The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition, Sovereignty and Kingdom

Hello and Happy Tuesday, World!  I am Writing the Good News Journal much later than I usually do, so this may be a shorter Post but I said I was going to Write about the difference between Sovereignty and Kingdom and I like to Keep My Word.

All Kings are Sovereign, but not all Sovereigns are Kings.  Kings and Queens can only be determined by Divine right, or God.  That can sound rather alarming at first, especially if One does not believe in, or understand God.  Canada’s own Governor General, Julie Payette said she does not believe in God or any kind of Divine Plan, she believes in science.  Interesting.  Considering the Common law is God’s law, how does her Excellency hope to defend God’s law if she doesn’t believe in God?  Something of a conflict of interest there, I think.

This is something I used to wonder about when I was younger.  The Idea that some would spend their lives in wealth and abundance while others would struggle to survive was something that was difficult to understand as a child.  It became even more difficult to understand as I grew up.  When I [legally] became Sovereign, the ‘mysterious fog’ (Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist’ reference) that had been clouding My View began to clear; that was part of the Magical effect publishing My paperwork had on My microcosm.  I mentioned that I experienced a sense of forgiveness for the Toronto police like I had never experienced before.  Years of resentment for what they had done to Me dissolved completely and almost immediately.  I discovered the system of things is designed with God like perfection.  For Me, it was One more example of the macrocosm reflected in My microcosm.

Metaphorically, I could compare it to climbing the Kootenay Pass on My cycling trip, a gruelling 1.75 km vertical climb over 30 km distance, towing a trailer carrying about a hundred pounds of gear.  I was so exhausted and frustrated because I hadn’t calculated how long it would take and hadn’t planned properly; I ended up completing the last two and a half hours or so in almost pitch black darkness (thankfully almost a full moon, though) and absolutely freezing – although it was summer it actually snowed on Me for about half an hour.  When I crested the top, I was overwhelmed with emotion, the sudden realization that this seemingly insurmountable and most difficult part of My trip was now over, was surreal and dreamlike.  Then, muscles aching and shaking from the cold, I discover a beautiful, quaint, log cabin equipped with a wood stove waiting for Me at the top.  At the time, believe Me when I tell You, Heaven was the first Word that popped into My Mind – like God was generously rewarding Me for all that hard work.  After I published My paperwork with the Attorney General, even before I ever received any kind of reply, I could see the Big Picture for the first time, how perfectly everything had been Created.  I actually felt like a Fool for having not understood or seen it sooner.  The Kingdom of Heaven is truly before Us now for those with eyes to see.

The position of King is a Spiritual title because the Duty of a King is to protect and defend the Common Law for everyone.  The Common Law is God’s law, so One must know what God’s laws are if One is to protect and defend them. Everyone is Sovereign, so anyone can claim it and One becomes that (legally) the moment they claim it.  However, One only truly becomes King when One demonstrates they know how to be King.  Part of that, is explaining how the world’s economic and legal systems really work.

One of the reasons I am thing King that those I’ve Writ letters to have not responded is because they don’t know how things really work – if they did, they would have responded and done as I have as King of them to do.  They can’t because no one has done it before, there is no precedence for it.  For now, it looks (to them) as though there is a bondage contract in My name because they don’t understand how the contracts work.  If there were procedures in place for One to claim their Sovereignty after demonstrating a level of Spiritual maturity or something, then they would have done as I as King of them to do shortly after I Writ My first series of letters, because it would have absolved them of the charges under the presumption that all contracts were consensual.  Now that they are not consensual and the government is still presuming to hold authority over Me and administrate money in My name without My consent, every check issued to Me is prima-facie evidence of fraud and/or compelling a man to contract under duress by Way of threat and intimidation by suggesting his access to shelter, food and other basic needs may be revoked for failure to comply with the Ministries terms and conditions.  Puts the government in quite a conundrum, doesn’t it?

Most people seem to be under the presumption that Crown land is owned by the Queen.  It’s not.  It’s in Her Grace, Glory and Majesty’s Care, She has been stewarding the Land for Us and Giving Us the direction We needed to Create the United Kingdom of God that is before Us now.  If only money were no object, think of how marvelous the world might be for everyone…  What if money is just an illusion, too?

