A Run in with the Police

This happened some time ago but I figured I would write about it. One of the things I’ve been occupying My time with lately is the study of law. I’ve learned so much, My head hurts. But it’s worth it. One of the things I’ve realized, is that spirituality really is very powerful and it is, in many ways, the cornerstone of law itself. It provides the foundation for natural law, which is where common law gets its roots.

The moment I embarked on My studies I was very fortunate to have many people in My social circles come forward with direction, resources and even personal counsel. One thing that has remained consistent, is that every teaching so far has encouraged the student to know themselves first. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough.

The encounter I am writing about occurred before I really knew anything about law. All I knew was My spiritual Truth. I know Myself. There are many things I would have done differently had I known what I know now. But what I knew proved to be enough, the difference is now I know why.

It was frosh week and I’d been at a friend’s until the wee hours of the morning. I left just in time to meet the salmon run of students heading home from the bars. In fact, it would have been Me that looked like the salmon swimming upstream. And they were loud, drunk, rowdy as You would expect students to be after a night on the town. I knew the cops would be out in full force. I did not, however, imagine they would have any reason to bother with Me. I was wrong. Despite the flood of students walking against Me, a police car happened to slow down, light the cherries and cruise beside Me while I made My way home.

It was winter. I had My jacket on with a black hoodie underneath, covering My face from the cold wind and was wearing My Walkman as per usual (and yes, it is ACTUALLY a Walkman mp3 player). I did not turn to look at the car, I kept walking home facing straight ahead. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, so I figured if I just ignored them, they would disappear and move on. For half a block the car continues to cruise beside Me, lights flashing, students smiling at Me as they walk by, wondering what the hell is going on; as am I.

At this point I have to cross a side street and pedestrians have right of way. The car is now signaling to turn into the side street I’m about to cross. I look toward the hood of the car but don’t look toward the window in any way – same as anyone would do to acknowledge they know a car is there and that they just want to make sure they are not going to get mulled over. The car stops as I make My way in front and I continue across the street.

I can tell from the shadow of lights behind Me that the car pulls into the nearest driveway, turns around and continues to cruise beside Me as I walk. I begin to wonder if this cop is going to follow Me all the way home and I decide I’d really just like them to go away. So I stop without turning to look at the car. I pull out My Walkman and press pause, doing My best to look slightly annoyed. I casually remove My headphones so they are resting on My neck. Then I turn and casually make My way over to the car, not looking in until I’m almost at the window. I was expecting two officers, the passenger seat was empty. I rest My elbows on the open window of the passenger door and lean in and address the officer.

“Can I help You with something?”
“You didn’t see the lights flashing, You didn’t notice I’ve been trying to stop You for almost two blocks?”
“Yeah, but I know I haven’t done anything wrong, so I thought maybe You just thought I was sexy.”
He doesn’t break a smile, but I can tell he’s fighting it.
“You are if You have alcohol in that cup.”
I’m carrying a travel mug full of coffee. I remove the lid, extend My arm and say, “It’s coffee, would You like to try it, it’s really good!”
He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t even look at the coffee cup, his eyes remain fixed on Me and he pulls out his notepad.
“What’s Your name?”
“I don’t have a name.”
“Let Me see Your ID. You don’t have a name?”
“And I don’t have ID.”
“Where You headed.”
“Bed. I’m tired and I’m cold.” Giving a clear sense that I am not down for the Spanish Inquisition and done with this conversation.
“Where are You coming from?”
“It’s been a pleasure speaking with You, goodnight Brother.”

And I turned and walked back to the sidewalk, just as I had before. I stopped, casually put My headphones back on, pulled out My Walkman, hit play, stuffed My hands back in My pocket and continued on My way. The officer continued to drive beside Me for about ten more paces, turned the lights off, did a U-turn and sped off. I had no further encounters than evening… Or since, thankfully.

Everything I did was perfectly lawful. And although I didn’t know it at the time, I handled it almost as well as I could have, though as I mentioned previously, I would have done a few things differently. But I’ll leave that for another story.


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