I am: vonDehnVisuals

‘I am.’ –  The most powerful statement a person can make, the beginning of the creative process.  What follows are the ideas We have about who and what We are – ego.  I am vonDehnVisuals.

But what is vonDehnVisuals?  A name?  An alter-ego?  A blog?  An artist?  A writer?  A guru?  Freedom?

It is all of the above, and infinitely more.  vonDehnVisuals is an idea, an idea with unlimited creative potential.  An idea that a man can re-create himself to become his highest thought through conscious, creative expression.  An idea that by representing Truth, the rest of the world may also have an opportunity to know It.  But it is also a great deal more than that.  vonDehnVisuals is the potential for freedom.

Many of Us associate ourselves (or Our ‘self’) with Our identity, Our name.  That name is usually given by Our parents, but is meaningless until authenticated with a certificate of birth, issued by the county, state, or territory in which the child was born.  A certificate is a deed of ownership, literally deeming the new-born child ‘property’ of their birthplace.  Without this certificate, a human being has no right to even the most basic of human needs…  Legally speaking, they do not even exist yet!  This is how You become a commodity and asset to Your government…  And that is all You are to them.

I was asked to write an article denouncing a billionaire, celebrity, intellectual, corporation, or government official/organization for ‘The Activist’ publication.  I could easily choose to expose atrocities from the world’s wealthiest families, rip into some celebrity, make a fool of an intellect, sell out some corporation, pick on a country’s government for imposing on human freedoms…  But that is not My style…  Okay, maybe it is, but not today!  If We want change, We must be the change We wish to see.

I am not My name, I am vonDehnVisuals.  Legally speaking, I do not even exist, I am just an idea…  A human being an idea.  Why is this important?

Well, if I am going to denounce anything, what better place to start than the law?  Who makes the laws?  Why are laws being passed to interfere with the will of the people?  It does not matter what country We are from, Our governments no longer serve Us…  Unless You are the 1%!  Is that not what democracy is supposed to be all about?..  The government is to serve the will of the people – not the other way around, right?  And if We want to evaluate Our laws to determine if they are just, how should this be done?  What example do We go by?  Where do We start?  How about We start with Truth?

The Truth is, You were born free, You have an inherent birthright to remain free.

You are part of the human family and entitled to all the social benefits humanity has to offer.

vonDehnVisuals started as an alter-ego, kind of like a pen-name an author might use.  I felt that My job and the mundane tasks I perform every day to maintain My existence were irrelevant and did not reflect My highest ideas about how We should live.  So, vonDehnVisuals is a name that was designed to reflect who and what I really am, My highest ideas.  I began signing all My artwork vonDehnVisuals, promoting My artwork through a website by the same name which evolved to become My Blog.  I even started a You-tube channel named vonDehnVision.  Anything I could think of to promote My highest intention.

My mother used to tell Me I am a dreamer, a visionary; that I was born ahead of My time and the world I described lay in the far distant future.  I told her that once a platform existed where people could freely share ideas with everyone around the world,  it would only be a matter of time before the world would know peace.  And here We are.

The protests, occupy movements, anonymous, revolutions, and global civil unrest are undeniable signs that these ideas can no longer be suppressed, they will be realized.  The only question is how?  So far, most of the protests have been met with violence, and this is unacceptable.  We get what We give.  This is an opportunity for governments all over the world to stop passing laws to remove protestors, to work with them.  In countries where governments refuse to do this, this is an opportunity for the police to ignore the laws that are being passed to evict protestors – remember, they are serving Your interests as well!

I believe the civil unrest We see happening all over the world is a reflection of Our collective desire for freedom.  It is necessary for human evolution.  We have continually put Our trust in someone else, allowed them to determine how it is We should live.  It is time for each of Us to reclaim Our freedom and work together to achieve it.  We do not need laws, and unless We believe We are possessions, none of the laws that exist pertain to Us.  We are more than Our names.

Phoenix from the Flames
Just in Case You Think I'm Fucking With You

I do not believe We need laws, only to act toward one another in a spirit of brother and sisterhood.  Now I sound like a hippie, but remember I’m a visionary…  For those who believe there is a necessity for law to maintain some kind of order, in My next article I will write a letter to Our international heads of government in an effort to bring awareness to one legal document that provides a real foundation for international discussion, greater freedom and potentially even peace.


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