The Fantasy Fund

The following solution certainly seems unlikely; that’s why I’m calling it The Fantasy Fund.  However, if You know that We are beings of unlimited creative potential, then it doesn’t really matter.  If the possibility for peace can be conceived in Your mind for even one moment it accelerates the evolution in collective conscience.

If You know everything, I can teach You nothing.  If You can pretend to know nothing I can teach You everything.  That is why storytellers ask You to suspend disbelief.  Don’t let Yourself be led by what You think You know for it only stands to limit the capacity of Your imagination.  I ask You to lend Your limitless imagination to the following proposal for peace.

The Fantasy Fund is a new bank.  I know, most people would say the last thing We need is a new bank!  But this bank is different.  This bank only produces money for humanitarian projects and it can make as much money as We need!

We are all keenly aware that the world is recovering from a global recession.  Now the tragedy of an earthquake in Haiti has called on humanity to help.  We are answering the call, We are doing what We can.  Humanity certainly wants to help, but pockets are only so deep.

The Fantasy Fund would accomplish world peace.  If Our world leaders simply agree to develop a new international bank that will absorb all costs in the event of a crisis, when a crisis occurs the world coordinates relief efforts sparing no expenses.  This bank would produce no actual money, it would simply have a bottomless heart; an unlimited line of credit.

It would also almost immediately wake humanity up to Our limitless creative potential.  Consider the world economy and what this would immediately do to stimulate it.  So many non-profit emergency relief groups would be fully funded, work contracts from companies all over the world would be competing for clean-up and construction contracts.  Because the budget is limitless, every new work project would be a testament to Our collective greatness and innovation.  Instead of keeping scientific and technological information under wraps, countries would be competing for the highest, most innovative contracts to rebuild Our cities.

This would immediately begin to revolutionize how We live.  The response would be so overwhelming that We would immediately begin to consider other humanitarian projects that would touch every organ of society.  The most massive job creation project would be healing the world.  Of course, global economists will say that creating such a fund would destroy the international economy; that is precisely the point.

Here is how it would work…


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