I’ll be tall King more about Honouring Our [macrocosm’s] Mother and Father.  The Queen has been busy Minding the Bees building God’s Kingdom, Our Father has been teaching Us how to behave and access the Kingdom by Giving Us the example of his perfect Son’s Character.

I Will also have more follow up phone calls to cover as well as some new strategies for accomplishing some of the smaller details on the road to Peace.

2017-12-22 10.16.12.jpg
The Last Chapter

I Trust everyone is having a terrific Tuesday, thanks for being here,

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Mystical, Majestic, Monday Edition

Happy Monday morning, everyone!  I didn’t Plan to start The Good News Journal on a Monday, it just kind of happened that Way.  The two days leading up to the Creation of The Good News Journal marked two ceremonious events in My microcosm; nine years on WordPress and 5,000 followers on Twitter.  5,000 followers is still pretty amazing and a little surreal for a modest and humble man who was a virtual social media nobody with fifty-five followers a year ago.  The Intention of The Good News Journal was to Give something back to My audience and those who have made all of My progress possible.  Without You, this public A’ Sean is nothing.  Now Monday is an exciting day for Me because it celebrates the beginning a new week for The Good News Journal.  Thank You so much for being here.

My Desire is to Inspire and My Goal is to accomplish peace in the world.  I used to think in terms of ten to twenty years as ‘realistic’ potentialities for when I might finally succeed.  Now I am thing King in terms of months to maybe a couple of years, worst case scenario!  It’s difficult for Me to Imagine it might take longer than a year and some people would suggest My Goal is ‘impossible’.  I don’t believe in that Word any more than I believe in coincidences, so I figured as I get closer to accomplishing My task, I would do what I can to Give more frequent updates so the world Will understand how this can finally all come together.  Isn’t that pretty Good News for a Monday?

The Mystical Monday Edition is about My Current Timeline.  Today, Sunday for Me, is exactly three weeks from Easter Son Day, the day Christ Rose from the dead.  Soon, We Will all be Raised from the dead and Given Life because soon the world Will be Razed from the Debt.  I would like to burn all the records of live birth ceremoniously and I think My Father Will be happy to hear that.  I’m sure He has something perfect planned.

Really, I am a Master Mystic and My Words Manifest.  When I was preparing My Sunday Post for The Good News Journal, I was thing King about how One of the things I am most excited about is My Timeline – three weeks, Easter Son day.  Those I’ve Writ Letters to now have only 21 days left to respond, three weeks (3×7).  I Writ a Post about how I noticed the synchronicity between Mailing My Letters and the thirty day dead Line falling on Easter Sunday only moments before noticing a Special Gold and Silver Easter Egg Coin to commemorate the ‘Golden Spring’ in a book on the desk of Canada Post while I was Sending My Letters.  When We are tall King about World Peace, We are tall King about the Golden Dawn.  As I was reflecting on this, I picked up My phone to check Twitter at the exact moment someone retweeted the exact Post I was thing King about.  Not once, but Five times consecutively.  Five is My favourite number and I can only retweet something once, so I don’t even know how that is possible, but I do know there are no coincidences.

Love for Easter Son Day

The Universe likes the Idea of Easter…  ‘What is going to happen on Easter?’, a Good Friend as King of Me.

“Exactly”, I replied, “What is going to happen on Easter?”

The Letters were all Sent on a full moon and the dead line to respond just happens to be April first, which is both April Fool’s and Easter.  I acquired 5,000 followers on Twitter exactly Five weeks before Easter (which represents a new level of influence in the macrocosm in the Mind of a Mystic) which inspired the Creation of The Good News Journal, which Will also celebrate Five weeks on Easter Sunday.  And none of it was done deliberately, it just kind of happened that Way.

So what is going to happen on Easter Sunday? The Truth is, I have no Idea yet, I haven’t made up My Mind.  I just know that on Easter Sunday, every One I’ve Writ Will be in breach of their Judicial Oath of Office and/or guilty of offences to the Crown and the Common Law by default judgement should I bring them before a court.  I’ve got three weeks to consider what I Will do about that.  My hope is that they Will contact Me sometime before then so I won’t have to be thing King about it at all and We can just move forward.

