Choices: Urim and Thummin

In previous posts I have referred to Paulo Coelho’s book ‘The Alchemist’, My favourite book of all time.  It’s simple, it’s a fun read and it is loaded with wisdom.  A young boy named Santiago has set out to find a great treasure and meets an old man in a town square who tells Santiago this is his destiny.  When Santiago asks about destiny, the old man tells him that destiny is something every person has, a special quest, and that all things in the Universe conspire to ensure the seeker finds their destiny.  But Santiago sees a baker and notices that the baker does not seem to be working toward his destiny, so he asks the old man about this.  The old man explains that dreams and destiny are very clear to Us when We are young, but as We grow up, a ‘mysterious force’ begins to take over, making it seem as though the dream is impossible until the ‘mysterious force’ becomes so strong, some People forget their destiny altogether and settle for lesser dreams.  Santiago asks the old man how he can be sure he is following his destiny and not being fooled by the ‘mysterious force’.  The old man hands Santiago Urim and Thummin; two small stones, one white, one black – to help Santiago read the omens.  Black would indicate a ‘yes’, white would indicate ‘no’.  I also mentioned in a previous post that I am like the old man, handing You Urim and Thummin to help You on Your way.  But what are Urim and Thummin, what do they represent in Our world?

Urim and Thummin represent two choices We have; Urim fear and Thummin Love.  Fear is the ‘mysterious force’ that looms over humanity and slowly causes Us to forget Our destiny, Our real life quest.  By telling You this, I am handing You Urim and Thummin.  You can now look at the world around You and begin asking Your Self what kind of things You are afraid of.  Begin facing them, rise above the cloud of fear so You can see the world for what it is.  When You remove Your Self from fear, everything begins to become possible once again, Your heart will fill with the Love You felt as a child, You will be unstoppable on Your quest.  Because I want to help You on Your quest, the ‘mysterious force’ will become thicker and thicker so that You will be able to see it for what it is, so that You may rise above it.  For those that use this information to try something they have always wanted to do but have been too afraid to try, I will also help You on Your quest by telling You that the Universe will reward You for this leap of faith in some wondrous way; and You can choose to let the omens continue to guide You.

Peace and Love

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