I Love MySelf Today

I’ve had a bit of an unusual day.  All My days are pretty amazing but today is exceptionally unique.  For those who know Me, the number 37 shows up everywhere.  I have no alarm, but every day I wake up it is something –:37, regardless when I get up or how long I sleep.  These are usually the kind of things I keep to Myself.  It’s not really important if People understand how the Universe speaks to Me, it just does.  But I do share these things with People I teach.  This is how I can teach.  If I tell someone I am trying to teach that 37 is the number the Universe is using to communicate with Me, they can see it too.  Today I painted My roommates room colour 37.  A new art design I created to express My intention for Peace was tattooed on what just happened to become My 237th friend on fb.  There is also a save game file on My roommates computer from ages ago that she just discovered the other day, and it was saved at 0:37.  Today a Bible randomly showed up at My house with a Purolater delivery slip – the time of the delivery was 10:37.  After I painted the room, I took a break and listened once again to My first You-Tube video and I had a revelation of My own that I am going to share with You here.

After I finished listening to My video, I felt incredibly good, almost as powerful as My initial awakening, as if the Universe were thanking Me for expressing how it feels.  I mentioned in a previous post that I am now like the old man in the town square from ‘The Alchemist’, handing Saniago ‘Umin and Thummin’ to help him on his way.  It is a post I have been working on for a while, but many of My ideas begin long before they are posted.  This is to allow the Universe help Me find the best way to express My intention.  I now have a way to define, in at least a relative way, what exactly Umin and Thummin are.  The Universe Loves the Spirit of the Elephant.

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