However, there are a few things that are going to happen by Virtue of My own Will.  My thumbprint is legal tender and I am now Acting On Her Majesty’s Service.  Everything I have done prior to the full moon of March 1st when I Cast these Spells, was done on My own merit and Will.  I Sent My courtesy letters to the Mayor and the Governor General You Sing nothing but My thumbprint for Post Age even though I knew delivery was guaranteed.  It sets precedence at the Post office for the things I am doing now and Identifies My Sovereign nation’s Stamp in the Post All system.  So, One can understand why they might not take My title very seriously (though the title should always be respected and Honoured in any Crown colony).  However, failing to respond to a letter Sent On Her Majesty’s Service is an offence to the Queen.  I am Wondering if it Will make enough difference to elicit a response.

For now, I have three weeks to wait and consider what I Will do if they don’t respond.  In tomorrow’s Twos Day Edition I Will be tall King about the difference between a Sovereign and a King.  King really is a Spiritual title and like it or not, the Bible is the Code Book to cracking man’s Matrix.  In My microcosm, I Will also be Calling Chris Tuck on Tuesday and Will be tall King more about that in the Wednesday’s Edition.

I speak very little of the conditions Canada’s less fortunate are subject to because there is enough bad news to read about in the world every day, this is for Good News.  I also don’t see any point in complaining about a problem until I have the Power to do something about it.  And I do.  The Good News Journal is motivated by Love for the world’s less fortunate, to be a Voice for those who don’t have One.

The Good News this Magical Monday, is that We are now two weeks closer to World Peace than We were when I started this Public, eh, Sean.

May this Monday embrace You most Magically,

Love and Blessings, ❤






The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Sun has Sean Sunday Edition

Hello every One and thank You for being here.  In My microcosm, I start every day by Giving thanks to the Universe.  It might not be the first thing I do in the morning, I can be as grumpy and groggy as any One when I first wake up, but it is My first Goal every morning and it generally starts with coffee.  The Idea of coffee silences grumpy and groggy and as I take My first sip, grumpy and groggy say sorry for sulking and I Give thanks to the Universe for My tiny taste of Heaven.  And that’s usually how My day starts.

This Sunday is pretty special for Me.  My Intention is for every week to represent a new Volume of The Good News Journal, Amplifying its Frequency in the macrocosm; this Will complete two, full, Daily Volumes!  That is something to celebrate for Me!  I’ve also really enjoyed Writing The Good News Journal.  Its become something I look forward to Writing every day and it helps to Keep My microcosm ‘In Focus’ (inside joke for a couple of special friends). 😉

I really didn’t want to make the phone Calls on Friday but I really wanted to Write about it and I felt compelled to Honour My Word.  Once again, new Ventures in My microcosm reflect the Magic of the macrocosm in wonderful Ways.  I have always said that Words Manifest, so saying I Will make phone Calls on Friday and then Following up with the Deed is an example of the Magic and Power of Our thoughts Manifesting in the Universe, small examples of the Self fulfilling Prophecy.

Seven Keys to Kingdom

Not only did I manage to make the Calls, but I was also able to confirm that My Letters were received – all Seven of them.  That’s pretty huge, too.  All the Letters were Sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, something I am thing King is not done very often.  Did the Letters reach their Destiny Sean (destination) because ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ is still applicable in any common wealth country?  I can’t say for sure, but I used it because I believe the Service is still Honoured and would guarantee delivery.  However, a Sovereign also has a unique Stamp to identify their nation in the international Postal system and My Stamp is My thumbprint Seal, which was also used where One would typically apply postage.  Finally, I also used ‘God Speed’, Hand Writ under ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  My thumbprint Seal was Stamped over top.  I believe any One of these techniques would be enough to guarantee delivery on its own.  I wanted to be sure, so I used all three of the ‘Magical’ techniques I know to Send Mail.

When I was Writing out all the envelopes, they were scattered across the table and as I stacked them up to set up a stamping assembly line (stamp pad ready, calligraphy pen in Hand), One of the men watching as King of Me how I learned how to do what I was doing.  The Truth is, I really don’t know.

