New Target, North Korea

Once again, it appears that Canada and the United States are about to declare a new enemy – this time it’s North Korea.  Many of Us have seen this coming for a long time and I write this article again to caution My readers to be very selective about what it is You choose to believe.  Peace is never achieved by declaring war, regardless what the reason may be.  So often We are very quick to judge other nations based on nothing more than the opinion of Our leaders.  This is very similar in nature to the situation with Iran, declaring it a volatile and dangerous nation when Iran insists (and has since the very beginning) that its intentions to develop nuclear power are for peaceful energy production.  Not once has Iran stated its intentions are to acquire nuclear arms, but even if it did, why should they not be permitted to?  Consider that those who are constantly ‘harassing’ Iran and the nuclear capacity these nations have by comparison.  Would one nuclear warhead mean anything in contrast to the powers that oppress them?  What I personally find even more troubling is that the United States has historically demonstrated the most irresponsible use of nuclear arms of any nation in the world!  And We are to trust that they are guided by some kind of morality?

“The communist North, for the second time in two days, denied involvement and accused Seoul of faking the evidence. It has threatened “all-out war” in response to any attempt to punish it.”

I am not so sure that South Korea would plant evidence, but I know how much the American government loves to engage in war and I wouldn’t put it past them to plant evidence.  How hard would it be to do this?

I would just like all of My readers to consider what the real causes for war might be.  The people of the world do not want war…  Unless they are motivated by some atrocity in which case they feel it is their ‘duty’ to bring another country to justice.  North Korea surely knows what kind of consequences it would face if it were to engage in war with South Korea, they know that superpower countries are looking for any opportunity to attack.  Does it really make sense that they would attack South Korea in a way that so clearly incriminates them?

South Korea is outraged that their torpedoed corvette claimed 47 lives, and rightfully so.  But ask Yourself how many more people will die if We engage in war.  The leaders themselves never seem to be victims, it will be the innocent oppressed citizens of North Korea that will be killed – people just like You and Me.

Be Love and peace will follow.


  1. Sean: There are a lot of reasons why ‘the people’ want war. While I admire your love of peace, I don’t really share the view that mankind could avoid making war: it is part of what we do.

    I think that the USA has and does engage in false flag operations. But this is not one of them. The USA is busy elsewhere. The North Koreans have their own objectives, though it is not obvious how making war serves them.

    Peace is good for you and me, but war keeps people busy.

    1. Bud, I am sure you would probably say the same thing about crime. You probably think the criminal exists as testimony to Our ‘evil’ nature, just another part of ‘what We do’. It is a much easier way to look at things because We can ‘scapegoat’ the blame accepting the criminal as a natural part of Our nature instead of the result of ‘what We do’.

      If We start thinking about ‘what We do’ as the leading cause of crime and war in the world, then We can start thinking of what else We can do.

      “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein

      You make it sound like keeping people busy is a good thing, even if it means destroying Ourselves and that doesn’t make any sense to Me, sorry. People spend too much time being busy as it is and not enough time thinking…

      Change Your mind and You can change the world.


  2. Well, I wouldn’t mind getting stoned and thinking happy thoughts, but I don’t have a connection here. The military has always provided jobs: I dunno if it is a good thing, but people do like jobs. Nobody is asking your permission or mine. Have another puff for me.

    1. Do You need to be stoned to think happy thoughts? To understand, You will have to go deeper.

      Q.) Why do people like jobs?
      A.) Because they provide money.

      Q.) Why do We need money?
      A.) To get the things We need.

      Q.) Why do We need money to get the things We need when they are readily available?
      A.) Good question…

      The world is full of all the things We need. We overproduce to support an economic system that creates jobs We don’t need in a continuous quest to keep everyone busy. Imagine if We focused on efficiency and freedom, making the primary focus of society to supply all members of the human family with all the essentials necessary for a dignified life? What if We measured society’s success by its poorest and not by its richest?

      I’m asking people who read My blog to think, and to think critically. You ‘dunno’ if it is a good thing or a bad thing to employ people to kill others? Write Me again when You do…

      I can create peace on earth because I don’t listen to anyone who tells Me I can’t.


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