The Plan

Hello again.  It feels good to be back in the Temple of Equated Forces, My Kingdom; where anything is possible.  I’m always in My Kingdom; but I like it much better when You are here with Me.

Last time We were here I provided some weapons training.  I trust the lessons are serving You well.  I needed a little time to develop My plan so I could further demonstrate how I use My weapons.  The Temple of Equated Forces, this virtual Universe is the establishment of a foundation.  The foundation of an Idea; the idea that thoughts have the power to transform Our physical Universe.

Although it may seem imaginary and virtual, it is an immensely powerful foundation.  It is a ‘foolproof’ plan because Truth lies at the Heart of the foundation.  I declared Myself the Messiah.  This was as necessary for My own psyche as it was for the collective subconscious of humanity.  This is a quantum theory that is a further extension of My ‘Magic’.  Every Idea literally creates something in the physical Universe.  As I mentioned previously, it is not about people believing it, it is about knowing what the Word means and sending it’s Intention into the Universe.  From there, it naturally becomes what it is, it has no choice.

This Magic is so powerful that once again I could take a vacation from My Blog and simply wait.  However I envision this dream to be realized is how it will unfold.  One might think that would make it easy.  Simply imagine and let it become.  And so it is.  Yet how it should be done is not so easy.

We don’t have much time.  My Magical power grows every day and this alarms Me now.  I imagine things and they happen much faster than they ever have before and on a much larger scale.  When I write things, they seem to happen almost immediately.  The majority of people don’t understand the evolution that’s taking place in humanity.  More importantly, people don’t realize how fast it is happening.  And it gets faster and faster every day.  I feel it physically.  My internal desire for the awakening of humanity is so intense I can’t stop it.  This is about tempering My Magic and giving all of this energy somewhere positive to go, to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of humanity.  But We don’t have much time.

My desire to bring down the current social establishment could be devastating if I’m not careful.  I initially thought that five, to five and a half years would be enough time, that everyone would be awake now and We’d be well on Our way to a new humanity.  Sadly, that is not the case.  And I don’t believe this is natural.  We should be awake now.  We are delayed.  We are delayed because many of Us are still hanging on to old ideas.  In order to bring this transition about, We must leave these ideas behind.

The economy is the greatest threat right now.  Too many people are distracted by the economy and the relentless pursuit of money.  I’ve mentioned before that money would eventually go.  I don’t know if this is the end of money altogether but Our current economic system is going to collapse.  This is My first priority.  Although I have said many times to the friends of My inner circle that I will one day bring down the economy, I have been stalling.  I know what kind of trauma this will cause people.  That is the only reason I’ve waited as long as I have.  But We can’t wait anymore, this thing has to die.  And so, the global economy will fall.  The collapse of the economy will promote the introspective necessary to evolve Our souls, so please don’t be angry with Me.  I love You all, I really do.  This is necessary, trust Me.

And so I demonstrate Magic by example.  I have told You what needs to go and why.  I have not said when and it’s not something I usually do.  Today is different.  Today I will tell You that the economy will collapse very soon.  It will start at the beginning of next month with greater economic speculation and a total economic collapse by March 22.  It’s a very special, symbolic gift.

So don’t worry too much about work or money, just enjoy life and put Your armour and weapons to good use, practice up with them.  They will prove invaluable in the days and years to come.  Peace and Love.  Let Us sit back now, enjoy life and watch My Word manifest. 😉

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