I think I was actually taught most of this stuff in early grade school but I can’t say for sure.  For some reason I knew that Canadians (or at least elected officials) Swear to God and the Queen.  I also knew that You could Write letters to any elected officials free of charge and I’m pretty sure I learned that in grade school, too.  But everything I know about the mail was intuitive.  I don’t even really know how I came up with using My thumbprint as currency or when I thought of it, but as soon as I did, I knew that was what I would do.  After that, You Sing it (Universe, One Song) as Post Age just seemed like common sense.  The common wealth is all about common cents. So, to Know the Letters I cent were received, is money.  Sorry, on a [bank] roll, couldn’t resist that last One…

So it really has been a great week.  The Good News Journal is about what I am doing in My microcosm to Manifest My Dream and Vision for peace in the world and it has been an eventful week.

In Monday’s Magical Money Edition, I was tall King about the right of a Sovereign nation to Create its own [debt free] currency.  Being the absolute authority, the King would be the One to Create the Coin of the Realm (Nation).  I showed the document I had returned to Me by the Attorney General last April (when My Twitter account exploded in Unison) and the document I placed into the Superior Court to Give Notice of the Coin for My Realm, My thumbprint.

Last Thursday, I Cent [service of true copies of] My Letters ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  In The Follow Up Friday Edition this week, I was tall King about how I would be following up with phone calls to make sure the Letters I Sent were received and The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition allowed Me to confirm that they were.

Although these may seem like small details, for anyone who is reasonably well versed in Law, it is recommended that ‘service of true copy’ of a Letter is Sent by registered Mail so that the Sender can confirm it was received, as a signature is required for delivery.  However, sending a letter registered mail is a legal process in Commercial Admiralty jurisdiction.  One cannot be forced to participate in commerce, especially if One’s determination is to protect the common law.  If legal processes involve sending letters and filing grievances, then One must be able to do so free of charge.  If We all have equal powers in law, then We must all be able to file grievances, and if the proper Way to file a grievance is to send a letter, then We must all be able to do so for free.  That’s pretty much the reason and logic I used to determine I must have the power to send letters without money and ‘trust’ there would still be some record of it.  I ‘trust’ the Queen is going to want to know who is ’employing’ Her Majesty’s Service.  And that’s why I believe ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ must still be applicable in any common wealth jurisdiction; it is there as a protection in law for the common man should the government every try to remove the Write to politicians free of charge.  Make cents? 😉

So this week I was able to show that a man can still use ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ to defend the common law.  That’s pretty cool, right?  I was also able to show that My thumbprint is now recognized in the Post-all [because it is common wealth for all to use] Service and I have a receipt to show that I am War King ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, which further demonstrates My determination to Honour [God and] the Queen and Gives Me something to Present the courts with should it ever be necessary for Me to do so.

This week Will be especially interesting as I Will be War King on another document in preparation of Easter Sunday.  The Universe is supporting the Idea that Easter might be a significant day for the Prince of Peace, but only Time Will Tell.

Lots more upcoming to make Your Monday Morning a little more Magical,

Love and Blessings, thanks for being here!






The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Secrets Edition

Hello and Happy Saturday! 😀  Even if it is not Saturday in Your Current now. 😉

It is a Sensational Saturday for Sensei Sean.  This is the thirteenth consecutive Edition of The Good News Journal and Publishing daily has always been a challenge for Me.  I never like to commit to it because I do take My commitments seriously and My determination to Honour them puts pressure on Me that takes the Pleasure out of Writing and that defeats the Purpose; I Write because I Love Writing.  Every morning I Give Thanks to the Universe for every One who might be finding these Words.  Thank You.

Saturday Secrets.  Every One seems to want to know Secrets.  Does that not compromise the Keep of a Secret?  Are Secrets Key to the Keep of a Kingdom, or should Secrets be shared?  That is the most Current Quest Ion (Question); Keep on as King and it Will be Given.  The best place to Keep a Secret is in the Last place One would think to Look.

The Good News Journal Chronicles My [so far] Daily Adventures as I endeavor to accomplish peace in the world, a Goal many people would consider unrealistic or crazy.  I know what One can perceive, One can achieve, so I don’t worry about what other people are thinking.  I suppose that’s the first Secret.

I had a man say to Me today that I am wasting My Time Writing politicians, “they are too corrupt, You Will never get anywhere with the government.”

And the Words in My microcosm tend to Manifest so maybe My Friend is right, maybe I Will never get anywhere with the government.  But if I don’t get anywhere with the government of Canada, the I Will go everywhere without them.  In fact, that’s really what Sovereignty is all about.

