Don’t Doubt the Dream

Dreams are perhaps the most powerful creative tool humanity has.  Dreams allow Us to create a vision in Our mind of an experience We wish to know.  If We can perceive it in Our mind, We can achieve it in Our reality.  We are creative beings gifted with the unlimited potential of imagination, free to create whatever dream We wish to know.

I always believed this but it is a difficult theory to prove unless You have already accomplished some great feat.  People don’t usually ask a poor man how to get rich.  My dreams were humble and so was My life.  I dreamed of living in a modest apartment, (preferably looking out onto an ocean or mountains) that I could comfortably afford with enough free time to figure out why We are really here.  Both My dreams came true.

When I realized what I am, what We are, why We are here, I could dream of nothing more than for the whole world to know it too.  Imagine all of humanity fully awake to the potential of Our divine, creative spirit.

“Love is a Curse” – Tragically Hip

This new wisdom has its disadvantages.  I know there is an evolution of conscience awakening in the world.  I know that soon humanity will wake up to the true nature of Our creative being and that We will soon begin Our most glorious era.  All things in the world that suggest such an existence is impossible are only further accelerating an exponential evolutionary process.

I’m more interested in watching Love unfold in the world.  The more We invest in the reality We know now, the more We stand to lose later.  Yet as much as I would like to sit back and observe, paint, write and celebrate My own creative potential, I am forced to participate and acknowledge the ignorance We’ve accepted as truth.  I can’t just ‘be’,  I have ‘to be’ something.  I know I have unlimited potential to be anything,  I am Love.

Yet for those closest to Me, it is difficult to demonstrate the truth of Love, that We will have all Our dreams.  The fiance I have spent the last six months planning to marry in Japan this January decided a week before My flight that she is worried about Our future.  She worries that I will not be able to find work or provide for Myself, she has lost faith in Me and Our dream.

I have given up everything in Canada to be with her and tomorrow I have a plane bound for Japan with no guarantee that My fiance will be at the airport to meet Me.  I may soon find Myself stranded in Japan and this is difficult for people to understand.  Why even go to Japan if the woman I Love has decided to give up on Me?  Because I must.

By not going to Japan, I deny My own dream of living in Japan and validate all of My fiance’s concerns.  By going to Japan, I am showing My fiance that I believe in Myself.  I am trying to teach people how powerful Our thoughts are, how they shape Our future.  If My fiance believes things will be difficult, things will be difficult.  If she believes that We will overcome anything that comes between Us and Our dreams, We will.

Because for Me every ‘misfortune’ is an opportunity to know new greatness.  Wherever I end up, whatever My situation, it is part of the journey.  I know how much My fiance wants to believe in Our dream and I know how difficult it is for her.  I can only offer her the dreams she believes she can have and nothing more.

Because she is unsure about Our future, there is no guarantee they will even let Me enter Japan, something I have previously expressed to be a violation of Our international rights and freedoms.  Perhaps this flight is an opportunity to challenge My right to be free and equal in rights and dignity, free from discrimination due to nationality and social status…

To many My future seems uncertain but I will go where My spirit takes Me.  My dream is the same, I am waiting and watching as Love unfolds.

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