Occupy the World

It was just over three years ago now that I awakened to the Truth about who and what I am.  The experience also dramatically changed My perception of the world around Me.  I considered all the things in the world I felt would need to change in order for the world to become what I dreamed it could be, then I set out to change them.

I believed I understood how to manipulate the physical Universe to serve Our highest intention and began applying My philosophies to My own life with complete devotion.  Perhaps We can’t transform the physical Universe, but the reality of My own physical experience suggests otherwise.

I believe I must be the change I wish to see in the world.  I understood that My job and the taxes that I pay represent policies and ideas that do not represent Me.  So I quit My job and effectively stopped contributing.  I essentially occupied the Vancouver Art Gallery, making it My home for about two and a half months.

My message was as clear as the Occupy Wall Street movements happening around the world, and also just as vague.  I knew what the problem was, I just wasn’t really sure how to go about fixing it.  All I knew for sure, was that money had to go.  I also had a profound understanding that the ‘game’ everyone has been tricked into playing is rigged…  Like gambling, You might be up for a while, and it might feel pretty good…  But the house always wins in the end.  If You want to win anything real, You have to get out of the game – the sooner, the better.  Then You can build Your own house and really start winning.

I don’t think that was one of My better metaphors and more than a little cliche, but what I am trying to say is that although the occupy movement gets a lot of criticism from the media for lacking direction or not having specific enough demands, it represents the 99% of the world’s population that are demanding something more.  We have a lot of ideas about how We might proceed, but the first thing We need to do is recognize the need for change.  Because whatever We do, We will do it together.

But the occupy movement is here to stay.  There are still a lot of people who don’t understand it, but there were also a lot of people who couldn’t understand why I had chosen to give up My job and apartment to live and paint on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  People had a very difficult time understanding how such an act could accomplish peace.  I used to tell people that I was living what I believed to be My Truth.  I must be the change I wish to see; what I do, the world will do.

I feel the occupy movement represents a global cry for freedom – real freedom.  It represents far more than just discontent with wall street, the corporate elite, capitalism, social injustice, government…  It is the result of a continuous attack on human rights and freedoms – that which I believe humanity holds most sacred in the heart, whether consciously realized or not.  It is also the symptom of a humanity which seeks to have the will of the People realized where it has continually been suppressed.

This does give Us a unique opportunity.  We have an opportunity to redefine human rights and freedoms, to write Our own charter that represents the highest will of the people, allows for the greatest potential for progressive human development and offers maximum individual freedom with minimal restrictions (laws).  A charter declared by the People, for the People.  I am currently working on such a declaration, which I will post for criticism and discussion.  It is time to occupy the planet!

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  1. The rising tide of true democracy is battering the seawall of the old hierarchical system. This is an amazing time to be alive.

    In a couple of weeks, here in Florida, all of the major occupations have agreed to a statewide gathering in Orlando. The intention is to draw up a list of proposals to present to the legislature in Tallahassee when they reconvene in January.

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