Because there is so much controversy over the issue of Sovereignty, I decided to share an article that expresses a very different opinion on the Matter.

This is the Saturday Secrets Edition of The Good News Journal, and if One takes the Time to read the above article, it is easy to see how controversial the Issue of Sovereignty is.  According to the article, law enforcement officers in the United States declared the “Sovereign Citizen” ‘movement’ the highest terrorist threat of 2014.

Right off the bat, the term ‘Sovereign Citizen’ is an oxymoron.  A Sovereign is an independent, self governed State [of being], a citizen is a man who pledges his Life (sovereignty) to the state (country) for governance.  Anyone who believes that a man cannot be freed from any contract that might bind One to a foreign state, implies that We are in bondage already – they are actually supporting a conspiracy theory by suggesting Sovereignty is criminal.

I actually enjoyed the article because I’m always interested to hear what the mainstream media has to say about such things.  What’s amazing for Me, is that there was no such thing as a ‘Sovereign Citizen’ movement when I started My Quest.  For Me, it’s just One more reflection of the macrocosm mirroring My microcosm, My intentions Manifesting in the Universe. I chose the article because it is tall King about the Secret ‘Treasury Account’ that the article claims Sovereigns are See King a Key to access this elusive ‘Treasury Account’.  This is also the difference between Sovereigns and Kings, false profits and true prophets.  There is no money, it’s all debt.  The Duty of the Sovereign is to pay the debt.  Not a coincidence that a Sovereign is also a Coin.  Be the Change, become the Coin of the Realm. A Sovereign Seeking wealth does not know the value of the Kingdom he is as King for.

Although for Me it’s only Friday as I am preparing this Post for Saturday, this Saturday is Sensational because I am tall King about Secrets and the Magic I Cast into the Universe last week.  It really was a Fabulous Friday for Following Up on phone Calls.  I left a message with the Ottawa Citizen as King of them to Call Me back to confirm they received My letter and have not heard back yet.  Doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri of Innes Dental was the next on My List and his office was able to confirm the letter was received, though doctor Khouri is Currently away on vacation.  Those were the only two Letters the Postal Agents had doubts about reaching their destination.  If the doctor got his letter, I Give You My Word, the Ottawa Citizen got theirs.  Not so secret, Secret Mail system is now tried and true.

On Her Majesty’s Service

What You See is the only Postage used.  What I can’t prove, is whether or not this Will work for every One in every situation.  There are actually three Magical Elements included where One would typically apply Postage.  The first is to be Writing On Her Majesty’s Service.  This suggests that a man knows his Duties and responsibilities to the Queen, and it demonstrates a certain Degree of knowledge to Know One can Send a Letter this Way.  The Second is Stamping the Letter with My thumbprint Seal.  This is a unique Seal for My nation; it Identifies Me in the International community and pays for the Postage (Post Age).  My thumbprint is legal tender, how cool is that?  Finally, I also Writ ‘God Speed’ beneath ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  In God We Trust… 😉

I believe that any letter sent pretty much anywhere would get there if the address is correct and a person Writes ‘God Speed’ or ‘In God We Trust’ where One would typically apply a Stamp – thumbprint or no thumbprint.  But I have not yet tested this philosophy and I don’t plan to.  Any more letters I send, Will be Sent the same Way because I know it is War King.

I returned to the Post Office on Friday to let the clerks know that all My documents were received and they seemed very pleased to know.  The Greatest Secret, is that any of the Sovereigns See King a Key to access a Secret Treasury account do not know the value of their own Kingdom.

This Saturday sums up something of a big week.  My Letters were received, I am legally War King On Her Majesty’s Service, My thumbprint has now been recognized as the Seal of My nation and legal tender, and I am about to have My Sensei Sean all Saturday Post complete for Your Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal.

In all My excitement of hearing My Seven Letters had been received, I forgot to Call Chris Tuck so I Will get on that Monday morning.  I hope You all have a Blessed Saturday – and so it is!

Thanks for being here, I love You. ❤











The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Fabulous Follow Up Friday Edition; Friday’s Fine for Phone Calls

Happy Fun Friday everyone!  Most people I know seem to Love Friday’s, so I thought Friday would be the best time to make My phone calls.  It’s a Good Way to Wrap up My week, Gives Me something to report on over the weekend, and I’m likely to catch people in a slightly better mood than they might be on a Monday.

