada are the authority of government;  I am thing King We forget that…

I also know that the Salvation Army is founded upon Spiritual principles, and I happen to be good friends with the Spiritual director, Captain Thomas Yoo.  It is Thomas Yoo that I meet with for [Spiritual] counsel most weeks.  He’s had a busy schedule lately, so I haven’t met with him for a couple of weeks, but he is a very Good friend and has tremendous respect for My Work.  He is also very pleased to have an opportunity to show his support by providing Me with a letter for the Court.

I’m going to Sign off for now, the main thing I wanted to make clear, is that the responsibility to provide basic needs for the People of Canada does not rest on the shoulders of private, charitable organizations, that weight is to be carried by the Canadian government.

Love and Blessings, happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday!!!