I was going to start making phone calls immediately after I noticed evidence of My Letters being received, but Giving a little extra time allows the recipients to review My documents and consider how they are going to respond first.  It also Gives them a chance to read what I am Writing here to get a sense (cents) of My character.

I already have all of the phone numbers for those I’ve Writ letters to ready to go, so I Will just be War King My Way through the List.  It’s actually a Black Book, too (no coincidences).  At the moment, My main contact is Chris Tuck, general manager for the Ministry of Community and Social Services Ottawa.

In a nutshell, Chris and I discussed My grievance with the Ministry in great detail.  I know that he does not have the power from the municipal level to do what I have as King of the Attorney General to do, though I have as King of him to find out why the Ministry is still administrating wealth in My name, where exactly the money is coming from, how much is in the account, and why they continue to presume to have any right or authority to administrate the account when all contracts were instructed to be closed and repaid at the federal level – they also have a true copy of the documents received by the Attorney General on their record.  I am sympathetic that I am as King of him for a lot of information but these are questions that need to be answered.  For now, I have as King of Chris to do his best to get his hands on the genuine article live birth record.  Last time We spoke Chris said to Me that he was still waiting for his calls to be returned.  Friday Will be two weeks since Chris has contacted Me and I don’t like to chase after people; My hope was that he would call Me before Friday so that I don’t have to call him.

This is one of the reasons I can have so much fun.  I can be as candid as I like in My letters because when it’s time to get serious, I know what’s actually going on.  The Record of Live Birth is significant.  If it represents a commercial bond between the individual and the state, then it evidences a slave contract…  Unless that contract is consensual and full disclosure has been provided.  That is the only Way there could be any claim of right or authority over another man, there must be mutual consent – otherwise it evidences a slave or bondage contract.  The whole thing is a lot less complicated to understand when We simplify the facts.  Needless to say, slavery and bondage are serious trespasses upon a man’s freedom anywhere in the world.

To the best of My knowledge, no one has successfully obtained the Genuine Article Record of Live Birth.  The best anyone I know has managed, is a ‘Certified True Copy’ of the original, which anyone can easily obtain for a fee. I don’t think any of Canada’s elected officials have a clue where that document is and I don’t think they are able to comply with My Orders unless they have it.  I also don’t think there is anything they can do to get it and that presents a huge problem for them.

In the Magical Monday Money Edition, I was tall King about how a man’s Life has unlimited commercial value. Every man must have the [legal] right to Sovereignty or We are bonded servants.  Considering how many birth certificates there are floating around in Our Commercial Admiralty waters, it would be something of an international scandal if they all represented slave contracts, so that can’t be the case, as much as some like to presume that it is.  Sovereignty has always been an option, there is no sinister conspiracy…  Though there are plenty of Secrets.

I am often tall King about Magic.  Those who set up Our current economy and the system of things as We know them today, are Master Magicians; it is not a coincidence the Queen is Called, Your Majesty. We truly Live in a Magical world and those who are responsible for the system of things are far too smart to leave any kind of paper trail that would incriminate anyone, much less themselves.  The system of things was designed with a perfection that is truly God-like.  And God Plays a big Part on the world stage.

So, every man is Sovereign and the first step to becoming that is claiming it.  The second step, is being that.  In Order for One to have their Sovereignty Honoured, One must demonstrate they know how to Honour their title.  To Honour One’s Sovereignty, One must know their Duties and responsibilities so they can Play their Role effectively on the World Stage.  Remember, this is Universal Pictures Greatest Present-A-Sean?

The Greatest Present is that I have the Key.  My Cestui Que Vie is a Magical document, Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man de Coded, the Virus in Our Matrix, One of My Tricks.


This document was returned to Me roughly five days after I Writ the Queen and the Pope to thank them for Creating such a Magical Kingdom.  Coincidence?

I know the value of the Gift I was Given.  Do I have any Way of knowing if the Queen or the Pope received My Letters and the Gifts they contained?  No.  To a Mystic, it doesn’t Matter.  The package from the Ministry of the Attorney General was confirm a Sean that My Intention to Honour God and the Queen was supported by the Universe.  It is also the foundation of everything I have done since then with respect to Law, Sovereignty and being the change One Dreams to know in the world.

Another Key detail to Note (Uni-Verse/One Song) is that I Sent My Letters to the Queen and the Pope in an even more unusual Way.  Where One would normally affix a Stamp, I used My thumbprint over the Words ‘God Speed’.  And I Trust they got there.

This is the first time I have Sent Letters ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  Doing so places Me in Her Majesty’s Service.  I Trust the Queen Will be notified whenever a man uses the service and I Trust it Will get special attention.  Once again, I use My thumbprint Seal on top of the Words ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  The Queen Will know that the thumbprint has unlimited commercial value so using it discharges any costs to Her Grace.  It is something of a courtesy, kind of like saying I’m Honoured to Serve You, no need to pay Me, I got this…  It also demonstrates a level of knowledge and competency as a new King.

Seven Keys to Kingdom: Seven Letters Sent “On Her Majesty’s Service”

Finally, I also have copies of the envelopes to show they were received ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ by Canada Post.  Now I can show the court My determination to Honour God and the Queen.

On Her Majesty’s Service

So Friday Will be a Fun day for Me.  I am interested to know if all Seven Letters arrived and how they respond when I tell them I am calling, ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.

I hope You all have as Fabulous a Friday as I Will, plenty more Secrets to share with You Saturday.

Love and Blessings,





The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, The Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello and Happy Thursday!  I want to Thank You for being here, it is awesome to have You.  This Will also be the 11th daily Post for The Good News Journal, something I am very proud to be celebrating, especially because I am having so much fun Writing recently.  It really is great to have an audience and I want You to know how Thank full I really am and how much it inspires Me.  I am as King of the Universe to Bless You just for being here…  And so it is. 😉

I’m trying to Keep The Good News Journal to between 800 and 1200 Words with the Except Sean of the Sunday ‘Reflect Sean’ Edition, which Will be a review of the week’s highlights.  The Thursday Edition is a special day for Thanks because I am Thrilled to be here and to have this Public A Sean.

Today I am going to be tall King about the Power of self-publishing, the significance of this Blog (The Good News Journal in particular) and it’s relay Sean Ship to My microcosm and Our macrocosm.

Yesterday I was tall King about Magic and the Effects of the Spells I have Cast Manifesting in My microcosm.  I should probably say hello to those I’ve Writ letters to because I know they are reading these Words, too – Good to have You here.  I have said before that if things were to Play out exactly as I ultimately Dream they could, I Will not have to bring anyone into court, I can accomplish everything here.  I’m not interested in fame any more than I’m interested in money, I’m only interested in accomplishing world peace.  And all We need to do to make it happen is work together.  Six days We could get it done, that’s how amazing We are.

A year ago I had 55 followers on Twitter.  To have 5,100 now still feels a little surreal and ‘dreamy’ for Me.  In retrospect, everything seems to happen so fast and I know things are only going to get faster; this is the quickening.  Because I perceive everything in the macrocosm as a reflection of the microcosm, Twitter represents (reflects) My level of influence in the microcosm.  The Good News Journal is a Portal between the two worlds where My microcosm interfaces with the macrocosm.

From the reader’s perspective, it may not seem like much has changed in the macrocosm.  The media certainly isn’t buzzing about a new King emerging from nowhere.  But isn’t that how it always happens?  In Our Holy Would movies, doesn’t the most unlikely Hero usually show up at the most unlikely and critical moment?

In My microcosm, things are different.  And they’ve been different since around roughly the time I hit 5,000 followers on Twitter, no coincidences.  I have had corporations and individuals representing corporations as King of Me not to publish their name on My Blog.  More importantly, I’ve seen people getting treated a little better, especially when I’m around.  My influence in My microcosm is something I can actually feel and I don’t say it lightly – it’s the pressure and responsibility that comes with it that I’m feeling the most.

The perfection of it, is that I always dreamed that it could be like this.  I dreamed that no one would ever have to take anyone into court because We all know right from wrong.  We would just need to tell people about the character of a man and the shame of it would be enough to Keep a man from ever doing it again.

The Salvation Army and the City of Ottawa should both be very thankful that I do not focus on the problems until I am able to present a solution or I would be reporting on the kind of conditions Canada’s homeless are subject to every day.  The Canadian government now has 24 days to contact Me before I drag them into court and begin as King of them why these atrocities exist in a country with so much wealth.

Those I’ve Writ letters to are still reviewing My legal documents – study hard, final exams are upcoming!!!

My Readers Love the Law!

So, to those I’ve Writ letters to…  We can have Our day in court or You can just pick up the phone and call Me, sort this out like grown adults.  Choice is Yours.

Ah, the Power of having Your own Public, eh Sean?

And that’s Your Good News for a Thrilling Thursday,

Love and Blessings,

The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Wizards, Witches and Warlocks Wednesday Edition

Hello. I hope every One is having a Wonderful Wednesday, thank You so much for being here. There is too much Magic in the Air to not be tall King about it, so the ‘Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition’ Will be dedicated to the Practical application of Magic.

What is practical Magic? Writing the Highest Idea You have for Your Self on a piece of paper. Thoughts and Ideas Manifest, Writing Words makes Dreams physical… Literally. Thoughts evolve by Way of natural selection. Successful thoughts prosper and continue, ‘bad’ Ideas eventually ‘die’ out. Consider the desire to touch something You know You shouldn’t touch, like a glowing ember or liquid mercury. One Idea is so deeply programmed that most of Us would not even think about picking up a glowing ember, though One might still be tempted to play with mercury because the effects aren’t immediate, it doesn’t appear to be causing any harm.

Negative thoughts are kind of like the liquid mercury. Many are inclined to worry about things even when We know that worrying accomplishes nothing. However, if One is paying attention to their thoughts, negative thoughts become a process of elimination problem solver. We can choose not to breathe Life into them, forcing Us to come up with new Ideas until We find One that is positive. When We choose the positive thought, We breathe Life into it, first by Speaking, then by Writing. Thought, Word, Deed.

On Thursday, the full moon of last week, I Cast Seven Magical Spells by Mailing Seven Letters from the Post Office. Is it a coincidence that a Post Office is used to communicate thoughts and Ideas all over the world and that a Blog entry is also called a Post? I am My own Post Office and My own news ‘Public, eh, Sean’! The Seven Letters are communicating My Highest Idea, both for My Self and all of man. My belief is that a successful Idea Will flourish, so the Intention is for My Idea to reach as many Minds as possible. In My microcosm, that means communicating My Intentions to those who are in a position to make the positive Ideas Manifest in Our macrocosm.

The King’s ‘Keep’ Organized

The most Magical thing about these Letters is that they were sent “On Her Majesty’s Service”. I also made copies of the envelopes containing the Letters so that I could show they were received by the Post Office. I had said that this was My not so secret, Secret mail service. It’s not so secret because anyone can do this if they are War King in Her Majesty’s Service; We all have a Duty to protect and uphold the common law.

The premise of the common law is that the common man is the authority of government. It is presumed that the government is acting in accordance with the common law and the Will of the people. When people say that the Queen is only a symbol and not really involved in Canadian government or law, they are both right and wrong. The Queen is not involved in Canadian politics because the Queen Honours Our independence. If We don’t complain about Our politicians, it is presumed they are doing their job. But One always has the power to Act on Her Majesty’s Service, and that right is both recognized and protected in law and the Canadian government. The highest authority of law enforcement in Canada is not called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police because it has a nice ring to it, they do solemnly Swear to Protect God and the Queen.

I am now ‘Officially’ (office-I-ally/Post Office) War King (working) ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’. The Queen agrees to pay any fees for those protecting Her Honour, so Her Grace Will know I have sent these letters. The politicians Will (should) also know that the Queen Will be notified, even if there is no cost. The Post Office Will Keep a very careful record of anyone using Her Majesty’s Service to send documents.

I am preparing this Post for early Wednesday morning on a late, Tuesday afternoon. I am quite sure My Magic found its Mark…

Someone Doing Home Work!!!

This is Magic, My Spells (Letters) finding their Mark. Now, an Idea and an Intention has been amplified because My Letters and the Words and Ideas they contain, have reached new Minds. Is it a coincidence that all of My most important legal documents are read the same day I anticipate recipients are receiving My Letters? Remember, there are no coincidences.

I have had a Magical Wednesday and really, there is nothing sinister about Magic, We are meant to believe that Life is a Dream. I’m going to teach the world how to row, row, row Your boat, merrily over the commercial admiralty waters.

Love and Blessings, may this Wednesday find You well.